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Default Does anyone ever get sick of food?

I have been trying to increase my calories, but make them "clean" and good sources of protein (frequently with omega 3 fats) or targeted carbs from whole food. All day, I have been fighting to make myself eat. It's so stupid and crazy. Clearly, this is not a consistent problem I have had. But I prepared my food, and sat there looking it as I continued working and just got more and more hungry. It took me almost an hour to convince myself to start eating it, and had to fight to make myself finish it. Maybe it's related to my super-low sleep for the past few days (not all that unusual overall, but I've been working at getting sufficient sleep lately)?

Anyone else experience this? I even have cupcakes in my freezer (bought because I agreed to bring them to a party tomorrow and frozen so I'm not tempted to eat one), and they have zero appeal to me.

On a side note, though possibly related - just a month into this hardcore weight loss effort, and I'm already really sick of thinking about food in general.

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Yes! I'm sick of counting calories, and wondering which carb is ok, how much of this or that is a serving, and being hungry constantly! So, I started in with NO carbs - well, no starchy carbs. I love not counting calories (except this morning to see why I lost 3 lbs in 3 days - yup)

What I've determined is that NO starch is ok if you are trying to lose weight, so I've eliminated them. And I've cut out most fruits too. Much easier to eat salad, veggies, lean protein and a whey shake. Period, end of story, end of counting.
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I am like that all day, so I changed my woe to after 5p. Since I started doing this I no longer binge at night. No sense in forcing yourself unless you feel ill. My suggestion is that unless you have a medical reason not to, just go with your hunger and let your body tell you when it's time to eat.
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I love food but yes occasionally get tired of eating. I then go with my feeling and don't worry about eating until I get hungry again, which invariably, I do.
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I wish I had this problem.
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Originally Posted by carter View Post
I wish I had this problem.


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I'm so tired of counting calories, trying to find foods that are both healthy and fit into my busy schedule. And since most of my "meals" are usually around 300 calories, I find myself having to eat ALL the time, and I barely ever make it up to the 1600 calorie goal I have set. Oh, did I mention I can't cook either? So I've been eating oatmeal, eggs (I can't cook, but I can make a mean omelet) and veggie burgers for the past 2 weeks. I don't know how much more I can take.

So yeah. I'm with you on being sick of food.
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Yes!! I notice there's a huge correlation between feeling like this, and my monthly cycle.

During/directly after AF arrives I feel pretty 'meh' about food. I figure I've probably made up for it during PMS and don't sweat it. I eat very cleanly and am careful to get all my nutrients in, so I'm not overly concerned about feeling like I don't want to eat now and again.
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It's never happened to me. Maybe in my next incarnation.

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I get sick of food sometimes. Sometimes I just can't be bothered to calorie count and think about what's a good choice so I just forgo eating altogether to avoid the problem entirely. Other times it's just disinterest.
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I personally love food. I love to eat it, cook it, smell it, taste it and talk about it. I also calorie count and I work hard to keep variety in my meals, tonight for dessert I had 1/2 of chocolate ice cream (140 calories) with a banana chopped in (100 calories). My calorie total for today was 1633. I work hard to get a lot of fruit and vegetables in my diet, I don't usually pay much attention to how many carbs I eat. I have found that it is easiest to count calories is to use some of the same kinds of foods in meals but cook/season them differently. This way I know roughly how many calories I am eating. Planning meals in advance, like 3 days worth also makes it a lot easier. Cooking can be intimidating but as long as its cooked all the way through and seasoned the way you like it it doesn't really have to look pretty/fancy. Here are some of the meals I've eaten recently:

Apple Cinnamon pancake:
2 eggs
grated apple
2 melba toast
1tsp sugar
dash of vanilla
cooked in 1 tsp olive oil

Tuna sandwich:
1 can tuna in water
1 T olive oil mayo
1 hamburger bun
1 cup spinach
1 c cherries

