Anybody else throwing caution to the wind for Turkey Day?

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  • Yes, I'm going to indulge tomorrow! I never have a problem getting right back on plan, so I do something similar to you and take about once a month, a little more often where I eat what I want for 1 meal. I hate over eating to the point where I'm in pain, and I never overdue it that much on T-giving. I think the primary indulgences will be from a huge helping of mashed potatoes and I'm having cheese cake!

    Having this special rule really helps keep me on track. I can only have my free meal if I've followed my plan and earned it. When I have temptations that arise, I remind myself that I can wait until it's time. I'm not perfect and don't always stay on track, but then I lower my calories for a few days after (calorie cycling so I don't go over my calorie average for the week)......I have adjusted my calories to make extra room for it already! Oh and even though the gym is closed, I'm taking the family out for an early morning long bike ride before we bake/eat

    I'm bringing a cheesecake and apple pie. If I can't pawn the leftovers off on someone else, they will be going in the garbage. I just did this a few wks ago with half of the most delicious chocolate cake for a family member's birthday. It was painful, but it's not worth it going on my hips!
  • I am totally throwing caution to the wind haha. My mom doesn't want to cook, so we're going out to eat for Thanksgiving, and I'm going to enjoy myself. I won't be counting calories, but I've been extra good and on plan the past couple of weeks to help make up for it, and since there won't be any leftovers, it'll be easy to go right back on plan Friday. I'll definitely be paying attention to how full I feel, though, don't want to eat until I'm sick!
  • Thanksgiving is the one holiday, we go all out. We scale it back to chili, chicken noodle, oyster soup and munchies for Christmas, so we can enjoy family time better without all the cooking, clean up stuff.

    So, yes, tomorrow, I will enjoy dinner. However, I do keep the portion sizes reasonable. Plus after dinner we go out and hang up all of Grammas Christmas lights and then we usually head out to my sisters for a hike.
  • I am still counting my calories. But if I eat anything "naughty", I will exercise it out of my body
  • I'm going to enjoy myself for Thanksgiving... I will be counting calories and I will be working out tomorrow, but I'm not going to completely limit myself. I love pumpkin pie and I'm going to have a small piece.
  • While I'm not giving myself carte blanche, I'm planning a very generous amount of calories in my plan tomorrow (2500, up from 1500 and still nowhere near the 5000 or more that I'd estimate I used to eat every day for most of Thanksgiving week).

    For the last couple of days, I've been at the low end of my calorie range and have kept active in preparation for the feast. I've also lightened up some recipes (baked spiced sweet potatoes instead of marshmallow-topped canned ones, more broth and apples and less butter in the stuffing, apple/pear tarte tatin instead of double-crusted apple pie a la mode for dessert) and replaced some of our usual dishes with others (collard greens instead of creamed spinach, squash soup instead of oyster/artichoke soup with heavy cream and crabmeat).

    No food is off-limits, but some will occupy a bigger spot on my plate than others tomorrow. Two spoons of greens, one spoon of mashed potatoes is better than the reverse, y'know? But I definitely plan on tasting it all.

    I even have all my food plugged into FitDay already. The only change I may need to make is scaling back amounts, because I'm no longer sure I can physically fit that much in my stomach during the course of a day!
  • I kind of am! I always go a little bit nuts at big cooking functions. My roommate has been meticulously planning thanksgiving for literally months. She's crazy over it, we have 13 different dishes on the menu, including 4 different desserts. That said, one thing that is different for me this year is that I am very pointedly focusing on not over-eating or bingeing. I am going to eat what I want to eat tomorrow, but slowly, and not to the point of feeling stuffed. I have perhaps more than anything come to realize how much I hate feeling stuffed now, considering how often I used to feel like I was going to burst. So that's my plan, just to eat very mindfully, no shoveling it in to the point of discomfort. That, and I'm going to get a good cardio interval session on tonight, maybe a tv workout tomorrow morning. But on the 26th, it's right back to it!

    Good luck darlin, you can enjoy yourself without going totally crazy. Happy Turkey day everyone! And Happy Thanksgiving Leftovers Day(s) :-)
  • I personally won't be counting tomorrow, and I'm not worried about it either. I won't overeat because that's simply not what I do anymore. Because this year my brother is vegetarian in addition to me being vegan, I'll be cooking a full vegan feast in addition to the more traditional fare my mother will be making for her and my father, and really the only "unhealthy" thing that's going to be amongst the vegan items will be the (wonderful) pumpkin pie that I'm making.. of which I will have a normal slice- not a tiny, pathetic little sliver and not a giant piece either.

