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Default Taking a scale pledge, need it to be public

Some of you may know my obsession with the scale; mulitple-times-a-day-weighing, my 2 scales in the bathroom phase, and it goes on. Well, I need to stop, it's starting to mess with me, and it's starting to be a problem. So, I decided I not only need to stop weighing multiple times a day, but I need to stop weighing daily for a while.

I've started a new workout program today, I'm counting my calories still, so I know I'm good. I don't need the scale every single day when it's causing me problems like it has been.

So, I pledge publicly to only weigh in on Mondays for the next 6 weeks. And I'm totally freaked about it, but I have to do this for myself.
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I'm having that problem, too. I think I'll join you there! Good job and thanks for posting it, totally what I needed to read today. <3
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If it is bothering you, I hope you are able to stick with it and hide the scale for a while!! Personally I weigh multiple times a day but I LIKE it and enjoy taking frequent peeks. But we are all different; I know it does make it hard for a lot of people.
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Good for you for recognizing a problem and making a solution. Look, in 6 weeks, you might decide you miss it, or you might decide to reintegrate, but you'll never know until you try.
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Good job! I am also scale obsessed and since I started heavy lifting 2 weeks ago I've been trying my hardest to care less about the stupid number when I KNOW my body is changing and I can see it in the mirror. Best of luck!!
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I tend to weigh every morning, but yet I tell my daughter she should only weigh once a week so she doesn't get discouraged. I guess I should practice what I preach You can do it!
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Not weighing yourself is one of those things - if you decide you hate it, you can always resume!

Good luck finding a healthy head space. I know you've been busting your butt lately and experimenting with a few different methods - keep us posted!
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Low Carb
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I'm guilty of this too husband thought I was the only one.... I showed him I was not. He doesn't get it NEVER been overweight in his life.
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Best of luck to you with this!!

I've gone through various periods of weighing and not weighing, sometimes one works and sometimes the other. Right now I'm also in a place where I really feel like I can't be watching the scale, so I've made it one of my goals, actually, to not weigh myself for a few weeks. Like, I'm actually crossing off the days that I manage to not do it, just like I would for going to the gym or whatever.

I know it's hard, coming off after being sorta obsessed with the scale, but I know you can do it, and we'll all be happy to hear your progress! (:
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a work in progress
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you're a stronger woman than i!
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Thanks for all of the support.

In months past the scale has been a very helpful tool; it hasn't gotten into my head like it has the past few weeks. It's gotten to where it isn't just a simple hop on the scale and see what's crackin'. It's gotten to where I cut off even water early evening because I don't want it to reflect on the scale the next day. Calorie content being equal I have been choosing foods that weigh less than other foods because I feel like maybe it'll make some small difference on the scale the next day . Or like the past 2 weeks I've stopped lifting because I can't stand the thought of a gain from sore muscle water retention. Just not good, not healthy, not normal or okay in any way shape or form. And having just typed it out it sounds even more sick than it did before. But as you can probably now plainly see, the scale and I need some time apart!
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how about make a schedule and try to work with that.
i.e., once a week? (every certain day?)
but it is not just about the weighing.. it sounds like you So want it to weigh less, you are doing things like not consuming water... not working out ...
I hope you find a peach with this scale war.
try not to hop on scale if you know you have water retention. I usually wait until after my TOM and etc.
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On a break with Baby #5
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The scale has seasons of usefulness, like any other tool. I am generally a daily weigher/logger too, but decided to mostly shelve it during this pregnancy (after religiously sticking to my plan and logging everything the last time!). It was the right choice for me now, and the other choice was the right one for me then. Things change! I'm back on my plan fully and still not weighing, because it does my mind good to focus more on behaviors than results right now. And in a few months, or particularly postpartum, things might change again.

It's okay to make changes and as our wise Krampus indicated, you can always pick it up again

So I witness you pledge and am fully on board, myself. Scale abstaining, for a time, will do us both good!
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Good luck. It sounds like a good idea for you right now. And please don't worry about it sounding "sick" to think about how much water you drink or the weight of your food. I think everyone here has had similar thoughts at one time or another. Letting go of that sort of unhealthy thinking is hard, so kudos to you for starting that process!
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Be strong and courageous
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I too have the same problem. It's starting to control me and get into my head.

I wish you lots of luck and you can do it.
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