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Default Losing motivation and getting bored

This past week I only lost .2 pounds because my birthday was Thursday and I drank like a fish and then I didn't work out all week. I'm starting to lose my motivation and my one scheduled "cheat" day turned into a week of eating crap. I just don't know how this is going to work for me I'm bored with my diet I eat the same thing over and over. I've lost around 20 pounds at this point and I have a while to go still, how can I switch things up and make this work or me?

A typical day for me:

breakfast- protein shake/ special k cereal/ sugar free oatmeal

lunch- usually nothing or a shake some days I eat a turkey sandwhich

dinner- boneless skinless chicken breast, brown rice, some veggie

snacks- fiber one bars, fruit, somtimes other junk :/

I'm eating 1,300 calories per day and calorie counting with MFP. I just want to feel more motivated and continue to see the scale go down.
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Hello! I have exactly the same problem, and posted about it, but I haven't posted enough to be able to add a link here unfortunately. The post is called, halfway and starting to struggle....
I got some great advice, particularly,Gardendiva who asked some very good questions...
This afternoon I spent s few hours developing a whole new menu for next week. All new meals in the hope that this will relieve the boredom.
Hang on in there, we'll get through it! You have done so well so far.
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I think the big thing is to find some fun new dinner recipes! I find I can handle boring food during the day if dinner is interesting.
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Your eating plan does sound boring! Why don't you just eat what you want (with some healthy foods thrown in) within your 1,300-calorie limit? Last year I lost 50 pounds by doing just that, and I never got bored. I never ate foods I disliked or even foods that were ho-hum to me. Only foods I actually enjoyed. Perhaps something to consider.

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I'd be bored on that meal plan too. And too hungry.

This isn't supposed to be easy but it's not supposed to involve not eating and hating/being bored of food - or else, as you have found, you will just revert to old habits.

BALANCE is really the key. You will need to do this forever or regain your weight - so why choose a miserable path? Obviously if you are bored with 1300 calories of mostly processed foods then why not try 1500-1800 of healthy non-processed foods? And change your meals often?

You don't need protein shakes, they are quick to be absorbed and not filling. A woman on a 1300 calorie diet (which IMO is too low) needs FILLING foods that are nutritious.

Are you an "all or nothing" person??
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Every year I try to diet for my birthday and my birthday comes and goes and I've lost weight but not as much as I hoped and we celebrate for like a week and inevitably, I fall off the wagon for the rest of the year and regain everything and then some. I don't have any sure fire advice but I know I'd get bored on what you're eating. I structure my calories so that I have room for yummy low calorie sauces and sides for protein that I like. I just calorie count, no other rules, and I never get bored because I can eat anything I want, as long as its portion controlled. Some people prefer to eat cleaner than that but for me, in the earlier stages, the minimum calorie restrictions are hard enough to manage. I can even have a couple of drinks like last night and not gain because I plan for it. And I can have it.
For breakfast I had 2 frozen buttermilk waffles with butter spray and 1/4 cup sugar free syrup with three slices of microwave bacon- 280 calories
For lunch- lean cuisine macaroni and cheese with grilled chicken- 380 calories
For dinner- homemade spaghetti sauce with 93% lean ground beef and organic wheat noodles, and a tablespoon of Parmesan cheese on top- 420 calories
For snacks I'll have grits with butter spray and Splenda (I love my no-calorie butter spray, can you tell? Lol), chocolate sugar free pudding, a pickle and some light string cheese, about 225 calories.
This is a VERY high day for processed foods because it's about time to go to the grocery store, we have no produce and no fresh protein. But I'm well within my calorie range (my max is 1700 and I lose a lb or half a lb a day) and definitely not bored! I would have been happy eating this day when I was at my high weight, although I would have definitely eaten larger portions and worse snacks.
Variety is key for me, but like I said some people eat a more restrictive diet. I plan to eat cleaner as I near maintenance but right now I just want to lose weight, and this works for me

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Why not try some calorie cycling? Maybe have 1600 calories a few times a week and drop down to 1200 a few days? Also, I know you didn't ask this so I hope you don't mind me saying...your diet has quite a bit of sugar. I'd switch out the special K to a hard boiled egg or egg white omelet perhaps. Same thing with the Fiber One bar....how about some almonds or string cheese or cottage cheese instead? Just some thoughts I'd like to throw out there.

I have had lots of times when I felt bored with my diet but I just reminded myself that this isn't so much about motivation as it is about commitment. There will be ups and downs and it's great that you posted here for some advice so you can tweak your plan....just hang in there and you'll be so glad you did.

Even now that I'm at my goal, I eat almost the same thing every day and usually I'm very excited for those foods because I do love them...and I try to look at food as just nourishment and not a form of entertainment (not easy for a food addict, but possible). I have an indulgent meal once a week now and that gives me something to look forward to in terms of food. What has recently helped me the most though is IF (Intermittent Fasting). We have a thread going under General Diet Plans and Questions : http://www.3fatchicks.com/forum/gene...-5-2012-a.html

I stop eating around 8pm and resume eating around noon the next day. I do this just about every day, unless I'm going to a party, etc. It has been a wonderful strategy because I end up feeling very satisfied with my calories since I have a shorter window to consume food. Just wanted to throw that out there in case it helps you or someone else reading this. Just as a side note, it's not something I started out doing cold turkey. It takes a bit of time to get adjusted (for me anyway), so I ended up gradually delaying my already very light breakfast and after about a week, I was doing it and it's pretty easy.
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