I sure do miss wine.

  • I finally had to come to the decision that I needed to cut wine out of my diet if I wanted to lose weight and be healthy. Maybe later down the road I will be a little more in-control of my actions, but one glass of wine just makes me want three more, and then I'm starving and binge. So right now it's a no-no. Has anyone else decided to give up wine?
  • I am not quite there. But in exactly the same place. One glass of wine leads to two or three followed by good cheese. I told myself I was going to give it up, then bought a case of merlot that was on sale to fill our new rack.

    I signed up for a "lifestyle challenge" at my local gym. Of the things we are being asked to give up alcohol and soda are probably the toughest for me.
  • Glad I'm not the only one. I probably make it sound like I'm an ol drunk! haha. I was making a great healthy dinner last night and while cooking it I just kept thinking "I'd love a glass of wine!" Pretty tough to give up.
  • Lets not forget that the only three things scientifically proven to cause or worsen cancers are: Smoking, Obesity and yes... alcohol.

    It used to be: One glass of red wine is good for the heart, but more recent studies have shown it is best to avoid alcohol altogether.

    This might be a good extra little reason to stop or drink less . I don't think everything that is being said about health studies is true, but it is a thing to have in mind I suppose.

    The best of luck with stopping alcohol consumption. Will you go cold Turkey or gradually slow?
  • I miss wine.

    I went primal on New Year's. Wine is considered a "sensible indulgence," but right now I am trying to stay 100% on plan just to see if this kind of lifestyle works for me.

    Like you, one glass always led to two or three (or, in my case, five). And I always followed that up with a HUGE late-night meal. It definitely wasn't good for any of my weight loss goals, but I do miss it. In fact, I miss it every night. Sitting down with a glass of wine and talking with Hubby after the kids were in bed was a standard activity and our way to connect.

    I do plan to add wine back in eventually... maybe after 30 days. I'll just try to limit it to one or two glasses, and maybe limit myself to just once a week except for special occasions.
  • the cold turkey thing
    I did the cold turkey thing during a 6 year span of pregnancies and nursing. It was very good for me. But I love having a drink in the evening. My problem with it is that I eat more when I have had a drink.
  • I have to admit this is me as well. I can have one glass of wine, sure that's easy but it does weaken my resolve and it usually ends up being two and then the food choices aren't as good as they should be. That being said I can't see that dieting will work for me if I cut out everything that I love so I'm allowing myself one night a week where I can have a glass or two if I want. I think that way I am allowing myself it if I feel like I really want it but also giving myself the option to turn it down.

    I do really miss sitting down every night with the hubby with a glass of wine and a really good meal but sensibly that is the major reason for me not being able to keep my weight down. Why do all the good things in life make you fat!