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Diana3271 11-30-2010 06:22 PM

December Daily Accountability Check-In Everyone Welcome
Hello Everyone! :wave: Welcome to the December Check-In! Let's make it a great month!

I want to welcome everyone to the Daily Accountability Check-In. Our goal is to stay accountable and on track by posting our daily food and exercise choices. All food and exercise programs are welcome. Consistency is the key to reaching our weight loss goals.

Introduce yourself or jump right in and tell us what you have been doing.

:cheer2: Here's to the start of a great month! :cheer3:

Demona 11-30-2010 07:01 PM

Hello there. I'm new to the site, but not to the weight loss struggle. I've lost 6 pounds in the month of November, and I have high hopes of losing 10 pounds this month of December. I consider myself an active chick, but I can't seem to get the pounds to shed. I hope that maybe by posting what I am doing and eating where others can see it, perhaps I can get some helpful pointers on what & where to tweek things. I'm accustomed to posting food and activity on another site that tracks everything, but no one sees it but me....maybe that is the problem. I'll soon find out.
Thus far, as of today I have consumed a pear for breakfast, 1.5 cups of romaine salad with 2 tbsp of zesty italian salad dressing for lunch, and a medium plum for an afternoon snack. I plan to have 4 oz of spagetti for dinner with 2 servings of hunts garlic and herb sauce.
For activities, I have been to the gym already today and did 45 minutes of run/walk intervals on the treadmill for 3.32 miles, burning 513 calories followed by 25 minutes of weight lifting using free weights. I've walked most of the day between tasks at work and at home for approximately a total of 75 minutes all together.

I'm new, so I am not sure if I am Over-Sharing...but I hope to get the hang of things soon. Thanks for your support.

Andejean 11-30-2010 07:10 PM

newbie here
Okay, I can do this. Today is the first day of my recommitment to make this work (And my second day on the forum). I have a friend with a slight heart problem, and her doctor wanted her to get out and excersize, so for the last month and a half or so, we have been going to the gym together, 3 times a week. She joined my gym, so it was a nice kick in the butt to actually get me to go. We hit the eliptical for 28 minutes, plus a cool down of 5 minutes, then hit some circuit training. We have a log, and have been tracking our weights, and reps, etc. Her doctor is very proud of her. I on the other hand have not been doing much more than that, and if you look at my logs, in that month and a half, I have actually gained a pound or two (Not bad considering that included Thanksgiving, but still not what I had hoped for). I know, I know... It's the food that matters, and I aim to fix that.

Today I broke out a beautiful journal that I had been saving for something important (It just seems too pretty to write in), and logged what I ate, measuring everything, and logging calories.

I ate what I feel is a very healthy breakfast, a homemade breakfast burrito consisting of one whole wheat tortilla, 1/2 cup (homemade with very little vegetable oil) refried beans, 1/4 cup sharp cheddar, 1 egg, scrambled with a spritz of Pam, and 1 T of salsa. I calculated that to be 481 calories. I know that canned refried beans is made with lard, and since that is the calorie count I used for my estimate, I am really a little below that right? I also have 30 calories in my daily vitamin regimin, so 511 calories for breakfast.

Lunch I fell of the wagon a bit, our roommate brought home left over pizza, so I had two slices (I'd normally have more, but I was trying to be logical), then about an hour later when I was hungry again, I had 1/2 cup of madarin orange slices, which according to the package was 80 calories. The pizza I estimated at 400 calories for the two slices, though I am not sure how anyone can give a calorie estimate for pizza since it always varies by how it's made. The online estimate was 180 something a slice, so I rounded up, but maybe not enough. Anyway, it obviously didn't fill me up since I went back for the oranges so soon... Oh well, live and learn, then get healthy!

For dinner, I am making baked breaded cod (It's yummy, has parmesan cheese in the breading, but just a tad), with a hearty side of steamed veggies. I calculated that the cod would have 248 calories, ane according to the package (green giant steamed veggies) is 40 calories per serving (3 servings per bag, so if I split it between my fiance and I, that is 60 calories each. I think the dinner is looking pretty good.

Saturday, my gym buddy, my fiance and I are attending a class at the gym on eating healthy, appropriate diet choices, calorie intake for our BMI, etc, as well as pointers for working out. I know that it is mostly an individual issue, meaning each person work differently, so I'll take what I learn Saturday objectively, BUT I am looking forward to learning things about me, and I am excited that I have two people in my corner to help hold me responsible. :)

Diana3271 11-30-2010 09:39 PM

Demona & Andejean Hi :wave: and Welcome!

steinanwine 11-30-2010 10:15 PM

I am also new to the forum and I already love it here! I am REALLY inspired by everyone's tickers and progress.