    I intend to eat on maintenance calories(like I did, without counting, for over a year without a problem) and I'll be right back to counting the day after. No problem, no worries.
  • Quote: I now have firm habits related to serving myself at a buffet. Half a plate of vegetables, small portions of heavy things, lean protein, small amount of dessert. It's not so much a choice to stay on plan, it's just what I do. So I'll do that, out of habit. It's also self-protective. If I eat more than that, I get physically ill.
    That's pretty much what my plates look like, too. I find myself wishing for more veggie dishes at my favorite Chinese buffet so I don't have to pick them out of the entrees, lol.

    I'm an intuitive eater and I live by smaller portions. I don't see T-Day being an issue due to my general tastes and sheer dread/avoidance of a full-overfull belly making me feel nauseated.
  • I am not going to have a no-count day. I am still actively dieting so that I can get to goal. Each to his own, whatever works for you. All I know is that my obesity came from thinking I could eat what I wanted when I wanted and suspended the idea it would harm me in any way. I am now diabetic and having to lose 160 pounds....all because I wanted to eat and suspend the rules I needed to follow consistently.

    My choice is to stay on plan on Thanksgiving and count the calories as I do each day.

    Have a great turkey whatever each of you decide to do!
  • I'll eat the things I love - bread, cheese, wine, pie and then lots of veggies and some turkey.

    I got the warning on Sparkpeople that my exercise is too much for my calorie intake, so I'm not worried about the calories but I will try to count them.

    We aren't having our feast until Saturday so today I'm going for a nice long walk and having sushi for dinner.
  • Some people can let go on a holiday and get right back on track. But a lot of those who do will find themselves on the slippery slope to having trouble getting back on track and weight gain.

    I am going with my friend (we are both widows with no family) to a buffet but I already know what I will have and how many points I'll be spending. I don't like the stuffed feeling and the guilt. We are not in a period of famine so there is always food available and no need to eat like there will be none tomorrow.

    To maintain weight loss we have to learn to deal with food on every occasion in a responsible manner. Throwing caution to the wind and stuffing doesn't support this.
  • Well, I had my Thanksgiving celebration yesterday (due to family travel plans, etc...yesterday was the best day for us).

    I didn't think about calories at all. I snacked all day to the point where I actually left most of my food on my plate at the actual dinner, lol. I went waaaay over calorie wise, I'm not sure by how much, but the volume/quality of food was considerably over even my maintenance calories, hehe. Enjoyed every bite guilt-free. Did indeed have a tummyache all night.

    I'm right back on plan today and thrilled about it. After all the sugary, buttery, salty, heavy foods yesterday, I'm desperately craving light and lean and crisp foods. I don't want to even look at a pie for a long while. I'm eating light for today and the next few days (I have some fun salads planned out, probably stay close to 1200/day). Thankfully, we weren't sent home with any leftovers. Went for a long walk this morning, about to go on another one soon.

    I don't plan on looking at the scale today or even tomorrow, I know it's up, no point in looking at the number and freaking myself out over it. But you bet your buns that I'll be posting my usual Monday accountability weight, and if it's up, so be it. If it's a number I'm unhappy with, I'll adjust my plan accordingly until it's back to where I'm comfortable with. But I'm well within my maintenance limit, I'm sure that a few days of eating light on plan will settle me down to a "normal" number

    Had a blast, ate what I want, no guilt, back on plan. No harm done.
  • We're just having a small dinner tonight, with some of the main Thanksgiving staples (turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, rolls and veggies). I'm going to eat small meals today and then have sensible portions of dinner and stay OP. But my plan allows for some wiggle room so I'm okay with going over my cals a little as long as I'm under maintenance. Though I'm going to try to stay at my cals.
  • I log and count because my body does regardless.

    We are having our second annual Thanksgiving gumbo. (My kid cooks and we eat it all weekend!) Loaded with lots of veggies (he put in some carrots this year) and served with brown rice. Yumm.

    I will eat cake tonight, but I eat cake every Thursday night. (We go to a country auction where the *best* baker makes the *best* cakes for the concession stand.) I log that, too.

    I went to a big catered buffet dinner last weekend and had one of those cool moments. When we got back from the buffet, I noticed that I had almost the same exact items and amounts on my plate as the slim woman sitting next to me.