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Question Curious: Foods you'll budget for...

Just curious: Is there one food (or several or many or all) that you won't substitute?

I know that a lot of people (though certainly not everyone) change the types of foods they eat in order to help lose weight. Be it a "light" version of a snack, or fat free dairy or lower carb bread, you get the idea.

Is there a food that you'll budget for that you can -never- do "light" of?

Mine is maple syrup. 100% pure New England maple syrup.

IMHO a small serving of real maple syrup is worth more than a gallon of that fake light "maple syrup stuff" in the stores.

So what about you guys?
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Hm. Probably bread(the good thing being that I prefer the whole grain sort to the processed, white one, so as long as I eat in moderation, I should be alright).
And anyway, you don't take away bread from a Frenchie if you want to live.
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Peanut Butter.
Love it. Wont change it.
Granted the one I love is the Light Smooth by Kraft . . . . so I don't know if that counts or not ha ha
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The only one would be ground beef... I have never been on a plan that didn't include ground beef.
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I budget for organic veggies/fruits and cage free/wild meat poultry although the quantities are a lot smaller than those that are not. It's tough, but I try to make it happen at least 85% of the time.
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chocolate! If I eat it, it's got to be a high quality one. I rarely indulge in it, but it's always on my mind!
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I don't believe in 'light' foods for the most part. The just fill it with other things not good for you. The exception is light caesar dressing on salad.

But one thing I will not cut out of the diet, even though natural is way better for me is Jif Creamy peanut butter. I've tried the naturals and I HATE THEM. The natural with honey is OK, but my peanut butter needs a bit of sweetness to it.
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Dark chocolate will always need to fit into my plan.
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Creamer for coffee. I cut back to one cup a day for most days, but I just can't drink black coffee or coffee with milk.
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Dark chocolate, the darker the better. Also, Avocados. I am never giving them up. They're high cal, but also something I'll accomodate for.
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Gosh, I have so many... real sour cream, real cheese (I do low fat occasionally, but never fat free), real butter, real eggs, real peanut butter, real chocolate... I have these things sparingly, but I won't compromise on them. One percent milk is as low as I can go. I wouldn't compromise on maple syrup, either.
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I don't like to eat light , fat free or reduced anything! So I just eat less of what I do like or have it less often. Avacados, whole milk, real eggs, jif creamy peanut butter, dark chocolate, cheese and real sour cream please! oh and of course half and half in my coffee!
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ND girl
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Steak and garlic toast! Have to give up the garlic toast for now but can still enjoy a nice grilled medium steak...yummy.
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Well marbled beef, fatty lamb or duck
Sweet potato fries
Peanut butter

If I am actually going to eat these foods, it is worth the extra calories to eat normal versions. I prefer whole foods and full fat anyway, for health AND taste, and these are all worth it
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