Is this anyone else's first day or first day back?

  • I have been having such a hard time lately!!! I lost 40 pounds a while back. I think I hit my low of 173 in August and then hung out between 175 and 183 for a good long time. 183 was sort of my drop dead weight. I was bound and determined not to go above 183 but then I did. I think it was about a week ago, I just jumped one day to 185 and now somehow I'm at 188! Gah! This is not okay!

    But for some reason I just cannot get my diet to work for me. I was really good about it for two days in a row this week and normally I lose quickly at first, like I'd normally expect to lose 3 or 4 pounds the first two days and I only lost a pound over those two days. I also feel like I can't it to work for me in terms of being able to stick to it. Like, over those two days I thought I'd finally gotten back on, but on morning number three I took a nose dive into the frosted mini wheats.

    This morning I got up and had *more* mini wheats. But from this moment on... I swear I'm going to do it. I would love to get back down to or below that 173. I also have a doctors appointment on december 6th and I'd love to be down a few pounds before then. If my body acted like it normally does, I should be able to lose 8 o r9 pounds in the first two weeks, so I really just need to stay on track! I hope I can make it happen! I find those first few days so hard!

    How are you feeling about getting started?
  • I have no idea how this happens. I have the exact same problem. I will not let my weight get out of hand!!!!
  • Today is my first day. I am nervous and confused. I've been doing research all morning and I feel that I do not know what I am doing. I am already feeling like I am going to fail. My husband does not seem to be supporting me, though, I do not blame him. I've said I would really try to loose weight many times. I think he thinks this is another one of those times. It is so hard for us because he is very slim and really needs to gain weight. We are on a tight budget and cannot afford to buy meals for two different diets. I must also add that I have gained over 20lbs in the last few months. My only guess as to why has been depression and stress due to my previous job.
  • Yesterday was my first day back too. MissNikki, just because we have tried in the past and failed does not mean we should not try again. I lost 70 pounds and now here is 42 of it back. I got discouraged because I need surgery and the surgeon said I had to lose weight. I was so proud of myself for all I had lost and hopeful... but he basically said since I am doing okay he was not going to do the surgery yet. But it is hip replacement, which means I can't walk or work out much which makes it very hard to lose weight. Plus I was just bummed that he still would not do it and gave up. Since my doctor agreed I should wait, I let myself accept it.

    Sunday night 3 friends and I were talking.. we all struggle with weight... and they were saying I need to take things into my own hands more -- work to get the weight off and then go find another surgeon (this was the second one, though, but the first one was a jerk IMO) and get it done. They got me enthused and encouraged to get back on track.

    As life would have it today has been an absolute nightmare already. Okay, I did call and "whine" with a close friend... but I did NOT eat anything to "make it better" -- in fact I did not even eat my lunch, which I am going to go remedy. A healthful lunch!!!

    I guess I am going to have to face things and go put back that ticker LOL.
  • I've been on the journey in one sense or another since January, but today is the first day that I'm going to try jumping cold turkey into Intermittent Fasting. I'm nervous about trying a new plan but excited to see if something new and different will work for me.