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Angry Bridesmaids dress is too big...(venting sorry)

I'll be a bridesmaid in my cousins wedding this Saturday, and yes my dress is too big.....actually huge. I should be happy right?
well why am i not? >

We ordered them back in Janurary and since then ive lost about 25lbs more or less. I did not think it would make THAT much of a diffrence because when i look in the mirror yeah i see myself smaller but I still see the same body shape i had.

So I went to pick it up and tried it on at the store and since it is a long "mermaid" dress with a corset style closing in the back we didnt bother lacing it up all the way because of what a pain in the butt it is to do it. I noticed it being too long so last week i took it in to get it altered. My mom helped me lace it up and i just hear her say "Mayra! You lost so much weight! Wow you lost too much weight.."

When it was laced up, there was no corset to be seen, the laces basically closed everything up and it was TOO big even then. In the hip/bum area its supposed to be tight too and it was wayy too loose. The seamstress has to take it in about 3 inches on each side to make the dress "tighter" to show off the corset and make it more 'flattering' which i agree. She basically said i needed a dress 2 or 3 sizes smaller and since i will be wearing it this week there's no way to get another one, not to mention it cost $240 -____-

Ugh wow really? I am proud of myself and happy for losing this much but this made me feel kind of mad at myself because i should have started losing the weight BEFORE we got the dress fitting, then i wouldn't have to be dealing with a big unflattering dress. I know, at least this is better than dealing with a dress too small. This may sound petty to some of you so i apologize but i just needed to vent to someone >.<
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I think you have pre-wedding stess.

You want to look good and are worried you will not.

The seamstress will do a great job, you will look GORGEOUS, and have a blast at the wedding!
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Yes, your dress may not look too great for the wedding this week. BUT. Its not your wedding! Its ok! People may think, hmm. why is her dress too big? And that will be the end of it. Now you know that if you keep going losing weight you will be ready for another wedding in the future, and you will be looking smoking hot by then!

Basically, all I can think to say to you is just "It will be fine." You will feel uncomfortable. for what, one day? and then you never have to wear that dress again. If it was YOUR wedding, then id be concerned, but your just the bridesmaid!! It will all work out

XXOO good luck hon!!

"Find joy in the Journey"
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Take a deep breath! If you've got a good seamstress, no one will even be able to tell.
Yes, you could have done this or that or the other thing differently, but that's not how things are and that's okay! You've already got this under control. Let the seamstress worry about the dress. Focus on other things. Have you got your shoes sorted? Know about hair and makeup? Do you know how you're going to handle eating that day?

Congratulations on your 25 pounds! And do try to have fun at the wedding. I'm sure you'll look fabulous.

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Don't feel that it's petty, it really isn't. You're trying to deal with an article of clothing . . . scratch that . . . and EXPENSIVE article of clothing at a very important event, and you want it to fit properly and suit you.

I've spent several months wearing bras that were too big for me, which meant I'd keep "falling out" of them if I moved the wrong way. And at the same time, I felt I had no room to complain since I was losing weight. But it's important for our clothes to fit right! I feel so much better since I picked up a couple of new, smaller ones.

I'm sure things will look up once the seamstress has taken it in. Don't have any regrets about not starting sooner; we all feel like that at some time or another for whatever reason, but the important thing is that you've been making things happen!
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This happened to me for my brother's wedding. I didn't even get it altered, so it looked frumpy. I even ordered it too small because I knew that would happen. I figured that they still had a gorgeous wedding and I'm not the center of attention anyway, so I didn't spend money on alterations.
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Well you could have waited to lose weight but by holding off, you could have gained weight and the dress could have been tight. I'd rather have the dress is too big problem. I'm sure the seamstress will do a fine job, you'll look great, and the pictures will later become a reminder of how much you accomplished in 6 months.
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