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Default Ah crap..they ordered pizza!

Yesterday I went over to my inlaws so they can spend time with my daughter. They aren't the healthiest of the bunch, and for dinner they ordered pizza. Now, I could tell them that I am trying to lose weight, but I know them and what they do. They sabotage. I don't know if they mean to, but in the past my MIL told me I was getting too skinny and to not lose anymore, when I hadn't even lost that much yet. I don't feel comfortable telling them I don't want to eat their food. I didn't get a chance to order a salad either and they don't have anything healthy in the house. Usually, they cook dinner, and I do good with portion control. I admit, I had two slices. I blotted the grease, and my SIL made fun of me saying I was being afraid of gaining 1 lb. Well, I am!
So I had two slices because I was very hungry and wanted to go back for two more, but I didnt! Instead, I had three huge glasses of water!
I am going back over tonight but probably will have a chicken salad before I go!

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Good for you! Don't let anyone Sabatoge you...but 2 pieces once in a while won hurt you.
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Way to keep yourself under control. I'll admit I probably wouldn't have done as well as you did. Pizza is one of my trigger foods. I wouldn't worry about eating the pizza though, studies show that going over your calories every once in awhile won't hurt you in the long run as long as you stay on plan the rest of the time. It can actually keep you from plateauing.

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way to go! Just a thought you could bring somehting of your own to eat next time... portion control is a great idea though too! I hate when people try to sabotage us.
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2 slices of pizza is just fine...no harm done. However, I'd make it a practice to eat BEFORE I went to their house. This way you can fill your plate up and pick, scatter your food over your plate (like kids do when they don't want to eat...) and while everyone else is piling on seconds and thirds...you appear to be doing the same!
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Another thing you could do is avoid going over at "meal" times. It sounds as though you live close if you can get there daily, so why not go from 9-11am or 2-4 pm... times that are not traditional meal times. This way you don't have to explain or drool over their unhealthy fare.
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I had two pieces of Pizza last night too. And it was GOOD!

Just two, no more and lots of water and clean eating today.
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You did great. And you know what? Forget those so-called family members who arent supportive of you.

I usually eat before I go over to anyones house. And hide almonds in my pocket like a little almond addict. Then when they ask why I ate so little: "I had a late lunch, I'm sorry."

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Going over at non-meal times is a good idea. I hate when that happens. I don't understand why so many people get so angry when you don't want to eat their high-fat, nasty, weight-loss-ruining food. It's not an insult to them, honestly.
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Yeah, I would go over before a meal time, but I like to go when both grandparents are there since one works all day and the other graveyard. I'm at their house again right now, in fact. I ate a small portion and I'm skipping dessert which is brownies!

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Wow, good job. Pizza is a tough one to portion control on for me. You're STRONG girl.

Next up? No longer obese.
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ahhh, pizza is the worst. that's the thing i'm most likely to binge on. great job keeping it to two pieces!

people who sabotage...ugh.

my dad does this by accident i think, but he's the type to say, "oh, come on, you deserve a break!" and it's just like...no. a break is just going to make me want to stop all together!

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I am a manager at a pizza shop. Very difficult to not eat it every day...I love it! But using lots of willpower and bringing healthy snacks helps. If I slip up and have a slice, I have one, and log it. I didnt think I would be able to do this working around yummy greasy pizza all day long, but so far its been over a week and I have only eaten 1 slice of pizza the entire time. Pizza isnt the end of the world, just portion control.
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Way to keep in control! Pizza is my trigger food and I probably wouldn't have stopped at two!

When I feel like pizza, I make my own with lite pasta sauce and part skim cheese. This way if I do go over board, it won't be by much!
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