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Default You know what they say????


You know they say that when you see something that you don't like in someone else, it's because you don't like it in yourself?? That is so true for me right now. I have struggled with emotional and compulsive eating most of my life. I can't remember a time when I was NORMAL with food. A lady that sits across from me at work is constantly eating. I see her chewing, chomping, grazing all of the time. Sometimes it literally makes me sick to watch her. Well, I figured out why. It is because I want to do the same thing and won't. It's terrible to have these feelings, but I do.
I'm really trying to get a grip on this and to remember that she is in the same boat as I am. From her actions, she is not trying to control her compulsive eating and I need to show more sympathy towards her. I have not and would never say anything to her, but that is how I'm feeling. I would never hurt her feelings. I guess I just needed to talk about it.

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i know exactly what you mean. i have a co-worker who is the same way. she literally has two lunches! aswell as breakfast and a zillion snacks! i didnt ever notice it until a couple months ago when i was really beginning to look at how much of a problem i had with food. (a problem i have seen many times before but ignored) it makes me go crazy sometimes. but at the same time that was me at one point to and i just am glad im not at the point she is. and that i have seen it and am now facing it head on. im thankful that i am making a change for the last time and for the rest of my life. we can definetly sympathise with eachother he sweets look more and more gross everyday.

the way i look at junk now- is this candy bar worth an extra hour in the gym? i think not. haha.

hang in there
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I totally agree with you. One of my biggest problems was all of the fast food at lunch in my office. It was always "what are you having for lunch? we're going to Bojangles-do you want something". And then if you say no, it's like you hit them in the head or something. People in my office eat fast food probably 3-4 times a week. I just go home for lunch now-and I feel much better about myself!
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Can I be honest with you all? As terrible as this may sound, I would LOVE to work with someone who is like that because she would be a constant reminder of all the things I don’t want to be or do anymore. Don’t get me wrong, I’d prefer for this person to stop the madness and get healthy but I think they would serve as an aversion. Does that make sense?

And I would never be one to say anything either. The last thing I would have wanted a few months back as I’m sitting at my desk eating handfuls of chips is someone giving me unsolicited advice. Even now when I am eating healthier I want people to keep their trap shut about what I’m eating! LOL
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Ugh, I get what you're saying... and can I just add something? For me work is the hardest because it's soooo nice to mindlessly eat through a boring task. One thing that's worked well for me is acknowledging I have something boring to get through and just doing it and promising myself a break afterwards (maybe a short walk, whatever). In the past I'd "reward" myself by eating some chocolate but now if I get something done that's horrid I'll leave work earlier and go to the gym (ok, I know I'm lucky for having really flexible work hours ).

Oh, and drinking coffee/water helps me too.
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I totally know what you mean. EVERY NIGHT at 10PM my husband has a BIG BOWL of cereal and I get so IRRITATED... because we used to do that TOGETHER.
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You know how you'll sometimes meet a person who wasn't religious until later in their life and they love to talk about it? Or someone who quit smoking and they're always giving the stink-eye to people who still smoke?

I think I'm the same with food. From the moment I started making healthier habits a priority, seeing people do what I used to do just stuck out like sore thumb.

I wish to stress that I'd never, NEVER, NEVER say the things aloud that I think, but I'll see a grocery cart full of crap and be running through healthier substitutions in my mind. Or I'll see someone offer something smothered in butter, and be imagining how I'd cook it to taste better without the extra crap in it.

My brain is now wired to "seek out and destroy" the old bad habits and replace them with better. No matter where I see them. Or whom I see doing them.


Afterthought: There was this study done (and I wish I could find a link) of young children who were taught how to play a game. A separate adult came in and starts playing the game incorrectly. The children immediately jump at the chance to tell the new adult how they're doing it wrong and show them how to do it right.

Just came to mind

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