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Default Vitamins

Before I started my weight loss I was taking a multi-vitamin. When I started counting calories I added in a calcium supplement since I wasn't eating as much dairy. I have just added in a vitamin B complex.

Last night I was comparing vitamin amounts between the three bottles and was surprised to see that I am getting 10%-1200% on various nutrients, not to count that I am eating more fresh fruits and vegetables.

I guess my question is, what vitamins are you taking?
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I take:
A skin, hair, and nails complex (biotin, collagen, a few other things)
Prenatal vitamins
B complex
Calcium +D
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I take a gummy multivitamin and that's pretty much it. I feel like I get enough of most other nutrients through eating, but interestingly enough I have a friend who's studying to be a nutritionist and he was saying how that 100% of most vitamins/minerals/etc is the bare minimum amount you can have and that you should aim for more than 100% on most. But you do have to be careful because some fat soluble vitamins I've read that you can have too much of and they cause adverse effects.
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Vitamin D3
Super B complex (bunch of B vitamins)
Vitamin C
Multivitamin made of whole foods
Fish Oil capsules
Cranberry pills
Chromiun polynicolinate
Glucosamin + Chrondrotin

I look like a freak with all my vitamins, but I feel great when I take them.

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I am a vitamin pig lol I take
Omega 3
Vitamin D
One a day women multivitamin
Acidophiles supplement (prone to yeast infections )
Jamieson Vita-Slim (Just started)

My boyfriend thinks I'm ridiculous but I swear that when I don't take my vitamins I feel sluggish and tired all day.
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I'm taking a prenatal multivitamin+DHA. I've heard that DHA can help with maintenance and leptin levels, I have no clue if that's true or not, though. However, we want to TTC soon so it's an obvious choice because of that.
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I've also noticed since I started taking vitamins my mood is better, I have a little more pep in my step, and I don't have acne break-outs like I use to!
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I'm glad I'm not the only supplement junkie! I take: fish oil, evening primrose oil, vitamin d, vitamin e, prenatal multi-vitamin, kelp, red raspberry leaf extract, magnesium, calcium, alpha lipoic acid and MSM. Truth be told, I don't notice a difference if I skip a day or two, but I used to feel much worse before I started.
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I used to take a bunch of supplements. Now I don't.

I don't feel any different without them. YMMV.

Now I only take fish oil pills.
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I take Alive! ultra potency multi vitamins, calcium/magnesium/potassium, glucosamine/chondroitin (that one makes a huge difference for me for joint pain), fish oil, and iron supplements (under a doctor's supervision, that is not something you should really take on your own without blood work confirming you need it).

How much any of it really does, who knows, but I feel better when I take them. And even if it's just a placebo effect, I'm willing to pay for that! lol!
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Now, I take a multi vitamin, calcium supplements, 2 fish oils, a garlic supplement, and magnesium. The Fish Oil probably helps the most, really.
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I have a question for all you supplement junkies :P

How do you swallow all those vitamins??? I'm not taking any at the moment (though i have jar of multis and another if fish oil silently judging me from the kitchen), but the thought of swallowing one of them, let alone the 4+ that people recommend, makes me want to gag.

Anyone got any tips?
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I take WellWoman 1-a-day multivitamins, cod liver oil and a garlic pill every single day. Sometimes, I also take L-Carnitine but since it's not mine/I'm not the one that buys it, I tend not to take it everyday.

I can't say I notice that much of a difference between when I take my vitamins and when I don't, but I don't think I always get all my nutrients with food and I HAVE seen other people (my parents for instance) reap benefits so I'll continue to take them.
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I take a 1 day multi vitamin for woman for metabolism and bone/breast health.

I've been wanting to take more. There is already a lot of Vitamin D in it but I want to take more for hair/nails. Is there such a thing as too much Vitamin D if I get a Vitamin D Supplement?

I also want to take a Fish Oil supplement - is it true that it can make your breath smell/taste fishy??
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Right now I'm only taking a multi, vit D, and a vit C.... I have a big shopping list of supplements I wanna pick up though!
Including.... :
B Vitamin Supplement
Omega 3-6-9
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