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Trying to live below 200
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Thumbs up Daily Accountability/Lifestyle Change - September 2012 - Everyone Welcome!

Hello Everyone! Welcome to the Check-In! Let's make it a great month!

I want to welcome everyone to the Daily Accountability Check-In. Our goal is to stay accountable and on track by posting our daily food and exercise choices. All food and exercise programs are welcome. Consistency is the key to reaching our weight loss goals.

Introduce yourself or jump right in and tell us what you have been doing.

Here's to the start of a great week!

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Well recently I've been jogging/running a lot more, but right now my thighs are sore from having done some squats in between, so I've had to slow down a bit. I haven't checked the scale in a while, but I really hope I've lost weight! I've definitely been able to start jogging/running for longer!
Food choices could've probably been better, but at least I haven't been pigging out.
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Morning all!

Diana - Glad you found some relief with the vinegar!

For me, I have a meeting this morning (all morning) I need to get to. I got everything ready for it last night, I just need to load up the car and get there. It's teacher training for Sunday School time!

I'm not sore this morning from doing weights (and all that walking) yesterday either. I'll try to get some good walking in again today too.

Stepped on the scale this morning after avoiding it for many days and it's all the way up to 182.8. I've a lot of sugary foods this week which makes me bloat up to 4-5 pounds. I can feel it in my shoes - the bloat. So... I just need to de-sugar and GET ENOUGH SLEEP and it should be OK.

Seriously, when I don't get enough sleep - my food choices SUCK. I don't think (before this weight loss journey) I fully realized how much lack of sleep contributed to my weight gain before. I used sugar (especially) for energy boosts.... probably also because my thyroid is slow/low. Exercise helps, but sugar, unfortunately, helps MORE (and is quicker)....

But, since I know the key, I can fix things!!!!!
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Trying to live below 200
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Good Morning, Everyone!

Well, I am totally amazed that I can be 100% on plan but still gaining. DH was getting ready to leave when I woke and got on the scale. I told him that I can't believe that I am still gaining. He tried to explain that I have shingles and I am probably swollen from that. I think I can see swelling around my midsection now. For me to weigh this heavy before, I would be on vacation. Absolutely crazy! What really shocked me was that for the first time, this week, my lips didn't feel as swollen when I woke. I though I would have maintained or at least lost this morning, NOT GAIN! Oh, well, I need to face the fact that I am sick with that virus and I am on meds to help clear it up. Stay calm! If I don't, one of my ailments will probably flare up worse. Stay calm! Don't freak out! Stay calm! Can I please get a calming "ohm" (aum) from the back row? Oh, well, moving on!

Calories for yesterday: 1470 +
Weigh In: 151.6 OHM, OHM, stay calm OHM, OHM
Up: 1 pound

Spiritix Hi and welcome to the check-in!

Berry I hope today is a good day for you. Is your little one still waking during the night?

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Good morning, all

Wow, I could hardly believe it when I saw the September thread!!! Wishing everyone a successful month!

I am getting ready to head out to Coupeville to take some of my 13x19 photos I printed out for the silent auction to benefit the pastor who was so severely injured. Just a fairly young guy out doing some weeding, and now he is wheelchair bound... sad situation. I hope my artwork will sell, to help raise some $$$ to assist the family.

Diana, I would agree that shingles might be contributing to your weight gain. I just had a really small patch of it, and that stuff is fierce!! Miserable.

Everyone have a great day.
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Trying to live below 200
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Misti I hope you do well at the silent auction to raise money for the pastor. What happened to him? Sounds like a very sad situation. I posted this last night at one of my other check-ins. I will share here, too.

I'm not sure if you remember me mentioning about the man and woman that live across the street from my Mom. They always kept an eye out for Mama, watched her house, etc. In fact they still watch the house and drive through the driveway, etc to keep an eye on everything. This week I heard that their granddaughter (22 y/o) was missing. They found her car the day before yesterday. It had been burned. Yesterday they found her body in another area. She was shot to death. They have not found the person that killed her, yet. I read her death/service notice in the paper today. It mentioned about donations can be made to the funeral home. I feel so bad for these people. The whole family is very poor. I told DH that I was going to leave work early and go to the funeral home to drop off a donation. I know it won't make that much of a difference, but it's the thought that counts and that someone cares. I also bought a sympathy card for the people across the street (grandparents). They are 70+ and she still works at a convenience store. He cannot work any longer because of his health. I know she hasn't worked this week and probably won't go back to work until after the funeral. I put some money in there, too just to help them out. When I was going through town I noticed a "benefit car wash" for this girl. They were washing cars to get money to help with her funeral expenses. I started crying and knew immediately that I had done the right thing. I felt so blessed that I was able to help in some little way. I went out to the grandparents house to give them the card and talk with them a little while. Then I went across the street to check on Mama's house. Sometimes we get so wound up with our daily lives that we don't realize how truly blessed we are.

