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Jean 04-02-2003 12:31 AM

Steel Magnolias -- #323
Good Evening, Flowers!
I've been AWOL because I've been trying to download Norton and it didn't "take" the first time so had to do it again. It takes hours to finish; I finally went to bed last night and let it run. It was 83 degrees here today! That's just a tad too warm for the first of April when we are still in school. I can't help but wonder what our summer is going to be like.

Bubbles -- I don't think we've ever gotten that much snow all at once! Just be glad that it has melted fast and that it didn't happen in November! I have to buy expensive shoes also -- if my feet hurt, I hurt all over. I have one toe that rubs and if I have shoes that are too narrow, I pay dearly later. What is the new Solitaire game? I love to play and am spoiled by playing on the computer. I have one cat that likes to be brushed and I can get several handfulls out of her any time year around. She is a short haired cat but it's very thick. DH calls her a football with legs. She has a short tail and short legs but a fat body. You will have your tiny gain gone by next week -- I have confidence in you! :yes:

Joyce -- I keep thinking of you when I see the snow coming in from the west. We didn't get any the last time. :smug: It's nice that your grandchildren can get together and have fun with you.

Donna -- I took HRT for 12 1/2 years; I just quit completely in January and the hot flashes have returned. :mad: They are nothing compared to what I had before, just very annoying. I wake up in the middle of the night, sometimes, and that really irks me. Thanks for the "War Rhetoric" -- I'm going to send it on to my #1 son as he likes that kind of stuff. I will keep my fingers crossed for you on the job interview! We are working on interviews in a class at school. We just had a speaker come who is in charge of some telemarketing sites . . . after he finished the kids asked questions. One kid asked how many sick days they get! DUMB! He told them that not many employers would let them get by with 20 absences which is what they get in school. The kid looked kind of puzzled like he just didn't get it. I'll probably be supporting him and his kids some day!

It is way past my bedtime so I am going to head in that direction.

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

Jean -- :yawn: in Iowa!

jackslady 04-02-2003 02:27 AM

Thought you might enjoy the continuing saga of the grandson and his antics! This boy is gonna kill his poor mama and daddy! Now remember this child is 2 1/2.

Kelly told T to tell Granddad and Nonny what he had done in the house. He said, " I cooked a corndog in the microwave and started the house on fire." Yep, that is kind of what he did. While Kelly was upstairs, he got a plastic plate, got a corndog out of the freezer, wrapped it in a washcloth, put it in the microwave and set it to cook for 30 minutes. Kelly came downstairs and the house was filled with smoke. She got the plate outside onto the sidewalk and went back in to open the windows. When she came back out, she said the corndog had taken off and looked like sparklers on the Fourth of July! That's my boy! lol He then told me about Mr. Guy (his other grandparents cat) He sid, "Mr. Guy was sick and Pops was crying so we put Mr Guy in the mud so he would be nice and cosy!" What a way to look at death! lol

Thanks for everyone's good thoughts on the job. What will be will be!

Jean: I am continually amazed at kids today and how they look at adult life! Of course, sometimes their perceptions are from their own dumb parents. My sister is a great example. That woman takes off more time from work than Carter's little pills. (old saying from my mom, sorry) I cannot believe she keeps her job any place. She is also a whiner about fairness. Everything has to be fair! Yeah, right like life is fair! The old saying, "what goes around comes around." is certainly true and sooner or later you have to pay the piper!

Well, I am going to try and get some sleep. It is another of those sleepless nights.


graybubs 04-02-2003 11:09 AM

Happy Humpday to you all,

Donna, if life was fair, we wouldn't be on this site:D We could eat our way through a bathtub filled with REAL whipped cream w/o gaining an ounce:lol: Perhaps that's what Heaven will be like.

Jean, you're on the money about the kid asking about sick days......we'll be supporting him w/in the next 10 years. One of my former students, whose parents know how to work the system to a fairtheewell, and have for years, has just been sent to jail for pouring a quart of booze down the throat of an eleven year old New Years Eve. This will not be his last trip to the pokey either. I could have told them when he was 10 that he'd wind up this way. Unfortunately, the Judicial system never looks at a person's school files..........big mistake, in my opinion. What a good predictor they could be.

