I am super pissed, I just poured my heart out in a post and it didnt post.

  • and It got deleted....SMH I dont even feel like talking about it anymore...I cant believe that when I finally decide to open up an dbear my soul about my weight problems so that I might get some help...it gets deleted.
  • When you're ready to vent again -we'll be here for you!! Hope you're feeling better now...L
  • sorry you lost your post..i know how much that sucks..but i love your 5% plan thats cool
  • I'm sorry it happened, but when you're ready, try it again!
  • Next time, copy it before you post it. Sometimes when the post is too long I do that JUST IN CASE lol.
  • thanks guys...you are all awesome...you guys remind me of why I love this forum...thanks guys
  • Hey! MOD and ADMIN here and I just checked all your posts.
    It didn't get deleted - it just didn't post. Try again.
  • I understand how frustrating that is I have had that happen so many times that now I always copy my text before posting just in case If it doesn't post, I just hit paste then try again.

  • Me too. My computer often runs so slowly that a post hangs there for ever and fails. If I've written a long one, I do usually copy it first...... I still get caught out sometimes though!