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Question Soda????

So i have a question for everyone on here about soda!!! I am a person who loves soda, I know it is bad for me and everything but i love it!!! I gave it up a month ago and I have only had 1% milk at breakfast and water the rest of the time. So my question is, Do you think it is possible to have a soda every now and then and stay on track or should i just forget about them? (Dr. Pepper is calling me name very loud)
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I budget in about 10 oz once a week for my Pepsi.120 calories or so. You have to be careful though, the ounces can sneak up on you.
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I can't stomach regular soda, but I do drink a Diet Coke every day (alright...more than that. These past few days I've been terrible) and I did even when losing weight. I stayed on track.

If you budget a regular soda in every now and then, then there isn't a reason to forgo treating yourself. Sure, it's not great for you but a lot of things aren't and we still find ways to sneak them in.

Should you be drinking something with empty calories all the time? Probably not, but once in a while won't do any damage to your weight loss.
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For me personally, when I cut out soda all together for a couple months consistently, when I did go back to have a soda for my husband's birthday, I got right back off of them with no problem.

I personally don't have any soda anymore due to the harm on my body & also on my weight loss; but that choice is up to you
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Whatever works for you. Are you the kind of person who can just stop/start with soda or once you taste it is that the start of a slippery slope? I'm the latter kind which is why I cut it out completely
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I don't personally like soda, but I would suggest if you MUST have one, I would buy the little cans and allow yourself one or two of the little cans a week. Just budget them in and enjoy them. (don't just chug them down.) Hope this helps!
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I also have this problem. I definitely stick to a can or less when I let myself have it, and I reeeeeally try to avoid it. It makes me bloat like crazy, especially diet soda. I would say, first cut it out completely. Then once you are used to that, you can indulge every now and then. That's what I did, at least, and it worked for me.
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I have this issue as well. I drink a diet soda every day. It keeps me from feeling deprived I guess. I drink a lot less than I was, but I don't really have any interest in giving them up entirely. I've tried before but doing without them became the slippery slope for me. I've found that if I don't try to give them up entirely it's much easier for me to maintain a healthier lifestyle. I'll just have to live with that for now until I can ween myself off of them down the road.
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I believe in moderation. So I only drink it when I'm out for dinner or at the bar and it's diet only. I don't keep it in the house. I find if I allow myself to have 1 day I sometimes can't stop myself so I use it as a treat. You have to find what works for you so you have control over it and where it doesn't control you
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I used to drink three or four 24oz bottles of Mtn Dew PER DAY. Now I cannot imagine drinking that much soda! - can you imagine the calorie load?!?!?!? E-gads!

But Mtn Dew! -my love! I didn't want to give it up completely. So I worked very hard at cutting it down. Finally got down to a couple 12oz cans per day. That's STILL 360 calories! And it took yearssssssssssss to do even that. Seriously!

But a couple years ago, I decided to try Diet Mtn Dew. ODG, it was horrid!!! One of the worst things I ever let pass my lips! UGH! Then, I decided to "trick" my taste buds. I mixed half regular Mtn Dew with half of the diet. I couldn't tell a difference. Little by little, over the course of a couple months, I decreased the regular & increased the diet. Pretty soon I was drinking straight up Diet Mtn Dew. I usually only have one 12oz can per day, sometimes two, but mostly one. Too much carbonation tends to make me a bit bloaty. Ugh.

Now I cannot stand the taste of regular Mtn Dew - too sugary! I also like Coke Zero, Diet Dr. Pepper, and usually enjoy a Diet Coke when I'm at a restaurant (mainly because most restaurants don't serve Coke Zero). When I feel like imbibing, I sometimes opt for a Coke Zero (or Diet Coke) and rum. Mostly, tho, I choose water with lemon. Healthier. And I like the taste!

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I'm a Dr Pepper lover too. I have a bottle once or twice a month. If you know you can have 1 & it won't turn into 2, 3 etc. then factor it in & enjoy.
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I guess it depends on you and whether you can keep it to just a certain amount. If you can then I don't think there's anything wrong with budgeting for a treat now and then. If you can't then you really have to decide if it's worth taking a step down that slippery slope.

I gave up soda in Oct. 2010 and now I am to the point where I can have a soda (regular, not diet) once in a while and not be tempted to have more than that. Truthfully, after all this time without soda I find it to be far too sweet for my taste so even when I do indulge, I rarely finish an entire drink.
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It depends if you think you'll only be able to stop at one, once in awhile.

I used to love diet soda and would have a few cans a day. I tried limiting myself to it, but found that I would crave it more. So I stopped completely within the last month or two

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I know for me - I don't want pop anymore. I used to drink a lot of diet coke. I gave it up a couple of months ago - and now I basically just drink club soda, tea, and water.
I feel better now. Plus - I have read studies that say that even diet pop can cause people to gain (or not lose) weight. Because when you have the fake sugar it causes you to crave real sugar. After I gave up pop (more or less) I noticed that when I did treat myself I couldn't drink as much and I DID crave sugar!
One of the things I enjoyed about pop was the carbonated - so I have started drinking soda club/sparkling water and it is great substitute without all the bad stuff.
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I'm someone who LOVES diet soda. I could drink Coke Zero all freaking day. At one point I pretty much did - I was going through like 4 cases of diet soda a week, plus a couple 20 oz sodas during the day. When I decided to lose weight this time around, I also decided to severely cut back on my diet soda consumption, because I knew it wasn't healthy (and plus I was wasting too much money).

So I did the standard water-with-lemon substitute, and now I drink a ton of plain water throughout the day. It's been the single best thing for helping me lose weight!

But to answer your question: I would think you'd be able to drink a Dr. Pepper once in a while - maybe twice a week or so? As long as you budget your calories accordingly.
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