Donna, that gs of yours is something else! My visualization of the corndog taking off........too funny! I burned a cup of oatmeal this morning. Turned the microwave on for 30 min. instead of 3......talk about braindead! I was on the HRT for many years as well, but my doc took me off of them a couple of years ago. What a good boy he is:~}

It's summer time here too..........crazy! Supposed to be back down in the 40s and 50s next week...........halleleiujah! The river's come up a couple of feet, but we're still in good shape. Fortunately, we're perched on limestone caves all over this part of the country, so water runs off into the caves and goes to never never land, I guess. Actually, a bunch of them do dump into the river, but it takes a while. There's a cave network beneath me that has been traced and documented to cover more than 75 sq miles...........kinda blows me away. I don't think in terms of big numbers very well.........unless it's weight!

Jim and I are going to hit the trail and hope it's not too muddy.
Have a good one,

graybubs 04-02-2003 11:25 AM


It's Spider Solitaire. It's a freebee, and I don't remember how I found it. I have it on my favorites list for games, so don't have to go looking for it.


jackslady 04-02-2003 11:58 AM

Bubs: If life was fair we would all be wealthy and able to shop til we drop! :lol: I was talking to dh just the other day about her and her "fairness." I am just not the kind of person who sits around "why meing." What sense does that make? All you can do when there is trouble is to pick yourself up and keep going. She would have never survived what we went through for all those years when dh kept getting laid off all the time. I just knew the good Lord had something better for us if we just waited for him to show us!

I am sitting for the microwave arsonist today! :lol: I will make bets that mom would put corndog in papertowel when cooking so he did what he thought his mom did! He is one smart cookie and really keeps me laughing!

I just got off the phone with ds and he is closing on his house in a week. I asked if he was excited and he said no that he was but he is having trouble with the contractors. I told him welcome to home ownership it only gets worse from here!

Well, I need to get downstairs. You ladies have a good day!


Jean 04-02-2003 10:42 PM

Good Evening, Flowers!
I just finished cleaning out a cedar chest that is moving to Beth's house on Friday. I found all sorts of treasures . . . baby blankets that I had forgotten about and lots of school art work that I saved from elementary days. I think I will pass on the baby blankets but I've got to keep the art work. I have a feeling that they would just pitch the stuff.

Donna -- I laughed out loud at your GS and the corndog story! :lol: He will definitely keep his parents (and grandparents) on their toes! There's not much that the kids at school can do to surprise me any more. I think I've seen just about all that there is. Today one of our yahoos told the PE teacher to *%# off, so he is out of school for 3 days. In my opinion that is so dumb because this kid needs to be IN school; he won't do any homework while he is home and he needs help with reading. Out of school suspension is just what they want. I don't know if it is just me or I've been oblivious but there are sure alot of pregnant girls walking around. Kid raising kids . . . how sad.

Bubbles -- It was 81 degrees here today and they are predicting snow for Sunday. This has been crazy weather for sure. I bought a Solitaire package and will have to check and see if Spider is on it. I downloaded Snood and enjoy that; it's my stress reliever, I guess. I'm going for "real" onion rings, "real" french fries, and lots of pizza when I get to heaven . . . with pie and ice cream thrown in for good measure. :rolleyes:

I need to keep moving as I have lots to do before Friday gets here. Have a terrific Thursday, Flowers!

Jean -- :wave: fom Iowa!

Maggie 04-02-2003 10:48 PM


I am a happy camper for I got to order my new computer today. I have had such good experience with this laptop from Gateway that I decided to get my new desk top from them. I am getting one of those new flat screens with it. I am supposed to get it by April 10th and will have a good time docking this one to it to transer some files. Any of you ever done that - transfer files from one computer to another? It will be a new experience for me.

JEAN Are you through downloading Norton? I love my AVG which is freee. :)

DONNA what a crack up your GS is. Not a dull moment with him around. I am one of the fortunate ones for I was on HRT for only one year and never did have a "hot spell."

BUBBLES so glad for you that you have had some summer days.:D

Have a great evening ladies.

nanacas 04-03-2003 08:44 AM


It is cloudy, cool and drizmal here but I feel good!!!! Last evening we had the most pleasant surprize. Just as we finished eating we got a phone call....from DS....he was at Logan Airport, Boston. He had just got in from Atlanta and would stop by if it wasn't a problem......:D He had a short time as he was on his way to a conference about 50 miles inland from us. We had a nice, even though short, visit and I was able to feed him a nice supper. Did me good to see him eat. He looked great and I think his new job is doing him good even though he is away from home most weekdays.