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Life is about balance
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Good Morning Everyone,

I had a wonderful night of night terrors I woke up screaming twice, actually scared myself by hearing my screams DH slept through it all. He said, he had a martini was out cold. I chalk all up to 9-11 around the corner...it actually falls on a Tues this year which totally sucks. I normally just stay inside and not hear or look at anything, but now I'll have to go to New Haven. Already in my town they have posts put up "never forget" and it's getting drilled in my head, so I think my head is starting to rebel. I'm on a lower dose of Ambien so I'm not sure how much sleep I'll be getting this month.

Diana I laid in bed all day yesterday (boring) with my feet up. I took DS to school at 7 wearing socks then came home and took them off. By 8pm when DH delivered my dinner, you could still see the sock line. It's so bizarre. My tummy was huge yesterday, everything I wore made me look pregnant. I have no idea what is going on. I hope your swelling (and mine) goes away soon.

Berry I hope you have a great day today. Is your meeting all day? I hope you get some sleep. I reached 180 the day before yesterday...I'm 179.6 right now. So we are still neck and neck

I woke up this morning and my feet had lost the swelling...too bad my tummy hasn't. My left foot has an extra bone and stretches the ligaments, when it swells up so does the ligaments. But when it shrink, the ligament doesn't. This hasn't happened in so long but now I can't walk on the foot. I'll be wearing a cast today, that's if I even leave the house. I have no plans, but exercise is out.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. My plan for that is to help DS read a book. Last year, I read all the books, I'm going to encourage him to read this one to me. We'll see how that goes. It sounds really interesting.

Hope you all have a wonderful and healthy day.
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I'll join! The more accountability the better. I've been losing drive a little the past month and I really want to get serious again.

I mainly stick with Jillian Michaels programs but now starting to toy with weight resistance in addition for extra toning.
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Good morning ladies! I'm in it! I need accountability and support. It works best for me not to do it completely alone. Thanks and let's go!!!!!
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Trying to live below 200
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novangel and MOTIVATEDMOMOF1 Hi! and Welcome to the check-in!
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Default Welcome to September!

Berry I'm sure you will get back on track, you've been busy, just returning from Croatia, starting school, birthdays! I mean you know the drill, so I know you'll be back on track soon And I read your update this morning, "knowing the key" really stood out and I knew you'd be golden

Misti I'm so sorry to hear about the pastor. I hope he gets stronger and heals better than expected. Sending you energy as you sound like you're going to be busy I will send up a pray for sure.

LOL Diana TOM is weird! Hormones are fascinating little buggers to me, but I hate and love them. One out of balance sets up a whole thing for a lot of people and they are so interconnected. No great plans here at all. I still have not been able to do Power Harmony yet. I think it's her delivery that's bugging me, but we'll see. I hate that because I feel petty that I don't like how someone comes across on video enough to not do the workouts, but it is what it is. Meanwhile, I fell in love with Jillian from some old stuff I had and watching The Biggest Loser on Netflix to stay motivated. I HATED that show when it came out, I still am not 100% behind the competition for weight loss, but I think it motivates me to see how excited people are when they are losing versus winning the game if that makes sense. And I'm only on "season one" so who knows. I've always liked Bob, but only from what I've seen never done a workout or read his books. I thought Jillian was so maybe that's attracting me now? And you know you get some and : from me (((Diana))) about your mom's neighbors. That is awful. Sometimes I hate reading the news, but even if you avoid it terrible things happen :hugs:

Spiritix I hope you continue to feel the burn

I'm sorry you had such a horrible night. I think every needs a as September 11th is rough. I hope the swelling abates completely soon.

