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Default How do you beat the "I don't wanna"s?

I think I'm a little too self-indulgent, because when I "just don't wanna" do something, and I don't have to, oftentimes I just won't do it. This is a problem for me with working out, with work in general, and well...just about anything, and leads to procrastination and beating myself up. Most of the time, I just blame fatigue for it.

So I wanted to hear from you- how do you deal with that inner child telling you that "I just don't wanna!"?

Started July 1, 2012 @ 290lbs

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I deal with this EVERY day. I NEVER want to work out, and can always come up with a reason not to if I let myself even think about it. I actually have to tell myself, sometimes out loud, that NOT working out is NOT an option. Get your tush on the elliptical!!

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I tell myself that I must do it for "x" minutes (usually something like 10-15), but then I can quit after that if I still don't want to be doing it. Often, I'm procrastinating on something that I really need to get done, and the sense of relief from anxiety when I actually start doing it is enough to keep me doing it after those 10-15 minutes. And in the case of exercise, after 10 or 15 minutes I'm usually having a good time and want to keep going.
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I'm another "Just 15 minutes". Once you're dressed, going, and 15 minutes in, you usually keep going. If I don't wanna AFTER those 15 minutes, I assume my body is telling me not to do it.

It works for cleaning, work projects I'm dreading, and assorted other things I don't want to do.
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Like Sumire, I generally tell myself that I absolutely 100% MUST do the minimum. If I feel like ending it after 10 minutes that's okay, but I have to get at least that amount in, no excuses.

Usually that's enough to get me up there for more than 10 minutes, if not always the full of it. Once or twice I have stopped after 10 minutes, but I'm still usually happy that I got up there at all.

The other thing that happens often is I imagine how disappointed in myself I'll be if I don't exercise. I know that the next day I'll be kicking myself, especially since I'm so close to 99 days on plan, I don't want to miss any of those days.
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I also do the "just X minutes" thing. And hey, even if I stop after 10 minutes or whatever it is, that's still 10 minutes more activity that day than I would have gotten. But like most people, I find that I will usually keep going once I get started.
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I was suffering from the don't wanna's a bit ago.

Sometimes the only thing you can do is "just do it".

For me, I'm on a new thing, so the motivation is there. I have a mini goal too, so maybe that's helping.

Some other things I do: get in to my work out outfit before I need to work out so when I have time, I'm ready. Or have my work out clothes set out and ready for me, to eliminate the procrastination step of finding everything.

Sometimes I tell myself, just 10 minutes, too. It's better than nothing. Then I might go longer. I don't beat myself up if I only go 10 minutes.

I can't think of any more little tricks. If i do, I'll post again.
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Ha! Isn't it funny how, even as adults, we're still childlike in many ways? I am such a procrastinator. Work, school, house work, you name it, if I can put it off, I often will. What helps me is focusing on how I'll feel AFTER it's done. (And where exercise is concerned, DURING the activity I feel great too.) No, I don't want to work on this project, but I'll be so relieved when it's finished. Okay, Katie, just get it done. No, I don't want to do this paper now. I have two weeks! But if I do it now, I can revise it as needed in those two weeks and not stress about how I have this giant paper to write every day until I get it done.

Too, so many of the things we put off take up a small part of our day. For instance, where housework is concerned, most chores don't take longer than 30 minutes max. And when it comes to tidying up, it's much less time than that. (For us anyway but we're childless.) I tell myself if something takes less than 5 minutes, I need to just do it. Because if I put it off and put it off, it's only going to pile up into a chore that will take 30 minutes instead of 5. Get it done now, avoid the hassle later.

With exercise, I think it's all about creating a routine. Once you have the routine down and keep at it for a couple weeks, it becomes easier to make yourself go. For me, this meant going to the gym every day after work. I made it a habit, and now it's easy to do. If I don't feel like going (need a nap, need to eat, etc.), I'll go home to take care of the things that need to be done, but then I go by 7 p.m. All I have to do is look in the mirror, see the improvements that have come about so quickly through exercise and dietary changes, and you don't have to tell me twice to get moving. I want these changes to stick around, so I'm going to do my part to make sure they do. Now that it's a habit, it's not something I have to make myself do. It's just something I know I'll be doing every day, same as going to work or eating. It's gotta happen.
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That just the minimum/just ten minutes thing is brilliant! Thanks everyone!

Started July 1, 2012 @ 290lbs
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I tell myself to shut up and get to work!

The other day I walked down to the mailbox and I didn't want to, but I found msyelf walking out the door none the less. Half way down the driveway I got another 'I dun wanna" and I kept walking. 20 minutes later I was home again and flopped down in front of the AC. It takes me longer to debate with myself then to jsut get up and do it.
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I read a comment from someone else on here a few weeks ago about this, and it really helped me.

They sugested just telling yourself that you will go to the gym and do a tiny workout. No biggie. Just walk a bit. Then you realize that once you're there, you feel motivted to keep going and get a good workout in.

Totally works for me. I just convince myself I should walk for 20 minutes or so, and I end up runnin farther and farther each time.

It's the initial GOING that is hard!

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For working out and do other things I might not want to do in the momemnt, I set a monthly goal. So this month I want to work out 21 times. Yes, there are days that I don't have to force myself if I'm not in the mood, but then I just compare to how I'm doing overall on my goal. I tell myself, if I don't work out today that means I have to do X out of Y days in the rest of the month, or Z days in a row, and isn't it just better to knock one out today?

I lost 40 lbs between Nov 2010 and Nov 2011 doing low-sugar for my "50 Pounds in 50 Weeks" project. I bounced halfway back up so I'm back for more!

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When I don't want to go to the gym, I think of how smug my evil obese coworker would be because I didn't go that day, and how much she would want me to fail.
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Originally Posted by KatieC87 View Post

With exercise, I think it's all about creating a routine. Once you have the routine down and keep at it for a couple weeks, it becomes easier to make yourself go.
I agree wholeheartedly. Sometimes I find myself on the car on the way to them gym telling myself, "Wait, I'm going? I didn't want to go!"

That routine is set, and I don't have much of a choice in the matter.
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This sounds ridiculous but I actually make an appointment with myself to exercise. Now I would never not show up to an appointment with someone without a good enough reason i.e. someone died but other than that I would show up on time and ready to work. Also, if I'm really not feeling it, I tell myself - 'it's just 30 minutes out of your day, no big deal'.

And other life situations, I guess for me it's different because I have children so I can't afford to be too self-indulgent due to the fact that their needs obviously trump mine. There are times I don't want to make them breakfast but I drag myself out of bed and do it. Luckily, they are way past the infant stage (thank goodness!) so I have them help me now: setting the table, pouring the cereal, etc. After all, many hands make light work.
40-ish and feeling fine.

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