your first month hows it going/gone?

  • I think with any diet the hardest part is starting. For me once I get through the first couple weeks its easier for me to say no to the bad choices. So how is your first month going or did go? ANd what have your learned?

    My first month went ok... some health concerns have come up (I am sure caused by my past choices). I have stuck to my plan great, I did have a few food choices that were "treats" but I did not over to it. I have learned how to not over eat, I eat what I feel is a normal meal and then I wait and usually within 20 minutes I feel full. This is something I never did before, the old me would eat until I felt fill and then 20 minutes later I would be stuffed!!! I have also learned that it helps me stay on plan when I check in here everyday, make a few posts, read a few... it really is a great way to stay focused! I still need to improve on daily exercise and I hope over the next few weeks I can build more of it into my life!
  • I learned that the longer I stayed completely away from grains, starches and sugars, the easier it got! I'm coming up on 4 months now and have stayed on plan every day, It's not that I don't think in my head that those things don't taste good any more, it's that I know that they aren't on my current eating plan and I don't have cravings for them at this point.

    I never, ever would have called myself a sugar or carb addict but maybe I am/was? I just know that eliminating this stuff has made sticking to my food plan (the Dukan Diet) so easy, unlike any other time I've tried to lose weight before.
  • The first month where I completely stuck to a plan, I lost 13 pounds!

    That was a great month, unfortunately I've never had a month that successful again!
  • I always have a hard time eating healthy and staying on track. I didn't really have to think about what I ate for a long time mostly because I used to exercise so much. But as you age and as you have less activity something must change.

    That's what I'm trying to figure out now.

    Anyway, a couple of years ago I was going through a terrible divorce. One of the things that helped me move on and feel better was the support of lovely people like you in one of these online forums. A find that coming to places like this and checking out what other people are going through helps a lot. It certainly helps me stay away from the fridge!
  • First month is going good so far... counting calories was difficult in the beginning, and trying to find time to exercise was hard. But now I feel weird if I don't get my daily exercises in! I can also tell the difference between being hungry and just eating because I'm bored. Haven't seen a difference on the scale but I can definitely feel a difference in how I feel. It's awesome!