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Amarantha2 04-30-2003 09:59 AM

Yo! Just For 12-week Challenge! Declare A Plan/any Plan Boot Camp!!! :)
Yo!!! Listen up! The :drill: Person is tired of being confused and fluctuating!!! The :drill: person is tired of being out of shape and overweight! She (said :drill: ) wishes to start up the Just For a Week Bootcamp Challenge, only it is now a Just For 12-Weeks Bootcamp.


:drill: Person doesn't much care how we do it ... EXCEPT she's demanding (er, asking) for any camp members to COMMIT to a 12-WEEK plan (any plan) and STATE the plan when they sign on and then STICK to it for 12 WEEKS and report here on a daily basis (or whatever basis be feasible). She is retroactively starting this Monday 'cause Amarantha whined and pleaded for that start date. She's hoping someone will sign up and declare a plan. She pledges to make brief posts in future, not delete the thread and keep a roster (unless it becomes unfeasible) :s:

:drill: :drill: :drill: :drill: :drill: :drill: :drill: :drill: :drill: :drill: :drill: :drill:

Amarantha2 04-30-2003 10:11 AM

Ok, :drill: Person, I will take your challenge. My plan is Body For Life, the details of which are all over the place so I won't repeat them right now. I'm on Day 3 (plus two practice days) and my eating is better than it ever has been, though some modification has been necessary. A feature of the plan is a "free day" and since that is Sunday for me, I will continue to weigh in on Sunday, which is the last day of my plan week. The exercise plan is basically: Monday, upper body; Tuesday, cardio; Wednesday, lower body/abs & lower back (I added that); Thursday, cardio; Friday, upper body; Saturday, cardio; Sunday, rest; Monday starts with lower body and just cycles through again.

Over and out!

RobinW 04-30-2003 10:11 AM

Ok Amarantha.......I can do this. 12 weeks is a long time, but I think I can get to my goal at the end of it. This puts us in the heat of the summer when we are done, soooooo bathing suits should look pretty damn good :D

ok, here goes

Plan: Atkins, phase 2

Goal: loose 36lbs, = 3lbs per week. (ambitious I know, but I can do this)

Exercise Plan: daily walking (weather permiting) get the bikes out and start riding for a change of pace, and weight lifting (starting small)

Support needed: everyones tricks for getting thru pms, and stress eating. My downfall everytime.


Amarantha2 04-30-2003 10:16 AM

Ok, Robin, you be on. We'll work on that stress eating!!! For me, the six meals a day I've been doing since last week have somewhat alleviated that binge-starve-stress cycle ... but I've got a long way to go!!! More tips, anyone?

Here's the roster so far, I'll do cut and paste updates from time to time:




Terri in MO 04-30-2003 10:22 AM

Okay, I'll join in. We just had a death in the family so I need this to focus on positive tasks.

Food Plan: Weight Watchers

Exercise Plan: Walking, Spinner or outdoor bike riding; WATPs, and conditioning exercises. If you don't mind, I'll post the details of what I plan for the week.

Overall Goal: Lose 20 pounds and have my endurance built up to doing an hour of cardio type exercise a day without being wiped out.

Support Needed: Staying focused!

Salute :drill: !

brunissen 04-30-2003 01:37 PM

Count me in also! Anything to keep me focused and motivated!

Food Plan:
1300 calories/day - tracking with Diet Power

Exercise Plan:
Work with trainer 4x a week through May, then 3x a week - 1hour each session
Elliptical Cross Trainer 3x a week 35 minutes
Stair Climbing at Home 1x a week 20 minutes
Swimming 1x a week 60 minutes

40 Pound loss - 3.33 pounds a week

Support Needed:
Any and All support I can get!

Since this challenge started on Monday, my start weight is 316.2 pounds, my goal weight for this challenge is therefore 276.2 pounds.

Does this meet with your approval Mam! :drill:

simcoe 04-30-2003 01:56 PM

Count me in! Plan is still dietpower.com which is working for me. Exercise everyday for a minimum of 20 minutes except for Sundays. I will report my exercise daily.

Goals - 1. stop eating Swiss Chalet fries on Friday night even if my calorie count allows for it (too much fat!)

