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Question Has anyone had results from giving up pop/soda?

If you have given up drinking pop, have you had any weight loss from just that?

I started reading a book called 'Skinny *****' and i absolutely love it. It's really motivated me to give up drinking pop, which is totally bizarre because I can't stand having a meal without drinking a few sips of one. Occasionally I'll have milk or juice, but I have at least one pop a day, no matter what.

So this morning I had a breakfast that I would always have diet coke with and I just didn't order one at all. I also didn't have one yesterday. Just like that - cold turkey - no more pop. My breakfast wasn't as satisfying though. The book obviously made me think about what I was drinking. I'm wondering if it will change anything for me. I didn't drink that much pop before - but one a day is 365 a year, minimum. Just hoping it was a decision that I'll be proud of.
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Theoretically, giving up DIET pop won't make a difference in your weight because it has no calories. However, if it puts you in a healthier frame of mind, it could help you make better food choices overall.

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I never drank regular soda because it was too sweet for me. I still drink diet coke and never noticed any adverse effects.

Then again I'm not one of those people who drink it constantly. One, two cans at the most per day. I'm sure some people who have a true addiction to any soda would probably see differences if they gave it up/cut back.
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Yes! Yes! Yes! I went from drinking full sugar soda to diet to water. I probably dropped about 10 lbs from my beverage choices alone. However, I was one who could drink a 12 pack a day! Probably 1 or 2 diet sodas per day won't cause too much of a gain. The thing to remember is that diet beverages have sodium which cause water retention. If you drop your sodium levels by reducing high sodium foods and beverages, you will see a weight decrease just from releasing the water.
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If you're talking about giving up regular soda, then yes, significant weight will be lost. Diet soda? It's already zero calories but I do notice that I don't feel as bloated. When I am in the mood for something bubbly though it's almost always diet, I can't even drink regular soda anymore.
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Ya know, I've heard people say "Yes, I gave up my soda habit & lost 25 lb!!!" - that's it, that's all they did - give up their soda habit, & they lost weight. Makes me wonder exactly how much soda were they drinking? - because about 10 years ago, I did that very thing... gave up my Mountain Dew habit, COMPLETELY! - didn't even drink DIET soda! - even gave up tea, milk, coffee - EVERYTHING - drank nothing but water... even gave up ALL JUNK FOOD... ate nothing but lean meats, veggies & fruits - and I walked SIX MILES A DAY, 5 days a week.... and ..... NOT A SINGLE POUND DOWN in six months!!!!

so....wtf?? I dunno.

I guess, bottom line, not everything works for everybody.
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I gave up diet-pop a while ago. And I don't think that giving up diet-pop itself helped me to lose weight. I do think that giving up diet-pop helped me to stave off cravings. Because apparently when you drink/eat fake sugar it doesn't trick your system into thinking that you ate sugar - instead it makes you crave the real thing. The less you crave sugar, the less you eat sugar. This is what can help you lose weight.
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No, you arent going to see a weight decrease ftrom giving up one diet soda a day. I doubt youd see a weight decrease from giving up one, full sugar regular soda per day... its only 120-180 cals per can anyway..... not enough to make any sort of deficit in and of itself. If you were a 6 pack or 12 pack a day drinker though, giving up the real soda could DEFINITELY make a difference
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I was drinking at least 4 cans of regular soda a day (yikes!) and I gave it up but didn't lose any weight from it at all.
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I didn't see a weight difference, but I stopped getting headaches and bad PMS. Artificial sweetners are terrible for you. I didn't realize that until I gave them up several years ago. You will feel so much better! Good luck!
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That book is awful. It's what started my eating issues. I wish I had never picked it up 5 years ago. Blech.

And no, giving up soda, unless you were drinking an astronomical amount, won't have any effect, except making you feel better, and your insides will thank you.
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In college I switched from Pepsi to Diet Pepsi and lost 23 pounds. I don't recall how long it took, but it was probably 4 or 5 months. That was the only change for me. It took a while to get used to it, but I can't drink full sugar drinks at all now. I still drink a fair amount of Diet drinks and have not had any adverse affects to my weight loss. I don't drink as much as I used to by about half, but I like 'em and am going to continue to drink them but maybe not so much of them.
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I used to have at least one pepsi a day, sometimes two, but now I just drink water. I can't stand diet soda so I went cold turkey and, honestly, it wasn't even a conscious decision to quit altogether. I'd just decided I wanted to go a day or two without one and it snowballed. I think if I had set out to cut it out entirely I would have crumbled under the pressure. Anyway, I noticed that I felt a lot better but sadly there were no significant changes on the scale.
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I shouldn't have said that I drank DIET coke, because I drink regular soda also. LOL It was just my beverage of choice at that one particular restaurant.

Quarterlife - why do you hate the book? I find it incredibly motivating.
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^I haven't read it in a long time but I picked it up when I was about 19, and very impressionable. I wasn't overweight at all, but I felt I could still lose 5lbs so I read the book. Horrible. I fell for everything these two heifers said, including thinking eating meat would make me fat and disgusting. I cut out all of those foods that they deemed "bad" (which was basically everything!) and began a very restrictive starvation diet because I didn't know how to eat anymore (FYI, all of their pro-vegan foods are NOT good for you. They are just as processed and probably three times higher in sodium than the foods I was eating before. They also recommend a fast before starting their new way of eating. UGH!)

I got very sick, and ended up going on my first binge shortly after, and it escalated from there, and I've had food issues ever since.

These women are irresponsible hacks.

It took me three years after reading this book to not be afraid to eat a piece of chicken again.

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