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Default Buying clothing throughout weight loss journey?

I posted this over in the 40 somethings section, but figured I would open this thread here too to get more suggestions....

I went shopping today (didn't buy anything - yeah for me!!!) and tried on some 14s and Larges. They fit! Not sort of kind of/can zip it up fit - they fit! The bad news is that I have all 16s and XLs in my closet. The other bad news is that I am NOT going to buy a new size 14 or Large wardrobe because that is not the size I want to be - I am nowhere near goal weight. So...it's baggy clothes for me for awhile. I might, when I have time, go to some thrift stores to see if there are any 14s worth picking up - meaning $10 items or less! However, I need to stay strong about not wasting money on intermediate sizes.

What did you all do about clothes sizes as you went down, but were not at your goal weight?
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I've lost 53 pounds so far, and I have the closet full of baggy clothes to prove it. *L* Yes, I went out and bought some things as I needed them -- for example, when my grandmother passed away in May, I needed a new outfit because everything was four sizes too big -- but other than that, I get along with my old clothes. Yes, they're baggy, and they don't look *the best*, but I'm still 25 pounds or so away from my goal and I don't see the point in wasting money on new clothes when I'll probably drop another size or two before I reach goal.

The killer for me, too, is that we don't even have a thrift store or anything here in town, so I don't even have that option. Bah.
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Every 40 or 50 pounds I would treat myself to some new jeans, and shirts. When I hit about 220, I started buying things that would give me some room to lose weight, like tights, and skirts to go over them, shirts that I could easily layer later on, dresses(which i'm a huge fan of). I can still wear the stuff I bought then, even though I'm 25 pounds lighter. And they all still fit nicely ....
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I like to "window shop" online, but I have stopped myself from buying new clothes because I know that I will probably not get around to wearing them in the next three months, which has happened with prior clothes purchases. And, by then, I will definitely not be able to fit into those clothes. I did buy some clothes in size 16 (down from size 22W) because I needed work clothes and pants that I did not have to duct tape to my body in order to keep them from falling to the ground. I have also purchased two pairs of skinny jeans for $15/each in the next two sizes down (14 and 12), so that I may try them on weekly in order to measure my progress (I can now comfortably fit the size 14s!). Plus, size 12 is my initial goal size. I also purchased a new coat because my former one was HUGE on me and my new coat was only $20. Other than those purchases, I have really resisted the urge to purchase more clothes until I reach my goal weight. It's really difficult because there are so many great sales going on now for clothes that I can wear AND clothes that I can no longer wear (50% off the entire store, really Lane Bryant. You're killing me!). I think one should only purchase new clothes in smaller sizes before they have reached their goal weight if: 1) their current clothes look RIDUNKCULOUS on them or 2) they have a special occasion to attend and none of their current clothes look even remotely half-way decent on them. This strategy is proving to be a very difficult one for me since I LOVE clothes shopping, but I shall persevere. I will break the cycle of buying clothes that will no longer fit me when I finally get around to actually wearing them. I have too many clothes. I do not need more. And, I will continue to repeat this mantra until I reach goal and I will actually truly need a new wardrobe. Good luck with your own journey. And use that belt as liberally as you can.
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I wear a size 20. If I go down to an 18 I'll probably still wear my 20's until I can wear a 16. By then the 20s will be much too big. If you still have a lot that you want to lose, then you'll probably just have to give in and buy some intermediate sizes. Heck, I can't wait til I can go shopping for some new jeans!
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I wrote a post about this on my blog because it can get pretty expensive on the way down!

I mainly stuck to the clearance racks and went to thrift stores. Also you might want to make sure to buy things that can work with you as you shrink.

Also, buy your pants a little tight (just tight enough that you might need a lose top) so that they last you through more weight. Remember: when in doubt, go smaller.
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I am lucky in that our city has several Goodwill's and nice thrift stores. Our Goodwill's also have monthly 99 cent sales. I have always gotten the majority of my clothes from here and I still do. I LOVE LOVE LOVE jeans and sweaters now. I can wear jeans other than the chick elastic waist and sweaters because I do not feel uncomfortable in them. I went goodwill shopping on a regular basis throughout my weight loss journey. It takes me longer now because I have more choices and now I try everything on, whereas before, I would just grab whatever was in my size or looked like it would fit. I have several pairs of 14 jeans but am down to a 12 now, I am working on getting rid of the 14's and adding in more 12's.

