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Default When do you weigh


I'm curious as to how often everyone weighs themselves? and also what time of the day do you weigh in? Does it really matter? etc etc.

Thanks all.
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Hi there!! I weigh myself every monday first thing in the morning before I have eaten or drunk anything
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I weigh fortnightly on a Sunday morning. Cause I'm onto the end of my weightloss it's a bit slower, so I try not to discourage myself by weighing weekly.
I do this before I eat or drink, and after I go to the loo... (hehe)
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yes it does matter when you weigh as food and water consumption can be variable and greatly effects the number on the scale. At the end of the day I can be "up" anywhere from 2-6 lbs. for example today I weighed myself, had a big glass of water and weighed myself again and the difference was .8 lbs.

I like to weigh myself Sunday morning first thing after going to the bathroom before I eat or drink anything and wearing only my underwear.
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Every morning and every evening (I like to know what the scale will say the next morning.....I usually drop 2.2-2.4 lbs overnight).

I keep track of my weight overtime based on what I weigh in on a Saturday morning. If I forget, then I'll count Sunday.

Is there a better day? No, not really. A better time? I think mornings are the best, because it's before you've put food or water in your stomach, so to me it seems like a more REAL weight than if I weigh myself after a big dinner.

I like having a Saturday weigh in because it keeps me honest on the weekends.
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My official weigh-in day is first thing Monday morning after bathroom time before anything else.

Mondays are good for me. It's after a weekend, so I keep mindful and don't go "weekend crazy!" It keeps me thoughtful about the rest of the week, too.

Sometimes I get curious and weigh in other mornings or evenings, just to see. But, I never "count" those times. They're just for fun!
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I do Wednesday Weigh Ins. Morning, like everyone says, is the best time.
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I weigh every morning and record the weight. I watch the weekly average more than I watch the daily weight. The weight I care about is that at monthend, I have a loss compare to the previous month. If not, I look to see what changes I may need to make.
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I weigh when I get up and when I go to bed.
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I obsessively weigh myself every day after I wake up and have my first BM (ewww gross lol).

I keep a record of it on a "sticky note" on my computer.
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