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Default Lost my way

Hey, I think this may be my 1st post here. I started dieting in Aug 2009.. I was 277 when I started. I quit smoking and started working out. I got down to 228, and stopped losing. I hit a plateau that no matter what I did I couldn't break through. This lasted for a good year or so. I never got any lower than 228. I think I have up after that & I put about five pounds on. In Dec 2011 I weighed 233, then on Christmas Eve I was in a very bad car accident & broke my ankle severely. The outside of my ankle was so bad Tgey couldn't even repair it. There was no bone left to piece back together. I have 2 screws in the inside of my ankle. This keeps me in pain but I have learned to live with it & arthritis cream helps a great deal, but through all of this I am back up to 252. I have gained almost 20 ponds in the last 10 months & just don't know how to get back in the swing of things. I have no motivation to do it. The desire is there. I think about it (maybe even obsesss), but I can't seem to get it into gear. I eat badly & the excuse is always. I will just eat this & start tomorrow, but tommoro never seems to come!! Sorry this is so long and rambley. I think I need help!!

Thanks for listening.
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First of all, WELCOME!

I think that something that can help is not putting it off until tomorrow. Just start NOW. Who cares if before this minute you ate crappy or too much, you can make the rest of the day better. Just focusing on the meal at hand, and not looking at the big picture, can be much less overwhelming.

For me, cutting the excuses was a big thing too. But you have to be ready, you really do. When you get to the point where you are done with the excuses and reasons and last meals, you will start!

Best of luck. I hope you stick around, there is so much support here.
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Hi~ I definitely agree that you should start right now. No need to start tomorrow. Also, while exercise is recommended, you can still lose weight without exercising (at least while you are in the beginning stage).

I'm new to dieting so it's hard for me to get into gear too but I kept trying to figure out what works and I have been losing. So, don't worry about not figuring it out right away as you will eventually learn about how your body loses weight by trying.

Good luck!
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Are you able to get around OK with your ankle? Could you take some short walks?

Could you concentrate on not gaining any more? One of our members talks about how every day that you don't gain is a victory. Over a period of several years she has lost 100+ pounds by celebrating her personal sucesses instead of feeling like a failure if she didn't loose 2 lbs a week on the fad diet of the day. Like you, she has had physical problems which she is overcoming.
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Hi tracym
welcome and we are here for you if you need to vent or just talk...
I heard without doing much exercise in the beginning,
just try to stand up (instead of sitting) as much as you can during the day helps you lose weight along with sensible eating.
I hope you succeed and come visit us often.
Good Luck!
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a work in progress
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youve already taken your first step by posting here! i did the same thing and gained 55 lbs in less than 2 years. i gained THIRTY in 3 months when i stopped smoking.. too bad i started again, it really feels pointless now.

i was so down. i couldnt BELIEVE i let myself get back over 200. i was even thinking "whats the point? ill probably just gain it all back again". but i was still 15 lb down from my highest weight. i really didnt want to gain back that 15. i had NO motivation to diet though, i just thought and procrastinated a lot.

in early august i decided it was time just to go for it. i just started, even though i didnt really want to. i knew that once i saw a few losses on the scale id be motivated again. the first few weeks were hard because i really didn't want to be dieting. i forced myself. before i knew it i was back under 200 and since then the inspiration has come back. i was stuck at 190 for weeks recently and it was hard to keep it up. really hard. i wanted to say screw it and just decide to be fat from now on. i stuck to plan and eventually pushed through the plateau.

even now when i weigh myself and see a loss, i cant help but feel depressed. im like "yeah thats great, but im still so much fatter than i was a year ago". but i know now that i WILL reach goal this time. ive come too far and that keeps me on plan. just decide to COMMIT. the motivation will come later from the small victories like losing pants sizes, or seeing the scale go down. even then you'll lose your motivation sometimes so it has to be a commitment, an obligation.

stay on this board and let these ladies help keep you accountable. if you dont start now youll be right back at your high weight and wishing youd started today. i know it feels overwhelming, but you CAN do it!
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Thanks so much for all y'all's reponses. I feel much better just venting and getting it off my chest & I did really well today with eating & walked a mile around my neiborhood tonight. I am thinking of getting a fitbit, and was wondering if anyone has an opinion on it.

Thanks so much!!
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Krissy Missy
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Have you tried swimming? If you have pain in your anckle then swimming or water areobics might be a great option if you have axcess to a pool.

One for every five pounds lost!

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