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LightRaven 02-26-2011 08:55 PM

Feeling really Blah...
Hey guys :(

I'm feeling really blah right now. I didn't eat as well as I could have/should have today. You'd think I'd be on an awesome high after surpassing my February goal... but I'm feeling defeated today.

I was awoken by lots of stomping and barking above me this morning (Me and my daughter are in the basement...) come to find out that there were firemen and paramedics upstairs (it was 6AM)... my brother had called 911 for my grandmother. She had only been home from rehab for exactly a week. and now she's back in the hospital... apparently has pneumonia!

But at first it was really scary. It took the paramedics a long time to leave... apparently they needed to incubate. (She was conscious and I'm sure that hurt!!) And then they left without sirens. My mom really thought she had died in the back of the ambulance.

Anyway...This morning just started off wrong.

There was nothing I could do at the hospital, and my daughter wouldn't understand the tube in the mouth thing, so I tried to go about my normal day. I had alot of shopping to do. We drove 40 mins out to out awesome super walmart with a full grocery store. Then I came home and unloaded the groceries. Then we went back out to our local Target because of course I forgot a bunch of stuff.

I did alot of walking today. which completely aggravated my hip,, it has been bothering me this week, but today, there was no way I would be able to exercise. I just feel like that without exercising, it will seriously be a detriment to my weightloss plans. :(

I don't know what to do. If I try to exercise on it, I can seriously injure the hip and not be able to walk. If I don't exercise, I feel like I will ruin this habit that I've gotten into (being one who doesn't like to exercise.. I've been doing great with consistency for the past two months!)


It's been a poo day.


shannonmb 02-27-2011 08:03 AM

Sorry for your poo day! :( It sounds like a bad one. I hope your gramma is okay. :hug:

I'm the other hip girl from the other thread, and I wanted to thank you for the exercise suggestions. And I thought I'd commiserate a little more with you about it, because it does just suck! You may remember I made my stepper off limits (and I'm kinda irritated with myself that I thought it was a good idea in the first place. I am turning 40 tomorrow, been super-morbidly-obese for most of my adult life, work 12 hour shifts on my feet at the hospital, vigorous stair stepping my not be the best workout to get started on. :mad:)

This week I have been in a major funk -- the worst since I've started this weight loss thing. My mood is very down, and I know it's because I'm not getting those endorphins from the hard, red-faced, sweaty exercise. On Thursday I did a half-a$$ed arm workout, lots of stretching, etc, but blah, it was no good. I'm bummed because I really want to start the big 4-0 feeling better than I have in a long time (like I was till my darn hip started getting in the way).

As soon as this stupid weather breaks, I'm going to start an awesome walking workout. In the meantime, I really need to come up with something that will help me keep the little progress I've made going. But I just haven't had the motivation to figure it out.

Let's not get too frustrated, let our hips heal, keep our eating in check, and make a plan for when we can get back at it. And I really hope your gram will be okay! :hug:

LightRaven 02-27-2011 08:59 PM

Hey Shannon,

Thanks for the reply! :hug:

Yes, I do hope my grandmother gets better, but the doctors say she is in stage four of COPD (although we have no clue how she got there in 6 months!) and said this is her last year. They tried taking her off the ventilator this morning, but she became disoriented. Didn't know my mom was there...so they heavily sedated her and put the tube back in :( It's just so hard because this is not how I thought it was going to be when we moved her here.

Yea, I think out of all the injuries you can get.. a hip injury i2 one of the worst. Back injuries too. There is just not alot you can do when your hip hurts. I would think stepping isn't a great option if you have hip problems.. but in the same token, if it's something you like then....? I mean, I dislike exercise in general. Otherwise, I may have not been in this predicament! So when you find something you actually like.. I would say run with it... but not so much with a bad hip.

I just bought a pair of sneakers yesterday (my first in like... oh 10-15 years).. I have plans on walking when the weather gets nice. I did alot of walking last spring with my daughter. On the hunt for trees and plants that were "waking up". But it doesn't last too long. She has asthma. There are just times when I have to keep her butt inside depending on what's pollinating or what the ozone index is.

Yesterday my hip was so bad that by night time, I had to physically move my leg up on to the bed. Today it was sooo much better. I actually got in a good workout! (An even better one since my brother watched my daughter for 45 mins! She usually exercises with me and that can be tedious!) Let's hope I don't pay for it tomorrow and my hip act up again. Though.. everyother day is better than none at all!

Have you tried those hip exercises? I found them helpful, but not when the hip hurts. Have you actually identified what is hurt in your hip? I feel like mine is the ligaments/muscles, because if I stand up and push that hip out to the side, like stretching, I can feel the sore muscle/ligament/tendon and the pain spans upwards.. like.. up the ligament or something. My mom thinks I should take a glucosamen condrotin supplement (SP?) She has had success with it. Have you tried it?


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