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isn't the Ornish Diet at about 10% fat? And it's considered super duper low fat, so I'm not sure where your doc was coming from. If 10 % fit into your life, that would be one thing, but I think it would be a ton of work to get there.
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Esofia - I eat about 15-20% fat but it varies. Some days may be slightly lower, other days higher. I actually started going vegan using ETL as a guideline but I am pretty flexible in my diet. I include nuts, olives, avocados, etc.
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Very, very few people can achieve 10% fat. Personally I do not find it a goal worth striving for or really anything lowfat at all.

I did have my gall bladder out a couple of years ago. I was probably eating about 35% fat when I had the attack. I had gallstones so elected to have it removed. It was a very easy procedure, and only took a couple of hours. Afterwards I was told that some people are sensitive to fatty foods, but I'm not at all. I really experienced no different reactions to food since then.

Right now I'm eating low carb and eating about 60% fat although as I go on that will probably drop to about 50%.
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It's probably too early to be getting a reaction of this sort to being on a lower-fat diet, but I'm noticing that my skin is drier today. I agree that 10% is extreme, and that any GP who says "we advise all our patients to go on a 10% fat diet" doesn't actually know what they have just said. I can't quite remember Ornish, but it's similar to McDougall, right? I looked up the latter, and while vegan diet plans are good to see and some of what he said was sense, his ranting about how all fats in any form are evil was quite bonkers.

18% fat is the level of "interesting challenge" rather than "making life unlivable", so I'm going to try to stick at around that until I have a diagnosis. It'll be a learning experience, if nothing else, and it basically just means skipping nuts and chocolate and not going too heavy on the soya milk or tofu. Oddly, the scales have been having another one of their little pauses over the last week, but I'm continuing to feel slimmer so I doubt there's any reason to worry. I'm just curious as to why I seem to get mini-plateaus after the episodes of this stomach pain.

Am I right in thinking that this is probably a good time to make extra effort with my nutrition? More protein powder than usual in my breakfast, for instance? And there's the question of multivitamins. I'm currently on the Seven Seas vegan multi, which is vaguely adequate but just about meets RDAs (bear in mind that with ME/CFIDS there could be malabsorption problems, though in my case this is theoretical and certainly not at major levels), and when the bottle ran out I planned to buy the Deva One-a-Day, which has a nice hefty dose of vitamins without going overboard, and more trace minerals too. Should I perhaps get the Deva now?

I'm also being really careful about pacing myself. The annoying thing about having CFIDS/ME is that a single trip out for something like an ultrasound can knock me out for weeks, and a hospital visit can knock me back for months. So for the time being, I am resisting any urges to nip to the shops or what have you on a better day. My priorities are the ultrasound in ten days, meeting my partner's dad and his family (first time in five years, and they don't even live that far away) when they come to visit in a month (thankfully it'll just be a nearby pub, I'll get a cab there), and possibly gall bladder surgery. Which means that I really need to get back to the hospital about the results of my complaint about the time I was there in December and they completely messed up getting me the vegan food they'd promised me, amongst other things. That's bad enough for the sort of thing where you're only in for a few hours, which with my state of health can mean keeling over from low blood sugar, but with an overnight stay it could be downright dangerous.
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