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Artic mama makes some excellent points. Also, having PCOS, you might consider trying to do more of a sugar controlled diet to control your sugar levels too. Sometimes eating carbs will make your sugar spike and plummet a lot which results in that hunger you're getting. Also, if you're getting up earlier and doing a different or more high impact workout, be sure that A-you hydrate well before, during and after the workout and B. Eat before or after (I have a hard time eating before one, I get nauseous) you workout and try to eat something that sticks with you like oatmeal with half a banana. Hope that helps!
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My suggestion would be that you eat three larger meals a day and snacks in between, instead of eating every 1-1/2 to 2 hours. Aim for 400-calorie meals. That way you will feel better and not so ravenous all the time.

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I in the same boat as Kaplods. Carbs make me hungry even now 7 months into this WOE. If I have cereal for breakfast I'm starving before snack time. I usually try mostly protein with some low carb vegetables until supper when I might have 1/2 cup of uncle sam's cereal or a bowl of oatmeal with truvia and 1/2 AND 1/2. This seems to be the approach that keeps me the most satisfied.
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You are not eating enough protein. I see an over abundance of carbs. Carbs leave you hungry after an hour. Protein is the most and longest satisfying food. A hard boiled egg or real cheese with your bagel will keep you full longer than cream cheese. A piece of fruit and some cheese, peanut butter, or yogurt is more filling, etc.
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what everyone said, and that for me, eating high volume, low calorie (ie tons of veggies) helps my hunger a lot. i like to eat a LOT of food, and those tiny little lean cuisines don't cut it. a huge salad (lots of different veggies, raw and cooked, plus some protein like tuna, an egg, nuts, etc.), a huge bowl of veggie rich soup, and i feel very satisfied. lately i'm addicted to collards, which don't cook down so much as other greens are have some toothy bite to them. and so nutritious. i eat a big bowl of them with some beans and hot sauce and i feel full and virtuous(!). i love low fat greek yogurt, too, which is so creamy and has a lot of protein. i try to keep carbs relatively low because, for me, they induce cravings for more.

sounds like you have a great attitude and you've probably already gone out and stocked up on veggies and protein! you'll get through this!
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