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Default The next time you want to eat your face off....

Go have a little fashion show! Seriously, I did this tonight when I was *thisclose* to a binge and it totally worked. I went upstairs and tried on three bathing suits I recently got for an upcoming vacation, and I tried on a few shirts and shorts I hadn't worn in a while too. It was a mixture of, "Hey, I don't look too bad in this!" and, "Man, if I lost just a few more pounds this would look sooo much better..." It really gave me motivation AND reminded me how far I've come. When I came back downstairs I had NO MORE desire to binge. YAY

Just thought I'd share, feel free to add anything that stops YOU from eating too much!

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Overweight again...dang
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Oh that's so cool! I'm going to do that next time I have the need to feed!

I also kept my single pair of size 16 shorts that I bought, anticipating that if I ever let myself go like I have before, I can look at them to remind myself of how far I have come, and where I don't want to go. Maybe it will help.
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Pain Is Fuel
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That's such a great idea! If I ever get the need to eat myself out of house and home I think I will put on my bikini! Thanks for the idea.
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This time, it's forever..
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Wow, that actually is a very good idea. Will try it, thanks
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I'm on a Low Crap Diet
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Good Lord, if I put on a bikini I'd want to shoot myself. :P

I actually like going closet shopping and this is a great thing to do instead of eating your face off!

I love your title!
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I LOVE this idea!! I will def try it in the future.

I am currently living at home and at times trigger foods are difficult to avoid. Next time the family orders Chinese food I'll run upstairs and try on skinny jeans.

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Leveling Up
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Great idea!!

When I have to urge to eat without a care, I usually remember how I felt after I did (lethargic and stuffed). I also look at some pictures from a few months ago and from now and remind myself how far I've come.
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100 lbs wifey
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What really helped me was sticking a picture of myself when I was 95lbs in 2004 on the fridge door. I am now back at 95lbs, but during the weight loss process, everytime I felt like I want to binge or eat, the first thing I saw on the fridge was a picture of me grinning like its saying "Go ahead, eat, and you'll never get this back..." LOL
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I do that ALL THE TIME. Before I was a mom (and shopping is an ordeal) I would even go to the stores and try on clothes just to see how they looked and to stave off that binge even more.
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I do the same thing! I try on all my dresses and skirts and twirl around in front of the mirror. I keep nothing in my closet that doesn't fit perfectly anymore. Its easy to forget that craving for a banana split when I feel good with how I look.
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I think I can...
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This is really a very good idea!
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I just did this after I read your post
I'm happy all my dresses and shirts fit great now, but I'm kinda sad my pants are still tight around my thighs. They are loose on my hips but tight on my thighs like they were 15lbs ago..
Go away already you stupid fat on thighs!
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Good idea!!! I also have pictures up in my kitchen of vegetables and fruits, and also one of the Biggest Loser (4-3-2-1) Food Guide Pyramid. It helps me stay focused sometimes. I also have a picture of a girl running with healthy food behind her right next to the handle of my fridge. It reminds me all the time that eating healthy makes for great workouts at the gym. I also have my elliptical machine propped right in front of the television so I can watch my shows and workout too when I'm too lazy to go to the gym.
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I did this two days ago, when I was discouraged over not having lost any weight for the past 2 weeks. I had no idea the 20 pound loss I had already achieved was enough to let me fit comfortably into clothes I hadn't been able to wear for a couple year. Very motivating!
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I do this too! very effective! I put together the cutest outfit ever the other day - now I just need somewhere to wear it!
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