2. Lose one pound per week for a total loss of 12 pounds at end of challenge. Completely "doable".

I control binge eating by giving in to "little" cravings when I have them. If I want chocolate, I weight it and count it as part of my intake, same for chips and the like. Have ONE serving which most people can fit into their plan. I binge when I don't give into the little cravings and they become HUGE!!!:eek:

simcoe 04-30-2003 01:57 PM

Robin H. - congrats on the awesome weight loss so far. Way to go!!!!

RobinW 04-30-2003 07:54 PM

Daily check in
Ok Im here to report my first day on this challenge. I did great!!! Even started posting in fitday.com again. This is a good thing, because when I put in my peanuts for a snack, it put me WAY over my carb and calorie limit. So I opted to have cottage cheese with some berries instead :D

Got all my water in, and Im off to go for my walk in a few minutes.

All in all, its been an excellent day!

Thanks Simcoe :)

Robin :wave:

simcoe 04-30-2003 08:03 PM

:) Day one not bad for me either. As I post, I am doing my 20 minutes on the exercise bike. Calories ended up on target for the day also. Fats were okay, but saturated fat a bit higher than I would like.

Big step forward - my daughter wanted to go to her favorite greasy spoon for dinner on Friday, but I told her that we couldn't because it was a place I knew I would not stick to my plan. She was fine with it because she understands my struggles. So back to Swiss Chalet, baked potato, no fries!:D

Amarantha2 04-30-2003 11:19 PM

Yo, Success to the Power of Four!
Well, OKAY, CAMPERS: Here's the roster now:

Terri :)

A small, but MIGHTY contigent of CHAMPIONS, who in 12 weeks WILL be AMAZINGLY powerful in their improved fitness, health and determination ... in fact :drill: we are POWERFUL TO THE POWER OF FOUR!!! Woo-hoo!!!

Robin: I add to Simcoe's WTG on your success!!!! What a great inspiration to read your post!!! :strong:

Brunissen, I know we're not doing any off-topic on this thread, so hope I don't get thrown off by just noting that you are from my hometown! :wave: You're doing great on your weight loss journey!!!! :strong:

Simcoe: Great save on the Swiss Chalet and potato!!! :jig: That's the way to do it, Camper!!! It's great to see you again, BTW!!! You're doing great!

Determined to Succeed, you've come a long way on the path as well! I love your plan and determination, not to mention your great dog picture!

Ok! Here's my Day 3 report: Very pumped and happy with my plan. Rocky at first but trainer at gym is giving me a lot of support that I REALLY need. Did lower body X, stuck with food plan and still have a nutrition bar I'm planning on eating for the sixth meal. Threw out ALL THE SUGAR IN THE HOUSE this a.m. and even threw out the DIET BUTTER because I am enjoying food so much without additives. Blood sugar stable all day.

Over and out!!! WE CAN DO THIS!!!

:drill: :drill: :drill: :drill: :drill:

purduegirl 05-01-2003 02:58 AM

Can I jump in?
Goal: Lose 13 pounds. That'll put me at 135.
Plan: Good 'ole countin' calories. 800 calorie deficit per day or 5600/week.
Exercise: 330 total miles running, walking, stairstepper, or elliptical trainer.
One More Thing: Record every last bite that I eat into Fitday--no cheating, even on weekends, because if I do, the whole thing just won't work.

purduegirl 05-01-2003 03:01 AM

Day One Report
Day One Report
Calories: Goal exceeded, 1500 calorie deficit (I think FitDay estimates basal and lifestyle calories high.)
Exercise: Ran 5.7 miles.
Fitday: Every last bite!

Amarantha2 05-01-2003 11:19 AM

Success Roster


:drill: :drill: :drill: :drill: :drill:

Welcome, Camper Purduegirl!! Wow, you had a great run ... you are who I want to be when I grow up!!! Good for you! :strong:

Avanti All!!!! :wave: STAY STRONG, WE CAN DO THIS!!!

Terri in MO 05-01-2003 11:24 AM

Day one report ( a day late!)

Food - bringing it back under control from the church food high. DH made stir-fried pork and napa cabbage for dinner last night to help me on my goals.

Exercise - spinner was only 10 minutes but did walk the big dog 20 minutes later on in the evening. Starting out slow but will be in a better grove by Monday.

Staying focused - got to get back in the journalling mode. I am going to WW on Saturday with my sister so that will help.

P.S. Feel free to call me Terri.

HUH! (that's a big military grunt)! :lol:

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