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  • I just was going through the iphoto library on the family computer to look for some photos of dogs for an article I'm writing for work. When I was searching through the thousands of photos from the last couple years, I found some of me my older son had taken. I didn't even know they existed! They were from before I started losing weight and man, are they shocking to see.

    I just saw a bunch of photos of me in the past week from our vacation the other day too. When I see those sometimes I don't recognize myself (especially when it's mostly a body shot and not a face shot) as I don't know that 'shape' of me yet. Other times I see myself and I see the pooch or the flabby, loose skin, etc. But after seeing the "old" me, I cannot deny even the worst of the "new" me is way, way better. And I'm not even at goal and even gained some while on vacation.

    Anyway... it's shocking! I'm too lazy to show the photos, but if you want to see them, I posted them on today's post on my blog. I even bravely posted one of me in my swimsuit while on vacation.

    Editing to add the link to the blog page as it's been a few days and people might get confused as to why I'm now showing landscaping stuff or something else! LOL http://melissaslife42.blogspot.com/2...s-i-never.html
  • I hate finding shocking photos. I have only lost 30-31 pounds so far and I see pictures from the 20 pound lost and I still don't like myself visually in photos (somehow I don't see it in the mirror I still see the skinny me...figure that out LOL).

    But I'm keeping them. I'm taking ones now. I need to see my progress for the obvious reason of seeing it, but also because I do not want to go back there. My mother's side of the family resigns themselve to "fat is your fate" type mentality. I won't. I tried and it just made me miserable (no offense to others that are okay with that)...and in pain which was the primary reason I started this journey. I was so angry that I couldn't do things because of my body habitus.
  • Thank you for sharing! Today is one of those "Am I really doing anything? I've been working my rear off but I look the SAME even though I've lose 30+ lbs so far..." days for me, and your post and pics are the encouragement I needed!

    Congrats to you!
  • I remember finding such old pictures on my hard drive. What shocked me most was how old my face looked at my heighest weight—often people would say, "when you're heavier, your face doesn't show that many wrinkles", and this may be true when you're 50, I don't know... but what the heck, I was 25 and I looked older than today at 33. o_O
  • I am SO Jealous you went to Croatia! I want to go so badly and you even went to those GORGEOUS waterfalls -sigh- I can't decide if I want to go there or to Bora Bora for my dream Honeymoon.

    You look great btw.
  • Quote: I am SO Jealous you went to Croatia! I want to go so badly and you even went to those GORGEOUS waterfalls -sigh- I can't decide if I want to go there or to Bora Bora for my dream Honeymoon.

    You look great btw.
    Thanks... Yes, we just got back from a 3.5 week trip. My husband is from Croatia so we go back every few years, but it had been SIX years since the whole family went. It is as beautiful as it looks in pictures.
  • You look so much younger now! I'd say you lost yourself some 20 years with those pounds. Congrats!
  • I find shocking photos are the best way to break me out of a funk when I'm having a dysmorphia day and feeling much uglier/fatter than am. Side by side pictures help me see reality, rather than just my projection of it. But that doesn't mean they aren't awful to look at!
  • I found pictures of myself when I was between the ages of 10 and 14 last night when I was just a normal child/teenager at a normal weight before I put on all the extra pounds. I had the best holiday ever two years ago when I was 19. But I just can't face to look at the pictures because of how big I look in the pictures. It's awful.
  • I took a look at your pictures and wow! What really struck me is how beautiful you look now. I mean, there are a few totally gorgeous pictures of you from your trip. I am not trying to be mean - and I have had this said to me and now I get it - you look about 10-20 years younger now than in your higher weight photos. That's the comment I get the most - not even about my weight loss - but about how much younger I look. I also used to hear that if you are heavier, your skin is stretching tighter, therefore you don't have wrinkles - which makes you look younger. Umm...been there done that and...nope. I might have more wrinkles/saggy skin now, but my overall appearance, posture, agility, all make me look a lot younger than when I was heavy and almost immobile.

    You look terrific!
  • Oh, Melissa. You don't only look (WAY) younger, I'm sure you feel much younger. I'm sure this trip was much easier to "take" at this weight, as opposed to the one 6 years ago. We have similar battles (MIL's, water retention, lol...) and, I know we don't KNOW eachother, but I'm gonna put this out there: I'm proud of ya. What you've acomplished is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. People do not realize how hard of a battle it is, and I just wanted to say.. Good job. You really really do look like a whole new person. The 'first' person looked haggard and sad, but the 'second' person looks vibrant and happy, youthful and ready for lifes adventures!! Yey!!

    Okay, that was enough of me waxing poetic today, lol.. I just wanted to say that. Awesome, awesome stuff. You go girl!
  • Lol, a few weeks ago I kind of accidentally shot a picture of my face with my iphone. Not sure why, I was in the gym and I felt, as I always feel, much younger than I am. I looked at the pic and thought, "Who is that old person?"

    Lol, I deleted it, who needs that?

    I like who and what I am and how I look, I don't need to look at pictures that make me feel bad about myself.

    I only have one picture of me two decades ago when I was at my heaviest weight ever. I lost that weight and have more or less kept it off for a long time and I am not interested in that previous person's weight. I have an old photo someone shot of me in a box somewhere just in case I'd ever have an interest in looking at it but I don't worry about that person anymore.

    Like that old saying: "Don't look back, you're not going that way."
  • What a huge difference. You can do so much more now - all while looking better and feeling healthier! Never lose sight of what you've gained through losing
  • Pardon me for being a creeper but I checked out your blog and I wanted you to know that when you're smiling in that last picture you're very attractive.

    Suggestion - smile more.
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    Yep, you definitely look younger. (Not like you looked super old before!)

    I agree with John- that last picture is very nice - the lighting and background just flatters you to no end.