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  • hi everyone,

    thought id introduce myself before posting all over the place! i was on 3fc in 2006, on the LAWL program. but meeting my husband, having a baby kind of pushed my progress back. my avatar is of me in 2007 when i had lost most of the weight i had planned. about 40 pounds. basically looking back on my weight issues, starting somewhere in high school, my weight fluctuated btwn 165 to 200 for as long as i can remember. i was always crash dieting, working out like a maniac, then binging.

    when i met my husband i was 190 lbs. in the course of our relationship i put on 50 pounds. no idea how/when, i was too happy to care! then i got pregnant, and gave my body to my daughter for 2 years. pregnancy + breastfeeding her for a year. i just quit breastfeeding. my little girl is 13months old. during my pregnancy i made an effort to eat healthy for her well being, i gave up all the junk and luckily i was the same weight after i gave birth to her as i was before i got pregnant. breastfeeding was hard though, i was always hungry, and depriving myself/dieting just didnt seem right. But somehow, during this past year, i maintained my weight as well.

    i hope to lose 50 pounds by new year 2012. thats a 1.5 pound weight loss per week. im not messing around this time! in my whole life i have never felt this strongly about losing weight, and doing it the right way. im tired of the plans/programs/crash diets/clenses etc. i dont want to feel like im starving. i just want to eat good, healthy, real food! my plan is to stick btwn 1500-2000 cal per day, and moderate exercise. this range is not set for me, i want to listen to my body, something i never did before. i never ate when i was hungry, and stopped when i was full. on previous diets, i usually had a set amount of allowed calories and would eat all of it always, and still want more. i find now that around 1700-1800 sometimes 1500 is enough for me, i am satisfied. and its quite a bit of food, if youre making the right choices. i havent been over 1800 since i started this ''life change'' (vs. diet), because i didnt feel like i needed to. and for the first time, in a long time, i feel hunger. i told my hubby this morning, babe, i feel hungry, and not in a bad way, lol...

    my sister who struggles with her weight since childhood, had lost quite a bit of weight last summer. she said something to me that makes sense now when i asked her how she did it. she said, i wasnt trying, i was just ready. when you are ready you will know, you will feel it. she was totally right. i had been feeling sad about my weight and body, but not doing anything about it. suddenly something clicked. i woke up one morning very clear minded and realized i need to be here, healthy, energetic for my family. my mini goal is for my wedding ring and band to fit without force and without leaving a ring around my finger when i take them off in the evening.

    for the past few weeks we as a family have been going on long walks around the lake (pushing my daughter in her stroller) every day. thats a start! i also got the zumba collection on dvd. i hate traditional exercise (treadmill etc) makes me cringe! but i love to dance, so i figured zumba might be fun. i think when im a little more comfortable with my weight/body, i will join the curves near me. i like the idea of a few minutes on each machine, i think i can handle that, and the comradery is nice as well.

    sorry for the babble, but since i know im here to stay for a while, i figured a proper introduction was due. ive read some of your success stories, and blogs, seen some photos. im very inspired. and really time flies so quickly, and it will be new years in a flash. the 6 months of my life will fly by anyway, why not change my life while im at it...
  • Welcome back ^^
  • ty! i like your quote ''no excuses allowed'' i feel like many people, including myself in the past make a lot of excuses for every wrong move they make. no more!
  • Angie. I wish you much success.
  • ty gettingfit!