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Default Getting out of plus sizes

So now I wear an XL and a size 18 jeans, which means I can shop in REGULAR STORES AGAIN! I almost had a panic attack looking at the American Eagle website and seeing their size 18 jeans that I haven't been able to wear in so long.

However, I'm getting a little bit of anxiety. I have like 15 pairs of jeans, and soon ALL of them are going to be falling to my ankles. I'm the kind of person that pretty much refuses to leave the house without hair, makeup, and a full outfit, and pretty soon most of my clothes are going to be unwearable. I know I should be happy but I can't really afford new ones and it's making me nervous. Of course, I'd rather be skinny in a paper bag than fat in my nice clothes.

How do you shop for in-between weight loss sizes? I don't really like thrift stores or places like Goodwill and I can't find anything on craigslist. Do you look for deals or just wear a belt and hope for the best? I'm going shopping this weekend for a couple of tops and maybe a pair of jeans but I can't really go around spending a ton of money on clothes that won't fit in three months.
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I waited until I went from a 24 to an 18/XL and then I bought a TON of new clothes. I used a lot of coupons and shopped after Christmas sales because I like nice stuff. I financed some of it by eBaying my larger stuff. Moving forward I'm planning on finding a good tailor to take things in.
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I go thrifting to a few resale stores around me once a week.
I buy just the new clothes that have the tags still attached.

And I buy items a few sizes smaller also, as new items are difficult to find in the resale shops.
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A friend of mine wore sweats at home and bought a pair of regular jeans, a pair of black jeans and a pair of khakis on sale at Kohls. For tops she bought a few long sleeved tee shirts, and some really nice jackets and sweaters that she will be able to wear for some time to come. She is the type who always looks put together as she knows how to use scarves and costume jewelry to enhance a simple outfit. I am getting better by observing her outfits!
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I have 3 pairs of pants that fit me and 4 shirts. I just buy a few things for each size. I hate when my pants are huge.
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Wow, what great ideas ladies. Linsy, good advice here: thrift shopping can be ok, low priced options, and limiting what you get for a bit. All good ideas for weight loss on a budget.
I have a pair of jeans that I will have to give up on soon too, and am absolutely thrilled!
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Ebay, Goodwill (I don't like it either, but found Gap, Old Navy, Levi's for $5 in new condition!), Target/Kohl's clearance racks, even Walmart. I refuse to pay a lot for clothes I won't fit in for long.

I stretched out my tops for a looooong time b/c I felt like I could get away with those being baggy, but I can't deal with pants/jeans that don't fit.

Good luck! I've gone from a 26 to a 16 (which is starting to get looser on me) and have to completely replace my spring/summer wardrobe, down to bras and pj's.
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I did a lot of Ebay. You have to sift through some over priced [email protected], but there are some decent deals.

EDIT: Oh! And second hand stores. We found a couple in our town and some of them were REALLY cheap!

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Rummage sales should be starting in about two months. You can find some nice clothes at rummage sales.
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Oh, definitely thrift stores, especially for the basics. I love to buy simple t-shirts, jeans, and slacks there. Then you can purchase a few nice items in the stores.

I'm currently in my last phase! My clothes are all starting to fall off again, but I will not buy one single more item until I get to goal in 10 more pounds. It's driving me crazy because my too-big clothes make me look bigger.

I've seen a young woman on here who wears her shirts from about 80 pounds ago with a belt and leggings, and she looks lovely! I was really surprised it works, but apparently it can. The shirts look like shirt-dresses.
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I just wear my clothes until they can't be worn anymore and save money until I have a decent amount and then hit up Ross or Bells. I bought like no clothes from size 20/22 until i was a size 14. Was really shocked when I found out I was a 14 actually was expecting to be a 16. LOL!

But yeah thrift stores and discount stores are great options. You should also check around and see if any of your friends have clothes that don't fit them anymore because they have gotten bigger or smaller.
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I just wanted to say congrats, 'cause you are doing awesome!
I wanted to also second Ebay, 'cause you can really find some good deals on there.
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Its finally about that time that I REALLY need to purchase some new clothing. All of my cloths are too big and I need to get rid of them. I only like to buy here and there I know I wont be a size 16 long Im hoping at the end of it all I end up in a 12-14
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I use a belt then when it's just too loose I buy another pair and start over again. I won't buy anything expensive till at goal
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certain thrift stores advertise they have name brands, can't remember what the local one is by us..it will come to me. i bought brand new, they look like they've never been worn, calvin clein jeans at my goodwill. i think they were around 5 bucks.
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