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I started out at 270, and it has taken me 4 months to lose 24 pounds. So I'm losing much slower than you are...but I am ecstatic at the weight I've lost. I'm thrilled. I don't care if it takes me 4 years to get to my goal of losing 90-100 pounds.

14 pounds in 6 weeks is actually AMAZING. I would be jumping for joy at that.
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If I lost 14 lb in six weeks, I'd be dance'n my banana off!!!!

I think maybe your expectations are a bit too high... ? You're doing GREAT~! just keep on doing what you're doing. And don't compare your weight loss to other people's - concentrate on yourself, what your body is doing, what you're capable of doing, how certain foods effect your specific needs, etc.

14 pounds in six weeks... YAY YOU!!!!!
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Leveling Up
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Do you watch those weight loss shows? If so, please know that they are unrealistic! Most people will not lose more than a couple of pounds a week (which is healthy)

Realistically you should be losing 1-2 pounds a week which you have done if you've lost 14 pounds in six weeks. That's a very respectable and healthy pace!

Congrats on the loss!
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Ditto to what everyone else has said. And those big losses that some people have in the first week are water losses, not fat losses so if you didn't get that, it's not a big deal. 14 pounds in 6 weeks is a good, healthy loss.

Realistic goals are important, especially for people (like me) who use failure as an excuse to give up.
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I think that is amazing! 6 weeks, I envy you!! It takes me a month to lose 3-5lbs even when I am 100% on track! That really is super!

If getting on the scale makes you upset then just don't worry about getting on it. Like suggested above take measurements to track your progress. I think you need to do some deep thinking and try understanding why this upset you so much.

Feel better!
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Don't feel bad about it! 14 pounds in six weeks is amazing! I've only lost 8 lbs. in over 12 weeks. I wish I could lose weight that fast.
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Girls, let me thank you all for your words of support and encouragement; I’ve thought about what you said and have to admit that there is a bit of truth in everything you mentioned.
I know now that I would have felt the same whatever number the scale had shown; I am never satisfied with myself, I wonder if I will ever be.
14 lbs lost? Not bad, but 16 (or 18, or 20 or whatever) would be better.
20 lbs lost? Good, but 22 would be better.
And so on.
As I stated in my original post, I can never see the glass half full; so, instead of being happy for the 14 pounds lost, I thought about how much I still had to go.
This is me, and I know I need to work on this.
I am feeling much much better today and I need to thank you all for this; I don’t think I will weigh or measure for quite a while. That stupid number on that stupid scale influences me too much. I know it's coward but it's ok for now.

p.s. – even though I was feeling blue yesterday I managed to keep away from the kitchen: I am sure half of the merit is yours!
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