I am on day 2 of calorie shifting and it is going really well. I am doing a little exercise, 30 mins, on my elliptical, just to get going again. I have always been a BAD exerciser so I am hoping to build up to a better routine. I dont want to make it mandatory because then I will never do it!! Just easing in.

But I am going full on counting my calories and I am sure it will have an impact, totally changing bad eating habits. Writing my cals down totally makes me accountable.

I measure out all my food to the serving size.

Cheerios & Fat free Activia.

Black beans, brown rice and grilled chicken and salsa.

Chickpea Burger on Sandwich Thin with salsa.

Exactly 12 sweet potato chips with salsa!

I like salsa by the way! Basically no cals and great flavor!

So glad to be here and soooo looking forward to reporting good results! I am starting small so only aiming for a 10 lbs weight decrease, although I really want to lose 50lbs! In time!

steinanwine 11-30-2010 10:30 PM


Originally Posted by Andejean (Post 3588479)
I know that canned refried beans is made with lard ....

Andejean, I have seen and purchased Fat Free, Low Cal refried beans in a can and they were GOOD! I have seen vegetarian refried beans too but I think those had some fat. The fat free were surprisingly tasty and I think had like 70 cal per serving. Just an FYI to look for, they make a great spread, dip or filling with basically nothing in them if you want to cut out the lard! The brand is La Preferida ... I bought it at a little Mexican grocery but I really think you might be able to find this, or other brands, at main stream supermarkets.

Andejean 11-30-2010 10:38 PM

Thanks steinanwine!

For right now we have a temporary live in room mate, and he is obsessed with making his own homemade refried beans. I know what he puts in it is very healthy (2 T of olive oil in the WHOLE LB of beans, lol), so I know it is far better for me that your average refried beans, but he won't live here forever, and I for darn sure don't have the patience he has to make my own, so I will make note of your suggestion for the days after he finds his own place. It's nice to know I don't have to make my own or fall back on high fat content! I love the extra boost the protein from the beans gives me. I'm not a big egg person, so it's a nice way to get my morning protein!:)

roxannestags 12-01-2010 12:14 AM

Well, the baking went well, I did eat about 3 cookies and did end up at 1700 calories for the day instead of 1600 but not too bad.

The thing that is bothering me is that I have had no time for working out. Yesterday was my late day at school but also had to leave don't use it! And if I don't keep walking every day I won't make it to Mt. St Helens!

I may not be working out tomorrow either though. I have a nutrition test to take tomorrow that I have not studied for. Bleh. Oh well, school is almost over for this semester. Thank goodness!

Alright off to bed for me. Going to get an early start tomorrow. Can't believe its a new month already!

Oh and welcome to the new members! The more the merrier!


Pint Sized Terror 12-01-2010 01:01 AM

Yay! New thread!

Technically it's still November, but HI anyway!!

Tonight was terrrrrrrrrrible. Bad. Awful. The worst. An unfortunate series of events made it impossible for me to eat more than a pack of almonds and a granola bar until 8PM TONIGHT. It started by waking up too late and throwing everyone's schedule off, and and ended by slamming into a greasy, calorie-bomb pit at 8. I ate sooooo much... Somewhere in the neighborhood of 2200 calories. I didn't check for sure. :o

Then (and this has nothing to do with lack of time) I find out that my husband spent $100 on tickets to the squadron Christmas party and we are expected to attend. I thought we weren't going (and that he never bought tickets) so I never did my ugly sweater dress. I'm barely speaking to him right now, but agreed to go. They give out prizes and stuff. Last time I went to one I won an LCD flatscreen, so maybe it will pay off. Problem is, I have nothing to wear and it's this Saturday. I have a pair of decent-looking heels that *look* like high heels, but are really pretty short. They just have a platform under the toes. I walked around in them a bit, and it's totally up in the air if I can wear them. I just don't know. I plan on bringing flip flops with me just in case. As for a dress, I have NOTHING AT ALL. I can work my butt off trying to get the ugly dress made, or I can go out and spend money on a new dress, which I REALLY don't want to do. So I started piecing all the cat-in-Santa-hats and what not tonight for the ugly sweater dress. I worked on it for 3 hours straight tonight and I already want to throw it in the garbage! :mad: I hot glued an elf-ear to my shirt and a googly eye somehow ended up... and this is embarrassing... in my belly button. I'm going to try some thrift stores. I just really don't see the point of spending a lot of money on a dress I'll only wear for one night. :mad:

After all the sodium I ate tonight, I'm going to give myself a while to "heal" the damage. :p

Tomorrow is a new month! I can't wait!!

krampus 12-01-2010 02:06 AM

Hi everyone! I'm going to be better this month about tracking in this thread than I was last month, because this month I'm going to do a better job overall.

