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Default I am 0.1% away from officially being diagnosed with pre-diabetes.

Moderators: I'm not sure if this thread belongs in the 'Weight Loss Support' section or the 'Diabetes Support' section. Please feel free to move it to the appropriate area.

I received my blood work test results. I took the A1C test (a.k.a. Diabetes indicator test) because I gained a lot of weight these past couple of years due to emotional stress and fear of getting Type 2 diabetes. Fortunately, the emotional stress is gone (my parent did not pass away thank God), but now I have to un-do the damage I did to my body from all the emotional eating, high stress, and lack of exercise.

I am 0.1% away from officially being diagnosed with pre-diabetes.

I'm scared. I need to change now. I'm looking for guidance from any/all forum members that are in my position or have been in my position and successfully avoided not getting diabetes.

Attached is a document that shows my cholesterol results from 2007, 2010, and 2011. You will see the big jump in numbers from 2007 to 2010. The emotional year was 2010.

You will also see a menu plan I created after reading many articles about avoiding diabetes as well as lowering cholesterol. Please help me. Let me know if I have the correct amount of food, the correct food, and any suggestions for how long I should exercise and what type of exercise I should do to get my cholesterol down as well as avoid diabetes. I walk about 40 minutes a day for 5 days a week. I thought this was good exercise, but I guess it's not enough since my numbers have not come down.

Any advice is greatly appreciated! Please feel free to send me a private message. You will be saving my life!
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Have you talked to your doctor about this ? Have you asked for a menu plan ?
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You don't say how much weight you need to lose, if any..... If you are overweight, when you get yourself down to a normal level, you should see improvements in your numbers.

Your menu looks good to me.

My doctor told me to add niacin for cholesterol, which I did. I hear red rice yeast extract (or something like that) is also very good for cholesterol. Liver health could also help. I use milk thistle for the liver. And fiber. Eat lots of fiber.

My numbers aren't great either. We'll see how things look once I'm no longer in the overweight category.
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hey, i was at the exact same place you were at 269 lbs.

i got those results, and dropped sugar for sweetner right away.

i no longer take sugar in ANYTHING, i have lost 90 lbs, and am no longer at risk for diabetes, my thyroid problems have gone away, and cholesterol is normal.

unfortunately undoing a lot of these issues will probably make you anemic (FUUUUNNNN)

Anyways, if you do in fact have weight to lose, your menu looks great, but its the persistance and determination in losing weight that will rid you mostly if not completely of your issue!

but your reaction is great, being scared typically pushes us for changes!
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ok. i knew that my over eating and my sugar consumption was doing me wrong. I eat copious amounts of raw salads. I would add a salad for breakfast and top it with the oatmeal. The salad fills me up and makes me feel healthy.
My suggestion is to add more greens through out the day so you feel less restricted.
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I got prediabetic dx 10 yrs ago. Been fending it off since and the happiest day was when my endoc told me my labs were so normal if you didn't know I had PCOS/IR you'd think I didn't have PCOS/IR from the labs and I came off the Metformin.

I've done it vegetarian and I've done it non-vegetarian but the best advice I read was no more than 500 calories every 3-4 hrs. Match protein foods from veg or non veg sources to the carbs. Ramp up the veggies. Go easy on the fruit. That ought to help keep the blood sugar more stable.

I got a meter and learned what things would set me off.

You can do this!

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I think your food intake looks pretty good, maybe a little tweaking - Watch the portion sizes.

As for the 40 min/day 5/day week walking- that is GREAT. You're doing wonderfully! - I see no reason to increase/decrease that for now. Maybe revisit that in about 4 months.

Keep it up! You're doing fine!!!

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A couple years ago my husband (age 49) got bloodwork done. His numbers had been creeping up steadily for a few years. His A1C had crossed a magic threshold, and the Dr. wanted to put him on meds for diabetes.

He said, Doc, please don't. Give me 6 months and I'll lose the weight. Sure enough, he lost 30 lbs in about 6 months and is now back out of the danger zone for diabetes.

Now he's a guy and didn't have any hormonal issues contributing (e.g. PCOS, like I do). But my point is, YOU CAN DO IT! Lots of great advice on here, but my experience (via him) was that simply losing the weight made a big difference. Maybe it was because he had to cut a lot of sugar and fat to lose?

You CAN change these numbers! Keep it up! When it gets hard, remember you're fighting for your life!
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Lt year a year ago my a1c was 6.8 and my fasting blood sugar wa 239. A year later by dropping 75 pounds, exercising, and eliminating a lot of simple carbs (I keep it around or undere 100 net grams a day) and my fasting sugars are around 90 and my a1c is 5.8.

It is totally preventable to need to go on meds (which can cause other problems)". It's up to you!
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