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  • Quote: A lot of other posters already addressed it. It's the out of control feeling - of "I must eat" that scares the bejeezus out of me......It is super, duper scary to not want to eat and then finding yourself unable to resist eating and eating and eating. You feel a bit mad as in like insane!
    This is exactly what quantifies an overeating episode as a "binge" instead of plain overeating. It is terrifying, and for me the inability to understand why it happens is much worse than the guilt.
  • Quote: Good for you on the trail mix!

    I hate that divide too. How do you balance between not being a freak about every little calorie, but still pay attention to every little calorie like you need to do to stay on track? You can't win!
    positive spin - "You are so careful and smart with your nutrition, you are so in tune with what is good for your body, and you have the supreme self control to follow through! Way to go!"

    negative spin "OMG, you're so insanely obsessive with your food! You don't allow yourself even a smidge off your plan, you're letting it control your life!"