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Default double chin

Does anyone else have a double chin? Mine is really obvious and it makes me feel like a fat person. I wonder if it shall ever go away.
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Is it really obvious to other people, or just really obvious to you? I know that I totally had a double chin before I started losing weight, and I still feel like I have one, especially in some pictures at certain angles, but most anyone I ask doesn't seem to notice it any longer. Your face/neck/chin should thin out as you get closer to your goal weight, though.
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I have one, but it's gotten smaller. Most people probably don't even notice it, so I wouldn't worry about it! And like KenzideRhae said, it'll just keep getting smaller with the more weight you lose.
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Rest easy! It takes a while! Hopefully this will help:

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It defintely goes away- mine is much smaller now
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I've definitely got a double chin but I'm sure that both of us will lose our double chins on our weight loss journey!
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I really thought mine might *never* go away. Even down to 140lbs it was small but I always knew it was there!

It is basically gone now...I have to do very silly faces and put my chin to my chest while like bending over (yes I do these things to see how I look, Im crazy, I know :P).

I find myself constantly touching my neck to celebrate its singularity now, hehe.
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It will go away - I had a triple chin and now I have a double.
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It has always been one of the first places I loose. In my face.
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When I lost a few pounds my face gets thinner first, so I think you will probably be fine.
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Guam vixen - huge change in your facial structure, wow! You look just lovely

I had/have a double chin, it looked much worse at the beginning of the journey. Now it is almost gone, except at a few bad angles. I expect twenty or thirty pounds from now it will completely disappear, no matter the angle. You'll get there!
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I have had a double chin since I was like 5 and there's probably nothing I am more insecure about. Even after the weight I have lost, it is still pretty prominent. It has, however, shrunk some, so that gives me hope that one day it will be gone!!!
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