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Unhappy Was doing great until I broke my foot...just sad

I was doing so well on my journey until I broke my foot!! I see some "fatchicks" here post about how it's a struggle and how this is hard and they don't know if they can do it but will try. Everyone joins in to say YOU CAN DO THIS, do NOT GIVE UP. Why can't I tell myself?
I have a stress fracture from EXERCISE!!! From walking TOO MUCH! Crazy!! I haven't really lost any weight since July 4th. I haven't gained either - but I'm behind my own schedule and not happy about it.
Confession - to make matters worse: I ate ice-cream today. And I know better! I don't even LIKE sugar anymore! I don't crave it at all! I know I've read the more you eat sugar, the more you crave it - I was a chocolate freak in the past - but once I started this diet the junk food cravings went away after the first week! Not sure WHY I ate ice-cream today - I'm angry at myself and I know there are other ways I can exercise w/o walking. I'm in the pool almost EVERY DAY! But still not losing any weight
On top of all this I lost my dad earlier this year and I'm still depressed about that. Depression and diets don't go well together and I'm trying to slap myself out of that too
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keep going
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First of all I'm sorry to hear about your Dad, that must be difficult.

Weight loss is mostly about your diet, sure exercise is great but it really is mostly diet. Are you counting calories or what kind of plan are you following?

Not everyone loses every week. Some people do but others might not see a change on the scale for a few weeks of being on plan and then see a sudden drop.

Don't beat yourself up about the ice cream. It happens. You can stop it happening again. As you said you don't even crave sugar anymore, so you've got this! Also don't drive yourself crazy with a schedule - the important thing is that you're doing something good for yourself and getting healthy. It's not an over night thing and well done for making a change. Not everyone does.
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Changing for the better
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I am sorry about your dad. Have you considered depression medication and therapy? I started Wellbutrin recently and it has helped tremendously! I wish I could give you a real hug!!! I have a major foot issue which prevents me from walking for exercise (injured my foot exercising) and have been dealing with it for a year- don't give up!! There is a book called get fit while you sit - which I do since weight bearing isn't good for me and can be extremely painful! Have you been tracking your calories? Maybe you're eating a little more than you think. I hope you start healing up soon.
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I'm not on any meds for the depression. Right now they call it acute depression and say it's very normal the first 6 months. Some days I'm stronger about it then others - but I'm weak at moments and just feel consumed by the heartache - then when I have health issues that prevent me from progress - I just get angry and frustrated. In the last 2 years I have had knee surgery from just falling on a sidewalk, then after that I broke toes on one foot that would not heal - took forever for them to heal - and then right after that I broke my elbow - and now the stupid foot. Thanks for the tip on FIT WHILE YOU SIT - I will have to find that for sure.
As for the ice-cream - yeah, I have kicked the sugar and while I was eating it I didn't even know WHY I was eating it because it made me feel sick. I guess I was looking for comfort?
So frustrated about not losing. A friend of mine said she went 7 weeks w/o losing and then suddenly 10 pounds were gone from the scale. I don't know how she went 7 weeks w/o wanting to eat a cheeseburger or something - I feel like well, if I'm not going to lose, then I may as well eat crap - but in my heart I know that's wrong.
Thanks girls for helping me out!
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Sorry to hear about your troubles. I lost my dad nearly two years ago and still miss him.

Are there some types of exercise you can do that do not put stress on your foot? For example, swimming or water aerobics? Maybe even a stationary bike? A few years ago, I hurt my ankle and couldn't walk but I found that I could handle the stationary bike.
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KittyKat - yes i can get in the pool and I am in the pool about 2-3 hours every day. I tread water and swim and kick my legs and march, etc...I love it. But yet I don't seem to be losing weight. When I was walking I was losing much faster. Right now I'm just maintaining and almost 10 pounds behind where I wanted to be right now. I had an xray today and go to the Dr. on Monday - I am not yet released to do the bike or rower or those stationary type things - I can't wait though!
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Health and Happiness
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Sorry you're going through this rough patch. Things will get better!

I injured my knee exercising. At first it was tough and I used it as an excuse to go back to my old ways. Not the best way to handle the situation.

Definitely do some research and figure out what you can and can't do while your body heals. Just make sure you keep moving. It will make it so much easier to get back into the swing of things when you can use your whole body again. I found lots of great upper body stuff I could do that kept me active and feeling good. For me exercise and a junk-free diet are the only reliable things that help keep depression at bay, so don't let this allow you to give up on your healthy habits.