I weighed in this morning at 125.2 lbs or 56.8 kg - a fantastic new low for me as far as post-puberty weight is concerned. No better way to start December.

I'm shooting for under 1400 all week, with a bit more on weekends (~2000). My December goal is NO BINGES for the weekends - not eating until I feel ill which happened last weekend and the weekend before that. I've still lost weight, but I shouldn't have to spend the first 4 days of each week getting back to where I started the week before.

I turn 24 on the 24th, and leave for a 10-day trip to Germany on the 26th. Hoping to be 122 by my birthday. :)

Diana3271 12-01-2010 08:38 AM

Good Morning, Everyone! :wave: It's a brand new month! Let's make it a great one!

steinanwine Hi and Welcome! :wave:

Krampus Great job on the new low!

krampus 12-01-2010 08:45 AM

Day #3 of under 1300 calories. I think I'm "supposed" to eat a little more but I like what this is doing. I felt weak in the afternoon, perhaps slightly low blood sugar. Eating a mandarin orange helped. Still feel pretty hungry now and I've drunk 2L of water in the past 3 hours. I might raise my calories to 1400 tomorrow.

Breakfast - 89
Yogurt (89), black coffee

Lunch - 710 (estimation)
Halved/thirded rice portion Butadon (sliced pork with onions on white rice)
Miso soup with tofu and seaweed
1 1/2 mandarin oranges

Snack - 40
One mandarin orange

Dinner - 430
One slice maple bread (169) with 1 egg (80), part with ketchup and part with fig jam (50)
Bowl of lentils, just over half a can, with garam masala (100)
Bowl of kimchee (about 30)

50 minutes walking
35 minutes Tae Bo
60 pushups
150 crunches
40 leg lifts (20 each side)

Total Calories: ~1270

shellsbrood 12-01-2010 08:47 AM

Happy December, all! :brr:

Krampus--Congrats on the new low!

Pint--I'm sorry, but the googly eye in the bellybutton made me giggle. :lol: That totally sounds like something that would happen to me.

Roxan--Mmmm...what kind of cookies did you end up making? And, yes, I do normally eat breakfast, but it takes me a good 2-3 hours after I wake up to actually be able to eat. Leslie said it's best to eat breakfast within an hour of waking up, because digestion is the thing that gets your metabolism going. So, I'm trying it. It is hard, because I'm totally not hungry when I get up. She said to keep pushing through and that the body will change and be hungry when first waking. I guess we'll see!

:welcome2: to all the new members!

Vixsin 12-01-2010 10:44 AM


I am starting off the month right with a new low on the scale! :woohoo: I was on plan yesterday and will be again today.

Today's eats:

B: greek yogurt, kashi, 2 LC cheese things, sm apple = 420
L: chicken, g beans w. almonds, sm apple, string cheese = 420
SN: sm apple, LC = 130
D: (planned) Tilapia tacos w shredded cheese, salsa, cheesy rice stuff with broccoli = estimated 500ish
Total = 1470

No exercise for me today. I am still nursing the cough I developed over Turkey break.

:welcome3: to all of our new folks! This is a great place! You will find the support you need here!!!

Shells: :wave: Hey Lady! :)

Krampus: Good to see you. 1400 sounds like a great number especially if you were feeling that tiredness at around 1300. Great job recognizing it!

Pint: Good to see you. Dust yourself off and move past the nastiness. :) You can do it!

Roxanne: Hey you! :) Yes, what kind of cookies did you make? My son and I are going to be doing alot of baking this year for Xmas. It's a lean year for us moneywise. Also, don't be bummed about not getting exercise in right now. I feel your pain. I haven't been to the gym in over a week now and it's killing me! This is a tough time of year for everyone. I find that it helps me to get UBER-focused on my eating plan during those times. Someone said to me something that has always stuck with me: Weight loss is 80% diet and 20% exercise. Hope it helps. I know you'll get it figured out. :)

LindseyLou 12-01-2010 11:31 AM

Demona, Ande, Stein- Welcome! :D

Pint - Sorry to hear about your day! :( I always hated when my hubby would spring stuff like that on me, and I've got a couple days to get something decent around to wear. I used to just wear a nice pair of slacks and a cute top/sweater to the squadron parties. Let us know what you find! :)

Krampus - Awesome job on the new low!! :D :woohoo: I'm totally jealous of your trip to Germany! ;) I hope you have a blast! I'm sure you can be at 122 before you leave!

Shells - Hey girl! Happy December to you! :snowglo:

Vixsin - Congrats on the new low! :D Happy December to you! :clause:

Today's my weigh in for the week... 155.8# That's -2.4 from last week! ;) Not bad! I think I'm going to get my hair cut this weekend or next week to celebrate the 20 pound mark (I'm pretty confident I'll be there very soon!).

Hope everyone has a great OP day! :D

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