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Default Bodys holding on no matter what i do this week :(

Im having one of those weeks where no amount of good diet & exercise is gona make my body budge

I know sometimes this happens and it has happened with me before but its so annoying.

I don WW and have been on track all week and even been doing taebo and ive been working my butt off my body aches.

its not weigh day till monday but i havent budged. I gained 2lbs last week as i was ill and dint exercise, but my diet was still good. And now seems my body is hanging on for dear life to these extra pounds gined

Anyone know what i can do to kick start my body to get chugging along again and hopfully have a loss come monday. Ive tried chillis which usually works but unfortunaty not this time x

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Hi! Weight loss isn't a straight line--I'm sure your WW folks have told you that. Don't try to increase your exercise or to eat less than you should, that usually backfires. Ease up a bit on the exercise--don't make yourself sore all the time. Weight loss is mostly about the food. Just stick with the program and be patient. You'll start to drop again.

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If you're exercising regularly, choosing healthy foods, and sticking within your Points, then you're already "kickstarted".

We have to accept that we have no control over the scale. We DO have control over our actions, though, and that's vastly more important, because our actions will eventually lead to our weight dropping.

Is it annoying when there's no loss on the scale? Yes, sometimes it is. Is it the be-all end-all of health and weight loss? No, never. It's just a scale.

It is a fact of weight loss. One we see every single day around 3FC from almost every member. People who are doing amazingly healthy things for themselves who either have a stall week or even gain a little bit every once in a while. Sometimes several weeks in a row.

Accept that it's a fact of this journey, and focus on what you're doing well.

Celebrate that you're eating well. That you're getting in movement. That, even though the scale isn't being friendly this week, you're sticking to healthy plans.

It's those healthy plans that in the long-run are going to get you to your goal weight, and keep you there.
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It's exactly the same for me this week too, and I'd even stepped up the exercise!

Here are some things to consider - muscle strengthening exercises will build muscle and may cause a temporary up/stall on the scale. Muscle is heavy. Also, something that I've had efore is water retention due either to a due period or too much salt/not enough water in my diet.

It's bound to be one of those things! Just keep doing what you're doing, maybe drink more water. It'll tip down again.
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Well 2 weeks ago I started adding in exercise and weightlifting. I wasn't losing anything and almost gave up on it but pushed through it and this week I magically lost 6 pounds. I think sometimes the body takes longer to respond to things you are doing. For helping your weight loss get on track, I know what always helps mine is that I eat a spring mix side salad with lots of tomatoes with my dinner. I don't know why but when I do that I always have a week with a big weight loss.
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