I have been FOCUSING most of the last two weeks and think I may be down another #. Hope it continues.

MAGGIE: I know you will love your new computer and the flat screen. I have had mine for 1 year and just love it. Got it because I have very little space on my computer desk and when I wanted to get a larger monitor I found that larger meant REALLY larger:no: I would have had no desk space left. Enjoy!!!

JEAN: I agree, real punishment would be to make the kids stay in school. Out of school suspension means they can just laze around and get into more trouble. It is interesting to see what we do save! I have a few boxes in the garage that I would love to have the kids move out but they are just not interested. One of these days, Alice! As Jackie Gleason would say. We will just have to bite the bullet and toss the whole mess.

DONNA: That GS is a keeper. Out of the mouths of babes!!!! Just heard a story of GS-6yr. in NC. First grade teacher had a group of the boys in a dance class entitled "Dancing Dudes" and they had a recital with a number called Men in Black. All the kids had black Tshirts and slacks and were doing their thing when Nick had a thought.....Gee, you guys are really Men in Black you even have black skin!!! The audience really got a hoot out of that.

BUBS: We only had a couple of inches of snow on the last day of March....nothing like you or Joyce have had.

Gloria in MA.....stealing a few minutes at the computer and now on to other things.

jackslady 04-03-2003 12:38 PM

Gloria: How adorable is that! I tell ya, my gs says some of the funniest and most honest things. His new thing is this sister of his that doesn't exist. DD and SIL cannot figure out where he got the sister thing and they can't make him understand he doesn't have one. The only thing I can figure out is that his dad, who is named Tom also, has a sister. DD has no sister only a brother so the sil can be the only connection.

Jean: I have found that school administrators ask the wrong people when they figure out school rules and such. If the kid is sliding off the learning scale and more than likely parent(s) is not home during this suspension, than where is the punishment? I would make the kid sit in a study area writing definitions of words (as the punishment for the filthy one he said!) then on top of that, I would make it clear to him (and any others that were acting up) that suspension will not be OUTSIDE OF THESE SCHOOL WALLS! So, if you want to get out of here, you had better straighten up and get your grades up. What the heck is wrong with holding the parents accountable? Make them come in after work and be suspended by cleaning classrooms or whatever. If they don't show up, fine them. It can be done if the blasted school boards and the city commissions would work together to solve the problem.

Well soapbox time is over. I have to grab a bite and hit the showers as my interview is at 1 PM.


Maggie 04-03-2003 03:23 PM

Weigh Day

Ole Iron Monster showed me down a whopping 0.8 this day for which I am very thankful. Going in the right direction means so much to me.

GLORIA that is so special that he came by your house and you got to feed him a healthy meal. Such a joy! I too hope the Iron Monster is kind to you come weigh day. My flat screen is gong to be 15 inches - not the biggest on the market - but will seem huge to me for this one is 12 inches. :lol:

DONNA I wish you much success on your job interview today. Please let us know how it goes.

Have a wonderful afternoon all ya'all. :wave:

jackslady 04-03-2003 04:38 PM

Interview was very preliminary like what makes you think you could do this job, what do you do for fun, tell me about yourself etc. I think I impressed her with my opinions on seniors though. Especially when I told her that dh and I have social friends that are in their 70's that we go on trips with etc. The place is absolutely gorgeous and huge. It has about 600-700 residents, 13 apartment buildings and 8 cottages plus a direct care facility, alzheimer's facility, 4 dining rooms, a snack shop, 4 hair salons, a pool and workout area, a theater and a bunch of other stuff.

I am jazzed! I have a digital scale that I haven't been able to weigh myself on and just on a whim got on it today. It weighed me and showed a loss of about 6 lbs since I came back from Indiana.

Gotta go. Dh is taking me to dinner.


Jean 04-04-2003 09:04 PM

I just typed a long post and hit a wrong key . . . it disappeared on me! :devil: GRRRRR!

Well, I'll just have to start over . . . . . . . . .

It's been a long day and I am dragging. I got up at 5 because the moving helpers were supposed to be here at 7. They didn't show up until 7:45 so I could have slept another hour! I don't know where Beth got all of the stuff but it took 4 guys over 2 hours to pack the trailer. I kept picking up and packing little stuff in the apt. Unloading went faster because we had more help.