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Trying buying new stuff on the snug side like sontaikle said. I'd also avoid buying things without any stretch for a while. For example if you buy some stretchy work slacks now that are a little tight, they'll probably still fit for another 20+ lbs. Whereas, if you buy a pair of non-stretch jeans today, they're going to get really baggy and ill-fitting as you lose weight. I also recommend stretchy knit sweaters. I have some sweaters that fit me at my largest and would still fit even if I lost 20 more pounds.
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i've asked for money/gift vouchers for christmas instead of presents, should lighten the bill a bit, i've already dropped 2 sizes so my old clothes aren't practical anymore!
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I buy myself 2-3 pairs of pants each size down. I refuse to wear pants that are too big. Way too easy to get comfortable and eat more.
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Well, I started a tight 18... when I was in the junior's 15, my parents came to visit and my dad gave me some money to get some clothes along with my mom who had also been working to lose weight. I can't wear ridiculously big clothing due to the corporate work I do, it is frowned upon to not look your best, but I have learned that certain things can last through a couple/few sizes. Shirts with dolman sleeves...as they get too large, I put a wide belt around the waist and wear them on the outside of clothes... can usually get 3 size differences and it doesn't look "off". Elastic waist or stretch dress pants... a good 3 sizes, only issue I have had is jeans. I LOVE jeans, but if they are 2 sizes off, they start to look frumpy and bad, I don't care how you dress them up. Also for tops, I do a lot of tight tops with vests and/or jackets over them. I buy select pieces that I can adjust for work and that's it to get me through. I have had to purchase a couple shoes too as mine have gotten too large on me, but basics... black heels, brown heels, and black boots - everything else has to wait.
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I became ADDICTED to thrift store clothing! If you hit the better areas, you will find some great bargains. The great thing is the tinier you become, the better the selection !

Yay YOU!
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My suggestion is get a sewing machine and take things in. You can add some tucks or just take things in along the seams. A simple sewing machine costs less than $100 new. Or go to the fabric store and look for ads of people who do alterations. If you can get it done inexpensivly then you can take your clothe through several size changes
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My goal size originally was a size 10P or 8P. When I got down to a 10P, I was quite satisfied with how I looked, so I bought some a few clothes to celebrate. I didn't think I would lose much more. However, I've probably lost 10 lbs. since then even though I've increased my calories to maintenance (still working on figuring out what my optimum calorie range is). So, now that I'm wearing 8P/6P, my 10P stuff is loose---although I can still wear it. I'm a natural bargain hunter, though, so even during the process of losing, I would only shop on the clearance rack at Marshall's or TJ Maxx.

The bad part is that I was a size 6 about 6 years ago, and I never thought I would get that small again---actually, I didn't even care to try. So, I gave all my nice size 6 clothes away!

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What amazing replies! Thanks for all of your ideas. I also feel validated that losing weight - even if you are not subscribed to a commercial diet program - is expensive! I hear what some of you are saying about thrift stores being great for smaller sizes, with not as big a selection for larger sizes. I went thrifting about 2 weeks ago, and didn't find anything in size 14 that I liked - there were maybe a total of 10 things (in skirts and dresses) in 14 and 16. Of course, there were tons of cute clothes in the single digit sizes. Are all people who give away clothes to thrift stores tiny?

Anyway, this helps me to keep my resolve not to spend tons of money on new sizes until I reach goal. I will check out thrift stores when I can and will splurge if there is some kind of special occasion and my clothes look, what was the word, ridunkulous? Right now my clothes just look a bit baggy/frumpy. I can live with it! Although, I do hear the point about not wearing bigger sizes because it is all too easy to gain the weight back and fit into them again!

Thanks for the feedback!
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