I focused on swimming and strengthening my embarrassingly weak upper body muscles (back, shoulders, arms). The injury in certain ways actually ended up being a blessing in disguise. Now that my knee is better I have much better posture (which has helped keep an old back injury from flaring up) and can finally do real pushups. It also made me more aware and conscious of my body while I workout. I now "check in" with different parts of my body to make sure I'm not straining or pushing or holding something in a way that could potentially lead to injury. I also make sure to thoroughly rest any parts that are sore in a bad way. I still push myself hard, but I make sure to always maintain correct form and posture to prevent injury and I try not to over do any one exercise.
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Embracing the suck
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See my signature and keep doing great.
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Wastin' Away Again!
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I've suffered from that particular "demon" in the past. I used to be Miss Exercise. Oh sure, I'd cut back on food intake, etc, but relied on exercise for weight loss. Then of course, an injury here, an illness there, and WHAM! -right back to the weight I'd started out at and feeling all "poor me" and suddenly, hey! - ice cream! Pizza! Cheeseburgers! all the time!

No wonder I couldn't keep the weight off and have been yo-yoing for yearssssss.

But now I know. Like JohnP said. "Diet" for weight loss. "Exercise" for fitness. So just because you can't exercise, or can't exercise like you're used to exercising, doesn't mean you can not lose weight.

This time has been different for me, mainly because I've adhered to that theory. While I truly do enjoy exercise in walking, biking, hiking, swimming & weight lifting, sometimes I just bow down to the Lazy God and would rather read a good book or watch some boobtube. BUT ... I've still lost weight, because I've kept up the DIET part of the equation.

I've been in a "no-lose" zone for several months now, and even gained 5 pounds. It's not exercise. It's EATING TOO MUCH. I know it. And I'm scaling it back AGAIN. Because it's what I have to do.

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I'm "technically" in the same boat. I have to recouperate for six weeks after my surgery on July 26th. So I really think its about watching your diet now while you recouperate. Don't beat yourself up over the ice cream or anything. I find that makes me crave more bad things, the more awful I feel about something. Just move foreward. I'm so sorry about your dad as well. *hugs* Lisa
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Back to Basics!
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It can be so hard, even when we are 100% on plan, exercising when we should, feeling great and on top of our game. When life throws us curves, it can be so hard to hang on!!

I am a basket case right now, so I just want to lend you a shoulder. I haven't been able to work out more than a handful of times since the beginning of June, due to the onset of severe migraines lasting weeks at a time. At first, the migraines made me not exercise...made sense. Then the onslaught of meds they put me on to try to help made me slowly get sicker and sicker.

I have spent the entire summer In doctors offices, getting cat scans, MRIs, ER room, physical therapy, yadda, yadda. I've been switched four times for migraine meds and the latest one made me so sick I could barely function enough to walk from room to room. I had to go to the doc again today to get off all this craziness and start detoxing my poor body.

Who knows what will happen next, but throughout it all, I have just tried my best to stretch, eat well and stalk 3FC for motivation.

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Gosh - reading all the posts made me tear up. Thank you so much for the encouragment and wisdom. Such wonderful advice! My thanks to EACH of you for taking your time to post and share your thoughts. It means SO much!
Garden: - Great point and focusing on my upper body and to focus on the entire body all the time. I could work on those push ups...as I don't think I could even do one...but I will practice now! My back used to hurt more than it does now - so I guess my core has gotten stronger - so yeah, I need to focus on upper body for the time being - while still swimming for lower.
John: Thank you!! I am going to print that phrase and tape it to every mirror in my house!
Beach Patrol: So glad I'm not alone! I hope I'm not eating too much - though clearly I am if I'm swimming so much and just "maintaining" - I need to burn more than I eat in order to lose - I know this equation - yet one more thing to tape around the house! Thank you!
Lisa - thanks for the hugs! I need them!! And I wish you the best with your recovery!!!!!
Chickie - thank you for the hugs!! And hugs right back you! I'm so sorry about your migraines! I hope they can figure out what is starting them and find a way to prevent them! That must be so frustrating!
Again - my thanks to EACH of you for your support. It's so very very very much appreciated! And see - I confess - I ate a banana walnut muffin today. My only no-no of the day - I did swim for 2 hours - but that doesn't justify the muffin. I don't want to go backward - I can't. I swore this was my year - my time to FINALLY get this weight off. Your words help so very much! THANK YOU!!!!
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Workin for a New ankle
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This is great thread! I have been suffering with chronic ankle pain due to traumatic car accident where I shattered it... I have been blaming it for my weight gain for a.most 10 years now cause I had to stop doing the exercises and activites I love. I just kept eating like I was still doing all of those things still!
What an eye opener to read "diet for weight loss, exercise for fittness" never thought of it like that before!
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keep your head up chick.. i recently had some wisdom teeth taken out. you wouldn't think something like that would affect your ability to exercise, but..before i got it done, that area would throb with such pain whenever i got my heart rate up. and then after, i was advised not to exercise for fear that the stitches would pop.

i was couch-bound for like 2 weeks.

i still managed to lose weight. i actually hit a nice stretch of weight loss compared to when i was active. nuts.

i know a broken foot will take much longer to heal compared to my stupid teeth...but, i just wanted to send some hope your way!

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Bummer! But how about getting some Danskin 3-pound weight ball and perhaps some weight bands? I can do a pretty good workout just lying in bed and working them. Of course you could not use your broken foot but with your arms and one foot you could get some exercise.
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