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Default Does anyone have days when they're just not hungry?

Today I woke up late and didn't eat until dinner (which was some rotisserie chicken and part of a salad, I didn't eat most of the salad.) I'm starting to feel a bit more hungry now and might go make something to eat like a couple oz of cheese and some almonds. Yesterday I didn't eat much either. It will pass, probably by tomorrow.

I'm wondering if anyone else doesn't feel like eating sometimes? Do you think it's unhealthy or it might stall my weight loss? I'm on Atkins, by the way. I think the reason is because I get so into what I'm doing that I forget. I'm not starving myself in any way, especially not on purpose.
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My personal experience is that I must eat regularly and whether I like it or not. I do easily forget about food when I get wrapped up in what I am doing, in fact I am here instead of having breakfast even though I've been up for 4 hours, bad girl, bad girl!! LOL

I find that if I don't keep myself fuelled the binge monster comes out, and I'll end up taking on more calories than if I just got myself a light meal all the way through when my appetite is low.

I know that many others go with "only eat when you are hungry" and have great success with it, but it doesn't suit my body at all.

And I swear I am going to go and have my breakfast now. Honest.
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Yeah, I'm having that day today actually!

Sometimes I'm ravenous and dont know what to do with myself. Today? Liquid breakfast, Panko breaded chicken bits, baby carrots and hummus...one yogurt. And that's all I can bring myself to eat.

Its really weird. :/ Sure wish I could stay this way.
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I wish I did! For me not to want to eat I must be seriously ill. Maybe it's because I normally eat 4-5 times/day? I've always envied people who say they get so busy they forget to eat - never happens to me!
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Only when I'm sick, unless I'm eating very low carb. I can't really trust my hunger cues, and if I go more than a few hours without eating (even if it's because I don't think I'm feeling hungry) when the hunger does show up, it's in overdrive. I can go from "not hungry" to rabidly ravenous.

It's easier in the long-run to distribute my calories fairly evenly throughout the day, and eat before I get too hungry. Often once hunger is noticeable, it's already out-of-control. I am hungrier on some days than others, so I have about 500 calories per day for discretionary spending to spend or not as I need (I use an exchange plan).

If I'm sick, I don't force myself to eat, and I eat smaller meals, but I don't try to avoid eating unless I'm nauseous.

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I really wish I had this problem. Even when I'm sick I have an appetite (unless it's a stomach flu). I've been down with a chest cold/mild flu for a few days and all I want to do is eat bread, noodle soup, and rice.
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Yes, but I try to eat something light regardless. I find that if I don't eat a lot one day, I almost always want to make up for it the next. My cravings are worse and harder to control, so I end up eating more the next day. I also agree with the "not hungry" to "suddenly ravenous" comment. It's totally correct. I can feel completely satiated even though I haven't eaten anything, then all of the sudden it hits me like a train! It's then that I usually over eat.

This morning I was NOT hungry. I know that if I don't eat breakfast, I will be hungrier later in the day and more prone to making poor choices, so I made myself my regular breakfast and slowly ate it. I know my body well enough to know that even if I don't "feel" hungry, I know I need food. I've messed with my body and mind's ability to truly define hungry vs not hungry. So many years of eating when I'm not hungry and/or starving myself have really damaged it, so I no longer depend on it. If I feel sick, I have something light, but I really try to eat regularly. My body just reacts better if I do. (Less migraines too!!)

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Yes - I think a lot of it is hormonal and is a product of my period, to be quite honest.

I can feel starved or overly satiated on the same number of calories.

Beyond hormones, for me, it is also my activity level. If I'm working out really hard, then I can obviously expect to be hungrier than normal.

And lastly, boredom actually makes me really hungry. You would think sitting around, not doing much would make me less hungry - but it is more time to think about food! I can get some killer imaginary hunger pains when I am bored!
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In the summer when it's hot (I keep it pretty warm in the house too) but not in the cooler months.
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All the time. I generally can go three days without feeling hungry or the need to eat anything. I have to force myself to eat some days. I hate it when I have to do that. I'd just rather not eat.
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I don't eat if I'm not at all hungry.
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I just got finished forcing down a breakfast. I hate breakfast. It wasn't even that heavy either; just chicken and veggies. (But boy do those veggies fill you up!)
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I'm glad I'm not the only one!

While sitting here reading this thread, it made me realize that I've been drinking A LOT more water than usual. Usually I only drink 16oz or so a day (I know, bad!) but the last few days I've been keeping bottles next to me so I can drink at least 64oz. This is probably a contributing factor, because I'm so full of water that it's making me not hungry. I just finished up a bottle between these sentences.

I don't mind eating less, but I'm hoping it doesn't freak my body out if I'm eating 1000 calories and 12 carbs a day and then I go to eating 1500 calories and 20 carbs a day (my usual on "normal" eating days).
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Yes, there are times when I don't want to eat and don't eat much of anything at all or anything. Sometimes it stems from emotions, like depression for me, or my not feeling physically well. My advice is to eat a little something because otherwise you may overeat later.

good luck, and remember it is more important to stay hydrated than to eat even though eating is definitely important!
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