A New Year = A New You! January Daily Accountability Check-In Everyone Welcome

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  • Hello Everyone! Welcome to the January Check-In! Let's make it a great month! Let's make it a great year!

    I want to welcome everyone to the Daily Accountability Check-In. Our goal is to stay accountable and on track by posting our daily food and exercise choices. All food and exercise programs are welcome. Consistency is the key to reaching our weight loss goals.

    Introduce yourself or jump right in and tell us what you have been doing.

    Here's to the start of a great month!
  • Happy new year all! I celebrated a wee bit tonight, but I would say while I am sure I went over my calories, I am sure I didn't eat anywhere near as much as last year! I'm counting that as a victory! I have learned portion control, and will power! Tomorrow I am going to be really good up until "lunch", our lead player is bringing homemade lasagna, and that is my uber fav. But I will practice portion control, and savor each and every bite!
  • Andejean Hi and Welcome!
  • Hello folks! I've never posted in these daily accountability threads before but I bet it could really help me to keep myself in control. I posted in the "introductions" section a recommitment thread how I plan to reach my goals. Now I need to stick with it and reach my potential!
  • I haven't posted in daily accountability either but I definitely need it post-Christmas so, Permission to come aboard?

    Jan 1st. 167.5 meh meh meh but at least I got on the scale. Breakfast - wholemeal toast and banana. Mid-morning - 9 chocolate cookies. Ah. However, here's the key: I went and logged it on DietPower, 'knowing' I'd scuppered the whole day. Guess what? I still have 600 calories left. The day is salvageable!
  • Happy New Year everyone!!

    Diana, you made it! Thanks for starting the thread for us. How was your vacation?

    Andejean--That's a great way to look at it! Enjoy your portion controlled lasagna.

    Welcome Courtney!!
  • Rosinante--Permission granted! Welcome aboard!
  • Good Morning Everyone, Im so happy to be here. I started my healthy weight loss journey a few days ago and im truly ready to get rid of some weight this year. GOOD LUCK to All this year! Debbie
  • I did have a great day yesterday, and my evening snacks were protein chips!
    My total calories were 1140, they were healthy with the emphases on protein. I do use protein drinks and protein chips as snacks.

    I did an hour of water aerobics in the am. I could of added more exercise in the afternoon, but i did not.

    Have a great and healthy day. debbie
  • CourtneyDaisey Hi and Welcome!

    Rosinante Hi and Welcome!

    Shells Vacation is good. We are still here. I am waiting for DH to get ready so I can start packing. I am using the hotel computer. How are you feeling? I saw one of your posts about you still not feeling well. I was so sorry to hear that. I was hoping you would be rid of that mess by the start of the month/year.

    DebbieOBX Hi! Are you in the Outer Banks, NC? Great job on the 1 hour water aerobics!
  • Good Morning and Happy New Year!

    I am up .6 today to 219.4. I did excellent yesterday with my eating. I actually think I may have had too few cals. I didnt count because it was too hectic in my world. I watched what I ate and at my friends house, they cooked THE healthiest meal I have ever seen them cook. My friend called me because she knows I pay close attention to what I eat and decided that if they took some pointers from me and my plan, it would be healthier for them as well. That is a huge step for them. So my dinner last night consisted of a beautiful piece of grilled salmon, a grilled shrimp skewer, and a load of steamed zucchini. SOOOOO yum!!! I also splurged with a few sour patch kids and a couple grabs of some little chocolate candies. I also had 1 drink and then ice water after that.

    Yesterday we also went rollerskating. It was so much fun! We skated for the better part of 3 hours. So I am hoping to settle back down to normal today and tomorrow. I am so optimistic for this new year! I am ready to get to it!!
  • Diana: Glad to hear that vacation is good!

    Rosinate: Permission granted! Welcome aboard! This is a great group!! We're glad you're here!

    Debbie: Sounds like you had a great day! What are these protein chips you speak of? They sound like a great snack.

    Shells: Hi! I hope you feel better soon! How was your NYE?

    Ande: You can do it! Eat that lasagna nice and slow and really enjoy the taste! You're going to do great! Let us know.

    Courtney: Hi and welcome!
  • Diane Yes i do live on the OBX. A small island off the coast of NC called Roanoke Island. I retired here apx 6 years ago. Yes i am a beach bum. lol debbie
  • Debbie- glad to meet you. I drink protein shale for breakfast and protein bar for lunch... but what are protein chips?

    Vixsin- your meal sounded wonderful. I was up a bit too today. Not even sure why. So I am choosing to ignore today and wait for tomorrow.

    Rosinante- welcome...so glad to have a new buddy.
    Same to you CourtneyDaisy...
    and Andejean.

    diana- glad you are having a good trip.

    I was up a bit today. Not sure why...I didn't eat off program foods however I did consume more calories then 1200 but I estimate no more then 2000. Hopefully it is water and I'll sweat it out in spin class. I have a big lunch with my mom but all food is OP so I just need to watch portions and have a smaller dinner.
  • well, the new year just started, and I already lost track of the days! LOL. yesterday sure felt like Saturday... lasagna is on Sunday, so today I will behave very well today so I won't feel bad about the lasagna tomorrow!

    vixsin, your dinner sounded so yummy, I just might have to make that for dinner tonight!