Maggie -- CONGRATULATIONS on another loss -- .8# that is gone forever! I think you will like a flat screen; it seemed so different at first but I really like mine. Norton is installed and is working, or at least that's what the numbers are saying. You are so lucky that you never had hot flashes; they are so very annoying! :yes:

Gloria -- It was nice that your son could visit and enjoy your cooking. I had to laugh :lol: at Nick's black skin comment. When I taught Kdg., I had black and white students. When we would discuss families and draw pictures, they would mix the colors of their family. That was 35 years ago when you didn't see many mixed marriages. Congratulations on staying FOCUSED!

Donna -- The job interview sounds like it was good and the facility sounds wonderful! I have my :crossed: for you! A major problem in our special ed. program is that the "normal rules" don't apply to special ed. students . . . thanks to the legislators sticking their noses in. Another problem is that many of the special ed. students have special ed. parents :dz: who keep having kids and the older ones raise the younger ones. We don't have a good place to put in-school suspension students; one spot is a partitioned off corner of the BD room and the other is a corner in the alternative study hall which is a zoo anyway; entertainment in both places. Our administration won't allow us to use writing as a punishment. Anyhow, the kids would just look at us and say, "I ain't gonna do it and you can't make me!" I can see why there is a shortage of teachers!

It rained and then snowed here today -- very windy and feels like winter again. I am heading off to a hot bath and an early bedtime. Have a nice weekend, Flowers!

Don't forget Daylight Savings begins tomorrow! :yikes:

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

jackslady 04-05-2003 11:36 AM

Jean: Well I guess I am just to darn idealistic! My feeling is if they know the word F^&* then they are intelligent enough to be punished properly, but no matter what anymore, parents are so darned wrapped up in themselves that kids don't matter. It used to be just single moms, addict parents etc, but it is across the board now!

It is lovely here again today. Was really black looking yesterday, but never got anything but a few drops. The pollen is really bad though so I have been sneezing my head off. I want to get my upstairs cleaned and the carpets shampooed this weekend, but I am having such a rough TOM that I don't know.

Well, I am down another 6# so that is now 12 since coming back from Indiana. I have now lost 78 total which is amazing to me! I am just thrilled I have found something I can really live with and exercise that for now I can do.

Well, have to go. Everyone have a great weekend!


graybubs 04-05-2003 11:51 AM

Happy Springtime Flowers,

I had to laugh when I heard the NPR people going on about the folks in northern NY digging out from 12" of snow. We had 14-16", but did anyone hear anything about puny little WV?......NOT! I'm not even a native and it ticks me off.

I was introduced to the WV delicacy of Ramps last night. They are a member of the leeks, scallion, onion family. They grow in the woods, and country folk have their special "ramp digging" places up in the mountains, which are kept a secret. Anyway, my friend fixed them and invited me out for dinner. Her husband didn't think I'd eat them or like them.............he doesn't understand fatheads like me.............if there's a fork with food on one end and me on the other, I'm eating it;) I love onions, so I thought it was great. She boils it and scrambles egg in some of it, serves some of it plain, and has side dishes of brown beans, fried potatoes, floured and fried fatback, and cornbread.........not a point in the bunch:lol: I'll have to bank points for the rest of the week to atone for my sins, but it was a once in a lifetime opportunity I couldn't pass up. I've heard folks talking about them for 20 years. They say I'm now a certified hillbilly:cb: The thing about ramps, is that the odor stays with you for about 24 hours...........I couldn't bring any home for MIke, as he had clients to see at 9AM:( They wouldn't have been too thrilled.

Made two trips to the river yesterday to pick the rest of Ann's daffodils...........I have them all over, and have shared them with friends.......I'm so lucky to be her "overseer" when she's not here.

Someone has been entering the house in my absence and putting dirty clothes in my hamper;) Can you imagine the nerve:D There's no way I could have dirtied that many clothes:o At any rate, I'd best get to them, as it will take a while.

Have a great weekend.

Maggie 04-05-2003 12:13 PM

AH Sarurday

It is a lovely day in the neighborhood. The wind has died down and it is a tad cooler which is just about perfect.

DONNA CONGRATULATIONS you are loosing weight by the chunks. WOW you are phenomenal. :bravo:

BUBBLES you were introduced to Ramps ~ also edible summer and autumn so you may have them again soon. They are considered a colonial herb. Beware, though, of the poisonous look-alike. Hummm ~ that same person came by here and dumped some dirty laundry in our hamper.

Have a great day everyone.

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