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Default Quit drinking Coke

I get frustrated when I hear that people lose weight from stopping coke. I go on and go off of it when I am trying to lose weight. So my question is when people say that they stoppped drinking coke and drink water instead do they mean that before they had been drinking coke with every meal? When I am on coke I only drink one a day. When I am off it I drink one a week and I dont see a difference from the coke alone. So maybe that is why. Its just something I have been curious about for a while
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Some people drink a 2L a day, or they only have a cup of coke but the sugar makes them crave even more sugar.

1 can of coke is about 155 calories so that's what someone would probably burn in a workout, and enough sugar equivalent of 2 chocolate bars. Hardly worth it IMO!

Imagine those who drink a 2L a day, dropping those 800 calories and 216 grams of sugar. Ick! That's enough to cause a high shift of weight.

Also, one week is not nearly long enough to see long term consequences.
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I was a huge coke drinker a few years ago and when i was pregnant with my 2 yr old daughter i had gestational diabetes so my coke was the 1st thing to go and even while being pregnant i started losing weight. But I have to say i was drinking at least 4 or 5 cans a day. I'm glad i never went back to drinking it.
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I was a Mountain Dew aholic. Seriously. It was practically all I ever drank. I was always ashamed to admit that before. I probably drank 5-6 cans a day. Honestly, I can't believe that my health wasn't worse. It definitely had some combination of sugar/caffeine or something that was addictive for me. It also made me crave pasta, cakes, cookies, all the high sugar stuff. I cut it cold turkey, lived through the migraines and bad moods for a week or so, and have never looked back.

I truly feel it was killing me. Now I don't drink any calories, except for the few in my creamer with my morning coffee. Everything else is no sugar Tea or water. Quitting MD was definitely a big contributor to my weight loss. I'm thinking with you drinking so little of it to begin with, it probably isn't making that a big a difference. Hope that helps.
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I've had little to no soda for the past two years, but before that I never drank water. Soda was my addiction, to be honest. I had it all of the time, even when I wasn't thirsty. It was just something I drank because it was sugary and sweet. Dropping the pop helped me take control of my weight problem and I never have it now.
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I think most people that have issues with soda feel the need to drop it altogether because they can't stop at just one or that it triggers cravings for other sweets. I easily used to go through 6+ cans a day so it made a big difference when I stopped drinking it; just having one every day probably isn't that much of an issue.
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OK I understand better now! Thanks guys!
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It is simple for me. I used to drink about 500ml a day that is about 250-300 calories. Since I eat only 1700 calories in my diet this means a large percentage of my diet would be useless, sugary drinks that neither make me feel full nor help my nutrition with anything but carbs which I'd rather get from something solid that has vitamins and minerals too.
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My husband drinks A LOT of coke, i try to get him to stop but lately he says he feels he needs to drink it at least once a day... i need to change that, at least get him on diet.
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It's a numbers game. If you stop drinking coke and don't change anything else, you will lose weight. Very, very slowly. 6 cans less a week adds up to 900 calories less than normal. At that rate, you could expect to use about a lb a month. So it DOES make a difference, just not a very big one.
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You aren't going to see the effect some of us have because you weren't drinking much to begin with. That doesn't mean that one/week is not better for your health than one/day. It's still good to cut back even if you won't see the loss of weight that more hardcore soda drinkers do when we stop.

Milmin - MD is definitely addictive stuff. You have nothing to be embarrassed about. I used to go through almost a 12 pack every day. It was the only thing I drank except for the occasional Java Monster (oh yeah, much better choice, lol). Now I have maybe 2-3 cans of diet MD per month.

Astrida - I wish I could get my hubby to drink less soda too. I have gotten him to switch to diet MD rather than regular, but he still drinks 2-3 cans/day. It's better than it used to be, but still. Make sure there are other yummy beverage choices available (crystal light, sweet tea made with splenda, flavored water). Ultimately though, what he puts in his body is his choice and you can't force it.
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