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  • Quote: Diana-I've been checking blood pressure at home too. been around 121/93. Would light-headed and dizziness be indicative of low or high blood pressure?
    Hm. As someone who struggled with high blood pressure during pregnancy, that bottom number is a bit high (and that's the more important number). Norm is under 80. Anything above 90 is considered high blood pressure. I'd probably mention it to the doctor and get it checked out.
  • Quote: I have watched that clip several times. I always feel so motivated afterward. I think I need that workout. We know I don't need anything!
    I think you need it so you can report back to us and let us know how good it is. Purely for research purposes, of course.
  • Quote: Morning all you beautiful people! Positive thinking and positive outcomes everyone!! Today is a brand new day and I'm feeling WONDERFUL. Trying to get more active here, I may be at work right now shhh
    Glad you stopped by while working. Yay for feeling wonderful! I enjoy your positive posts.
  • I'm up .6 to 222.8 today.

    My new thought is the new medication I was put on. Ever since the first full day with it, the gain started. That's 4.2 pounds in roughly 5 days. No, that won't do. I did some research this morning and one of the side effects is abnormal weight loss or gain. Why couldnt I get the abnormal weight LOSS!?!?! Already got my appointment for 3 this afternoon.

    Wish me luck girls. I know it's just the meds but let me tell you, watching the number on my scale creep up like this is not an easy thing to watch! I need a hug.
  • aw, Vixsin, hugs to you. I hope the medication situation can be dealt with in a positive way.

    I ate quite sparingly today. It was carbier than ideal but I was literally on the go from 4:15 pm to 10:25 pm with shopping.

    Daily Total - ~1190

    Breakfast - 190
    -Yogurt, 89
    -Banana, 100

    Snack - 50
    -3 Pineapple Lumps, 50

    Lunch - 430
    -Pasta with spinach and cheese, 350
    -Souvenir cookie, 80

    Dinner - 520
    -Chicken sandwich, 320
    -Kids size Baskin Robbins, 200

    -100 pushups
    -60 minutes walking
    -Squats, bird dogs for toning
  • Hello, Chicks! I've been back OP for 4 days, and I think I should start checking in here again. So here's yesterday:

    SlimFast shake [170]
    banana [130]

    whole wheat sandwich thin [100]
    Morningstar vegetarian "chicken" patty [140]

    24 oz. of Coke (I know, I know)

    bowl of black bean soup from Panera [170]
    side of French baguette [180]

    Total: 1170

    and today's plan (I'll change it if I go off)

    SlimFast shake [170]
    banana [130]

    MSF patty [140]
    Whole wheat bun [100]
    1 swipe mayo [45]
    1 slice American cheese [70]

    2 servings of Annie Chung's vegetarian Chinese chow mein [320]

    Nature Valley granola crisps, 2 [160]
    1 cup 2% milk [120]

    Total: 1260
  • Sending you a great big hug, Vixsin! My weight has been bouncing around, too. We'll get there!
  • Vixsin -

    ParadiseFalls - Good job on your 4 days! Stick with it!

    stacygee - Hope you figure out what's going on. Fingers crossed for your doctor's appointment.

    Everyone else - Keep up the good work!

    Alright ladies - I just ate my first real meal in 4 days, so...we'll see how this goes. I had rice last night for dinner, rice today for lunch - I'm all riced out . *TMI alert!* Not eating properly and no coffee since Friday have left me completely constipated . And I never have that problem . I think tomorrow morning I'll have some coffee - it usually works wonders .

    Here's my food intake from today:
    B - 2 small slices of bread, camomile tea
    L - small bowl of rice, camomile tea (so sick of it!), small Lebkuchen for dessert
    D - Steamed broccoli, pasta and chicken in cream cheese sauce

    Hoping I'll be all back to normal tomorrow, although, I'm not looking forward to my weight loss stalling, which I just KNOW will happen. I've gotten used to this accelerated drop .
  • Shells Now you're talking! Research is a good thing!

    Vixsin Good luck at the Dr visit. I hope the situation gets resolved for you. Let us know what happens.

    Paradise Hi! It's good to see you again.

    Cincimini I'm glad to hear that overall you are feeling better. NO COFFEE?????? That's awful!
  • Hi Everyone!

    This may be the last time you see me post in a little while, my Australia vacation starts tomorrow!!!!!

    Here is the plan for the day Tues 12/21/2010

    B - 1 WW whole wheat bagel with vegemite and soy cheese + homemade smoothie w/ banana, almond milk, a little strawberry flavoured agave syrup and cocoa

    L - Veggie sandwich on multi-grain bread + handful of fries

    D - Not sure yet, going out for dinner

    Drinking: At least 2 cups green tea + At least 2L water

    Have a happy, healthy and OP day!
  • Lauren Hi I hope you have a wonderful trip. When will you be back?
  • Yay, no more vomiting. And I've managed REAL FOOD!

    Nothing of note, mind, but hey, keeping soup down is an achievement right now xD

    Thank you for your help, support and advice throughout this whole year. You are all such kind, caring and special people. I feel so lucky to have found such a great group! And I am extremely proud to call you all friends.

    Wishing you all a very Happy Holiday season and a fun and safe New Years.

  • Quote: Lauren Hi I hope you have a wonderful trip. When will you be back?

    Thanks Diana

    I will be back Jan 12th, 2011 but I will prob. drop in time to time to say hello
  • Have a great trip Lauren!!!