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One with the Wind and Sky
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Height: 5' 8"

Smile Back to the Grind (w/photo comp)

The holidays are always stressful for me, so while I had some extra helpings at Christmas Eve dinner and way too many cookies yesterday I'm back on track as of today. A couple days of indulging is in no way going to undo all of my progress and it feels good to be back on plan again. So happy I've lost the mindset of how I screwed up and might as well give in until the New Year (or worse).

360 lbs. > 227 lbs.

I'm down at least 8 dress sizes (possibly more as I don't know what my highest size was), 3 ring sizes, and apparently 1 shoe size (which I didn't think was possible for me).

The only thing I'm even remotely upset over is that I wasn't able to wear my Christmas goal shirt, as it was still too snug to be flattering. But I'll most certainly be there by my birthday in February, and in the meantime I was happy to wear this lovely shirt that certainly wouldn't have fit until recently!

Slow and steady wins the race, so I've got this. I really want to be able to occasionally indulge without completely freaking out, so I think I did well. Bring on the New Year!

★ Goal for 2017: Get down to 220 ★
★ Ultimate Goal: 150 ★
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I agree!!! I also took a break for 2 days. I didn't worry a bit but today I'm back on track!

BTW, you looked fantastic in that shirt! And your weight loss is amazing! Congrats and keep on going!
On break!!

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I've been finding it so hard this week, only because I'm staying with my parents and have to eat what they eat (my dad gets nuts if I use the kitchen for anything or put anything in the fridge he can't use) and they eat high carbs, traditional meals, no greens at all. I'm dying for my raw kale and hot yoga and lots of water.

I feel so gross, but this has made me realize how healthy I eat at home and I can't wait to get back to it.
"There is simply no way for the scale to accurately measure the most beautiful part of your spirit".

Check out my BLOG here for weight loss woes, yoga and life!

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Oh my god that's a really fantastic weight loss! Way to go girl~!
My Christmas was horrible in terms of shedding pounds. I skipped breakfast yesterday bevaise I woke up at one and for lunch I only had two apples because I forgot go to the superkarket the day before. Way to go I completely lowered my metabolism for the rest of the day. Then for dinner I completely cheated on my diet. Ate a lot of meat. Beef, chicken, fturkey, duck, you name it. And after dinner my whole family went for dessert and I couldn't resist going with them and eating a whole mango pudding on my own. Now I feel horrible grr

I'm really proud of you for having stayed on track for sooo long
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Old 12-27-2012, 11:17 AM   #5
Girl Gone Strong
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Love the difference in body language between the two photos. You look alert and self-possessed in the first photo, but in that second one, you're all like: "Here I am, world." You've got loose hair to toss & earrings to jangle, if you want to. And while you may not be wearing your goal shirt, the one you've got on is great -- I am trying to figure out whether that is embroidery or if it's just a really nice intricate print.
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Originally Posted by Elladorine View Post
Slow and steady wins the race, so I've got this. I really want to be able to occasionally indulge without completely freaking out, so I think I did well. Bring on the New Year!
Here here!!

You look fantastic!!

Working my way to Onederland!
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You look fantastic! Keep up the good work. (Also, I want a Freakazoid shirt! I know I'm looking at the wrong photo, but I just nostalgia-ed all over myself...)

Mini Goal: 170 lbs by August 11th (It'll be a very happy birthday indeed)--Reached 7/25/12
Mini Goal #2: Normal BMI (under 155 lbs)--Reached 12/3/12
5 lbs gets me a dragonfly:
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Krissy Missy
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Elladorine, you are beautiful, just beautiful. You always inspire me!

One for every five pounds lost!

Mini Goals:
No longer obese achieved 10/12/12
, 20 pounds down and pedicure reward achieved 11/16/12, 40 pounds down and facial reward achieved 2/22/13, No longer overweight - achieved 4/12/13, 60 pounds down and full body massage reward
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you look amazing!!! such an inspiration
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You look amazing. You are an inspiring role model.
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Be strong and courageous
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Congrats on the weigh loss. You look amazing and so much happier. Your face has a glow. Way to go on moving forward.
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Old 12-30-2012, 04:36 PM   #12
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I usually always lose my mindset. That's why I'm still fat. I wish my mind was as strong as yours, I overstress when people(family) talk about me. I got more problems than last night's math homework....
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Congrats on your weight loss and not freaking out! I have that problem sometimes. I screw up my plan one day and just say "well this week is blown" and continue to over indulge. But i'm doing better with that. Bring on 2013!

I love that shirt, btw.

Next mini goal - 216 - Halfway to goal! 3/06/13
Next mini goal - Wonderland!
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You really do look fantastic! You have absolutely nothing to be disappointed in yourself ! Way to go.

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Keep it up, you look great!
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