NovaAngel! I do yoga period (i.e., if I only have time for one thing I do that period), but I've recently fallen in love with Jillian. My birthday is this month so I might purchase Body Revolution, everyone I know that has it seems to like it and 30 minutes is nothing for me to add in most days in addition to the 1 hour of yoga, but I also just recently sold a bunch of stuff and bought CardioKarate...that's 1 hour 7 days a week (if I follow their schedule which in my opinion will lead to burn out for me if not injury) so I'm thinking on the days when my husband and kids are out gaming at night (usually 2x a week) I'll do my CardioKarate then as extra cardio in the evening...anyway welcome to the check in.

MotivatedMom I hope you find the accountability here and support you want. I have and it's been really VERY helpful.

Well I dropped another 1 pound! Not great, but heck I'll take it. I got back to a little simplier version of The Simple Diet (which I follow but I do tweak as there are days I do want different foods). I think I was "tweaking" too much and I also think with the kids in school it'll be easier to follow so yay! Yesterday eating 1460 calories, again APY power yoga for an hour and 25 minutes on the bike. I will definitely stick with the APY rotation (week 5 starts Monday and there are 10 weeks) because it definitely improves my mood and obviously muscle tone and flexiblity, I have to remember that's WHY I do yoga too not just to lose weight...but the inflexibility and pain of the past (which is not 100% better but a LOT) is gone and while I get these "addictions" of wanting more more more...I don't need injury or burn out. So even though for some reason I went stark raving mad and ordered and received CardioKarate, and am toying with getting Body Revolution for my birthday, I don't know if I will use those as their intended rotations or not...but whatever moving is good anyway.
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I'm going to join in here this month. I've been wobbly with my plan all summer and it's time to straighten up a bit.

berry, I'm totally with you on lack of sleep leading to poor food choices. I've had trouble sleeping all my life and it's really easy for my sleep cycle to get out of whack, so I need to make myself keep to a regular schedule. Which means not staying up late screwing around on the internet!

Diana, that's awful about your neighbors' granddaughter. I'm sure they appreciated your concern and financial assistance.

I started the month off right by walking 6 miles (90 minutes) at the park. It's a beautiful day here so it was fun. Now I have to try to dial back on the carbs so I can get back under 135. The margin of error is so small now!
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Diana - I hate to agree with a man But I think your DH is right on the gain. Now don't ever make me do that again! Stay calm Do you have plans for the 3 day weekend?

Diva - You have been doing so awesome!!

Misti - I am so sorry to hear of the pastor at your church. What a horrible situation. Prayers are going out for him

Berry - Glad you hit the stage of peri where you don't have the monthly for a bit in between. That's awesome You did great to get in 5 mile walk plus strength!!! That is so great!

As for me, not gonna lie, feeling like a complete failure on the weight loss journey. Up to 191 this morning. WHAT!? Those of you who have been here awhile know I got down to 182 before and now I am up almost 10lbs in the last couple months. So... here's what I am going to do. I was told by dr who didn't want me to do Insanity, that if I was insisting, then to raise my calories. Frig that! They are going back down now. I also know the lack of sleep since starting school is a big contributor, since that is when it started - but nothing I can do about that. We can only change the things that are in our power and reality is, until school is done, I will continue to get only about 3 1/2-4hrs of sleep a night on weekdays. Today I start nit-picking everything that goes in my mouth and insuring I burn calories in abundance though. Up til now I just kept watching and trying to figure it out... this... this is unacceptable. Now I will say colon issues are flared and RA is flared and TOM is delayed. In my head I know all contributors, but that is life and life will happen. If I can't learn to deal with those with weight loss together, I am never going to win...and that is NOT an option So...today, the first day of 3 day weekend...starts a renewed try to get this crap gone Have an awesome one all!
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Good afternoon everyone!

Today looks like:


1 Plum - 30 cals
Oikos greek yogurt (peach) - 130


Tandoori chicken boneless chicken pieces - 400 cals
Sour cream- 100 cals

Dinner -
Nothing =\

Coffee- 100 cals

Cals- 760 cals..

Im just not hungry =\

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Thanks for the warm welcome ladies.

SerenityDiva, you're going to love Jillian. 30 Day Shred was great, I was the incredible shrinking machine I lost major inches. I haven't gotten around to Body Revolution yet, right now I am still working on Ripped in 30.

Getting dinner in the oven and then off to work out. I usually take Tuesday's and Saturdays off but since I'm feeing up for it I will take Sunday night off instead.
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