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Unhappy Advice for a sweet tooth?

So I have always had a very big sweet tooth, now with working out it's not so much the getting up and moving part that I can't do because that's not the issue. The issue is that I have hard time sticking with the healthy eating and that is a big factor. Any advice on how to keep with the healthy foods and away from the sweets when they almost call my name?!

Any advice helps thanks so much.
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I have one of the worst sweet tooths (teeth?) ever! What helped me was weening myself away from sugar through other sweetener options, and avoiding simple carbs altogether. I like using Truvia (stevia-based) and the new Nectresse (monk fruit extract-based). I personally can't use aspartame but I'm ok with sucralose.

After a few weeks of avoiding sugar, your cravings should go down considerably.
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I allow myself to have sweets occasionally, but I don't keep them in the house. Most of the time, I don't even keep ingredients to bake with, to avoid making late night treats. I am a total sweets hound, but if I allow myself to have a candy bar or an ice cream cone once in a while, I don't really crave it as much.

I also find that when I eat nutrient rich foods, I don't crave sugar as often. Although it will always be something that is a constant internal battle.
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In my opinion you need to determine if you're the kind of person who does better abstaining 100% or if you're better off alotting a small amount within your calorie limits to keep you from going binge crazy.
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I agree with JohnP. I am the first kind mentioned. I had a huge sweet tooth and would lose all control with sugar until I practically cut it out of my life. The only sweet thing I have had in weeks was mashed sweet potatoes (no sugar added). I also don't eat bread/pasta type carbs.

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i am the same way. i allow small things. maybe 5 hershey kisses or a mini ice cream sandwich. id say i have one treat/day!
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I had a major sweet tooth but I found the fruits that I like to substitute. I have candy in my house right now but I also have red grapes. I like mangos and etc. To me those are my "candies". I also allow myself a treat when the calories allow it but it isn't as compulsive as before.

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From one sweet tooth to another, try to substitute in some fruit for chocolate. You will get all sorts of opinions on whether you should eat fruit; some say they eat little/no fruit because it does have sugars in it which cause them cravings.

I, on the other hand, think that fruit is beneficial to one's health and it doesn't cause me to have cravings the way processed carbs and sugars do. I don't eat a ton of it, and typically one of the servings is a berry mixture which is comparatively low in sugar. Fruit has so many nutrients, antioxidants and fiber, I fully believe that eating a serving or two a day is well worth the risk of going on a sugar binge.

For me, fruit just satisfies that sweet tooth.
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well, I had the same problem.. my big weakness is soda pop... and that is the heart of it. Once I started replacing that with other drinks I had an easier time resisting the other sweets.

I also know that if I'm going to cave on sweets its going to be a soda. Because of that I try to have a glass/bottle of water handy at all times.

So perhaps you should figure out what sweets are your weakness and replace them with something healthier instead.
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I allow small things which are sweet but not addictive (for me)--things like a 100-cal can of coke. There are some biscotti I get at Costco which are 100 cal packs too and I don't binge on those. If I start eating more than one at a time (in a day), it's out. It mostly shuts the cravings up. I don't have stuff that's dangerous (real chocolate or puddingy things or ice cream) for me unless it's one serving somewhere with people. It's not in the house. Those boxed mini Haagen Daaz bars are out, for example.

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I'm not a sweets addict but once in a while I crave ice cream so I have it since I can control the amount or I dip strawberries or blue berries in greek yogurt.
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My new substitute is strawberries with steevia AND fat free coolwhip. I also drink chocolate protein shakes and candybar tasting protein bars.
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Do you like dark chocolate? If so, make dark chocolate covered strawberries on occasion. Melt 6 hershey's special dark kisses witha small amount of skim milk over a double boiler, dip strawberries and lay on wax paperto dry. 6 hersheys kisses is only 2 thirds of a serving and so you're getting your sweet fix without too much candy. Also youre getting the antioxidant filled strawberries as well as calcium and antioxidant filled dark chocolate. Don't do this daily or anything, though. Its only healthy in moderation.
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I used to think I was going to die if I didn't get my candy, but then I learned that, for someone like me, sugar just leads to additional sugar cravings. I tried cutting out the really sweet stuff, and now I don't want it anymore. I'll occasionally have something sweet (like flavored Greek yogurt, "diet" ice cream, dark chocolate, etc) but I so rarely want it anymore.

For me, the key to getting over sugar was to not eat it for a while- the less I eat, the less I want. I noticed the cravings decrease after the first 24 or so hours.

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Thanks everyone for all the tips and advice I really hope I can cut the sweets out and work on not having those cravings anymore so that i can see my maximum results.
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