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Default $50 Budget: What weight loss tool will motivate me?

I have a $50 budget. I need something... ANYTHING... to help motivate me to get on plan, stay on track and hit the treadmill!!

I don't really need any fitness equipment: I have a treadmill, elliptical, plenty of dumbbells/barbells/weights, etc. Although if there's a new gadget, I am always looking to buy one.

How would you spend $50 to motivate yourself to lose weight? Would you buy a bunch of healthy food? Some new workout clothes? An outfit in a smaller size? I'd love to hear your ideas!
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I would put that money aside for a reward, for something you really want, non food/weightloss related. A new outfit in a smaller size or something, A couple new books.
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Oh, please, do not go the smaller size outfit route. I did that last year and didn't lose a pound until I decided I needed to do so for my peace of mind.

If I had $50 to spend right now, I would definitely use it for new workout clothes. I've been wearing old t-shirts (that were my husband's, so they're much too big) and PANTS - ack, it's so hot! I'd find a nice sports bra and some shorts!

Those things wouldn't motivate me, however. They'd make me feel good about how I looked at the gym. I really think you have to find the drive and motivation within yourself. New clothes might initially get you in work out mode, but they won't be new forever. Focus on the *reasons* you want to lose weight. That should be motivation enough!
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If I had an extra $50 to blow right now, I'd buy a heart rate monitor I think it could be a great motivator in that I could be constantly reminded that I need to get up off my butt and keep that number up to keep my metabolism burning.

something like this http://www.drugstore.com/sportline-w...t+rate+monitor

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Hmmmm, I bought a headband last week for working out/running. I had been eyeing them awhile, but at 10 to 17 dollars plus 2 bucks shipping for a headband, I had been holding off. The first time I wore it, I decided it was definitely worth the $. They are designed to be non-slip. Headbands usually just pop off the back of my head. Plus they are super cute and come in lots of colors. I bought one from Deshler Designs on Etsy ($10), and am waiting from one from Another Mother Runner (made by Sweaty Bands) that says [email protected]*** Mother Runner on it ($17). If my own mother sees me in it, I will get a lecture! LOL Anyway, something cute, frivolous but functional, and for me motivating to get out there and run.
Now, if I had $50 to spend, this is what I have been ogling. It is $30, but $7 or 8 shipping. It is a performance T, you can pick out a mantra from tons listed, and they print it up in small writing. I was all set to buy it, but thought the shipping made it too expensive.....but I really want it Wahhhhhh! LOL
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I would buy a chart and stickers (I know, I'm like a 4 year old) and set aside ten bucks for each week that I spent on plan to buy something as a little treat like a nice bottle of nail polish, or something like that.
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I would put the $50 aside to go towards a new pair of New Balance shoes.
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I, too, had a limited budget so I bought some cute new workout clothes. I'm a clothes horse to begin with but my previous workout outfits were a serious train wreck, lol. I went to Kohl's and bought a new sport bra, tank top, running shorts, yoga pants and a long-sleeve t-shirt. Did I happen to mention that I shopped the clearance rank too? I am the bargain queen, lol. It made me feel good and now I look forward to working out because of the nice new clothes I have. Sounds silly but it worked for me.
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These are things I would buy if I had the money:

New workout clothes
Sports bra
Those socks that wick away sweat
Ipod to listen to while working out
New running shoes
weight lifting gloves (I used to have a pair but I think I've lost them, they were amazing!)
Swiss ball
New yoga matt
New swimming suit
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I think I would also buy a really nice towel to use at the swimming pool.
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I would either buy some great workout dvd's but more likely than that, I'd hire a personal trainer to come to my home and kicky my butt (I'd let them know it's a one time session so that they give me some great ideas on what to do in the future).

If not then I'd buy a blender....magic bullet maybe (not sure about the price for that) to make smoothies or protein shakes.

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I would (and just did!) spend money on some new food storage containers, like Tupperware soup bowls so I can make homemade soup, portion it out and have it ready to grab and go to take to lunch each day.
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My vote is for the food storage containers or the sneakers.

However, a new "toy" that has motivated me & that was free was the Calorie Counter app on my smartphone. Just the convenience of inputting my food and having it available to view at any time is SO much easier than when I used to write down my food (for many reasons). Also, just having the ability to input my activities into that app makes me motivated to move more.
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If you don't already have one, a food scale. I'd buy a sportsbra, and I'd stock up on some expensive healthy foods. I LOVE beef jerky, it's a great low cal source of protein, and sooo yummy- but it's expensive. So I'd buy that and maybe some gourmet coffee as a treat and for some energy!!

I also like the idea of putting it towards new nice sneakers.
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My next irregular (so, not shoes or bras) workout money will go to a new watch (it's amazing how many plastic pieces can fall off a watch that still works, but my great old Timex is probably dying) or a few pairs of replacement Thorlos. FWIW.
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