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This is a great thread. It's awesome to see where we've been physically, emotionally, career wise, etc. a year ago and how far we've come since then. A year ago I weighed about 207lbs. I was on birth control and anti depression. I was taking classes aimlessly, not knowing what the heck to do with life and with no direction. But I did meet an amazing man!

Today I've lost a little bit of weight since then, I'm engaged to that amazing man!! (Wahhoooo!!) and I'm now taking classes with the intention of getting into a nursing program. I'm also off all medications, (which I believe were hindering my weight loss efforts!) for the first time in 11 years! I turned 25 which I thought would cause me to have a quarter life crisis but has just put into focus all that I've accomplished thus far in life!

It's nice to see how things have changed since last year, but even better to know that I'm going to go on to do great things this year!! Good luck ladies!
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Oh lord. One year ago today, I was sad, probably sitting in my room with my laptop or watching TV all day, or laboring to walk to the store. I do know that I wasn't happy. I remember Christmas day, though. Here's me opening a present from my room mate.

Do I really look happy behind that fake smile? I didn't feel it.

Here's me at 61 pounds lost, a few weeks ago. Now, I am 65lbs lost, but in any case, I more or less look like this. I am hoping that by my starting point, I am even more amazed my the changes in myself. It's absolutely amazing what a little less than a year or a year's worth of commitment can do.
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ferretfanatic (notice how I removed the "fat" from your name!) - YOU LOOK AMAZING! Most importantly, you look truly happy. And yes, I recognize that fake smile. I had the same one for 15 years.

To vixxi -- Congrats on your engagement and your weight loss thus far! It took me turning almost 40 to finally wake the heck up and lose weight. I am jealous that you are doing it in your 20's. I lost out on so many years. But you know what? Won't dwell on it. I do miss being able to wear "young" clothes. Not very age appropriate for me now! LOL
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a year ago today I was miserable with myself and my weight and didn't know where to start. I was wearing a size 1x or 2x dress and 1x skirt. today, I feel a lot stronger, healthier, but I know I still have a long way to go
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I'm pretty much exactly where I was 1 year ago... which, despite the fact that I've wanted to rid of the last 15 throughout that time, is a good thing. I have another year under my belt of maintaining the 65 lb loss I achieved several years ago now! I haven't gained it back! Still not quite where I want to be, but I am regardless grateful for being where I am now.
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Ferretfanatic you look amazing and MUCH happier in the 2nd pic than the first!

So wonderful to see how much changes can happen in 1 year!

For me in Jan 2011 I was 245lbs-250lbs, in a tight size 16, happy in my life for the most part but not with how I looked. Dodged cameras all the time unless it was my "good angle" LOL

I didn't start my journey until June 15 2011 and really started exercising around July 1st. In that half year I lost 45lbs and this year I want to get to goal!

How I feel in comparision to this time last year, I feel lighter, healthier, my feet don't hurt and I can move much faster than before. Just getting up was a chore last year. Now with alomst half the weight gone everything is easier even daily chores around the house. Because I'm not in pain or lugging around that extra weight I'm more content doing it Making me a happier person
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Thanks, guys! It really is inspiring for me to hear what others did in just a year's time as well. It just goes to show that it is never too late to start, because you can make crazy amazing accomplishments in one year.
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