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Default Tempted to bail out of speeding dating event...need confidence to go

I signed myself up for a speed dating event about 2 months ago. Today is the day the event occurs. I'm all ready, but now I'm scared to leave my apartment and head on over to the event.

I thought I would have enough confidence to do this by myself, but I don't seem to. What if I'm the fattest woman there? Some men make it pretty obvious that they don't like you at all. I don't feel good about my physical appearence as it is...and now I'm wondering why I even thought this was a good idea.

If I don't go, then it's just $35 down the drain...not a major loss of cash. Yet I end up feeling like a loser for not following through on attending this event.

Any advice to get me out of that door and actually enjoy my life no matter what my weight scale says? FYI...I'm a size 16 woman....and since becoming this weight/size, I've ended up being the fattest woman in my social circle. No man flirts with me anymore....unless they are 20 years my senior or just really creepy.
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Leveling Up
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Go. I hemmed and hawed about going to a speed dating event about four and a half years ago. I too was a size 16 and figured that nothing would come of it since I would be competing with a lot of thinner ladies. I had nothing better to do that night so I figured I should go just to get out of the house if nothing else.

Wound up meeting my fiance there.

I just decided to put myself out there when I went. The first thing I said to each guy besides my name was: "I love video games." figuring it was something random to get us conversing. My fiance and I totally hit it off from there and wound up exchanging numbers, going out and eventually getting to the point where we are now.

It's out of your comfort zone, I know (it was for me too!) but sometimes it really pays to take the plunge
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Go! Have fun! Put on a nice outfit, do your hair and makeup, and own the night!!!
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I hope you went and had a good time. So often I psych myself out of doing things and miss the opportunities.
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I just came back from the speed dating event. I was happy to see women of all different shapes and size....although the majority of the women were on the slender side.

I actually made a couple of new gal pals at the event because we bounded on how awkward and nervous we all were.

A funny thing happened...one of the male participants, who I think is way out of my league, told me I was beautiful and asked for my number right after our speed date session was over. I was flattered, but I didn't like him because I heard/saw him make fun of the woman who he just finished talking to before talking to me. This woman was very overweight, but was so funny and nice that I exchanged numbers with her to hang out with her and her friends. Even though this guy found me attractive, I didn't like how he made that insult right in front of her. What a jerk!

I'm glad I went, but definitely mentally tired from the event.

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Yay! I'm glad you went!
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Don't forget these new girlfriends might have brothers, cousins, neighbors, who knows where this could lead .
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Good for you, I'm so glad you went.

And that guy is not "out of your league", he is no where near your class act. You got a true peek at his character, which sounds quite lacking.
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So glad that you went!

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Staying the Same
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Glad to hear you went and met some new people. I have totally used dating sites and singles events to meet new hetero girlfriends before :P
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Hi, I'm Lauren! :)
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I've always wanted to go to a speed dating event, but I'm SO shy! I have no idea what I'd say to people I've never met besides, "Hi, I'm Lauren!", lol. I'm glad you went and got some friends out of it, though!
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That is so cool! I'm glad you went! Finding some good girlfriends is always a great thing
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Pat yourself on the back! What a wonderful thing that you went even when you hesitated before leaving -- you deserve a ton of credit for displaying sheer pluck!
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i was wondering if you went... its why i logged on today! so glad you did! it will make future events so much easier to go to. And it sounds like you were way out of that guy's league, not the other way around.
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That's awesome, well done for going!

Even if that guy was a bit of jerk, nice that he asked for your number. Must have been an ego boost all the same right?
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