Vegetable chilli:
1/4 cup dry beans(cooked)
100g asparagus
124g yellow squash
100g tomatoes
3 brussel sprouts
3 mini sweet bell peppers
1 babybell cheese
1 T balsamic vinegar
1 tsp olive oil

1 mini bag of kettle corn microwave popcorn
3/4 c Chicago mix popcorn (Garrett's)
1 nectarine

Calorie total 1395

1 egg
3/4 c Peanut butter capn't crunch
1/2 c skim milk
1/2 tsp olive oil

1 can tuna in water
1 80cal hamburger bun
1T mayo with olive oil
1c spinach
1 large apple

Green beans
small sweet potato
(tilapia cooked in olive oil and cornmeal)
8 trader joe's coconut cookies

Pineapple bar
tootsie pop
Kashi TLC bar
mini pretzels
(calories 1577)

2 3/4cups of honey nut cheerios
1/2c skim milk
1 nectarine

baby spinach
85/15 ground beef (I usually don't buy meat this fatty but it was left over from a neighborhood BBQ)
1 bun
1T light catalina dressing
1T sweet baby rays BBQ sauce

1/2 serving of Houlian lettuce wraps
1/2 serving of Houlian BBQ Chicken flatbread pizza
71g zucchini
3 mini sweet bell peppers
2 6oz glasses of red wine

caramel corn rice cake
Babybel cheese
85g blackberries
173g pear
tootsie pop
coconut cookies
(total calories 2078 )

1/2c 1% cottage cheese
2 melba toast
1 nectarine

56g wheat rotini pasta
1/2c pasta sauce
3 brussle sprouts
3 sweet mini peppers
1 babybel cheese-gouda

4oz chicken
yellow squash
rice or tortilla

1 c cherries
1 slice toast
1T chunky peanut butter

Good luck finding foods that make you happy!

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i thought i was insane!! Im always hungry but so sick of food.. if that makes sense. My stomach is growling but nothing is appealing to me, Im sick of everything and everything just kills my appetite.
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Originally Posted by luckystreak View Post
i thought i was insane!! Im always hungry but so sick of food.. if that makes sense. My stomach is growling but nothing is appealing to me, Im sick of everything and everything just kills my appetite.
Yup, that's me tonight. I'm hungry-ish... but nothing sounds good enough to bother preparing it. So I'm drinking tea and eating a handful of almonds. Everything will even itself out.
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I've gotten sick of the food that I have in the house (been hungry, but not for anything I see in the fridge or pantry), but that's largely because I would always drastically llimit my food choices whenever I was trying to lose weight.

I'd have a restriction-based mindset - always thinking about what I couldn't eat, instead of all the delicious food that I could be eating.

Now I have more of a spa-cuisine mindset. I do like cooking and food prep, but I don't always have the time, so I have a lot of reciupes and techniques for preparing food that can last all week. Like cutting veggies and making a veggie dip - boiling a dozen eggs for hubby and I to eat all week, simmering beef, pork, or chicken in the crockpot and then shredding the meat to use in recipes all week..

I think I will always be very food-motivated. I enjoy the creative aspect of inventing new dishes. Yesterday I made a huge pot of low-carb, paleo-friendly hot-and-sour soup. Not even 100 calories for a nice-sized bowl.

It was a random mix of leftovers, so while it turned out great, duplicating it again will be a challenge. But that's ok, most of my soups are random mixes of whatever's in the pantry and fridge. They never turn out the same way twice, but they're usuallly wonderful nonetheless.

Because of my health issues, I do keep quite a few easy-to-prepare foods on hand (or prepare them ahead on a good day), because while I don't get sick of food, I don't always have the energy to prepare it.
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Yeah this happens to me sometimes too! On days when nothing at all appeals to me I think 'oh I can have a nice treat or something' but then I don't even want that.. I can look at pastry in the shop and think 'nahhh'. Other days I could eat 20 (probably, I'm not putting it to the test).
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