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Hello, I'm still pretty new here although I've been reading for a couple of months now.

My food plan for today is as follows:

-yogurt, 80
- boiled egg, 75
- apple, 75
- calcium chew, 20
Total: 225

- Hot and Sour Soup, 100
- Egg Roll, 200
- Beef with Broccoli, 500
Total: 800

- Grilled Chicken Breast, 240
-Broccoli, Cauliflower, and Carrots, 60
-orange, 75
Total: 375
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Originally Posted by munchievictim View Post
Hi everyone
Definitely count me in. I've been scanning the boards for a group to join. I need a little accountability. (who doesn't?)
I've been scanning the boards too, and have finally settled upon this one. There are so many good boards here to read. I can usually find several things on each board that are so helpful even boards that don't apply to me right now like the maintainers board.

Originally Posted by Vixsin View Post
[...]So I am so proud to say that I had NO candy last night! That is the first time EVER in my whole life that I did not give in to it. I am SO proud today! [...]
That is awesome, and you should be proud of yourself.
Originally Posted by shellsbrood View Post
Hi, everyone. I haven't had a chance to read anything or check in. This cold has taken a nasty turn and my hubby felt so bad for me today, he took the day off so I could rest. My head hurts, my chest aches and if I try to speak I only squeak. But, not all is lost! I'm still sticking to my plan and the weight continues to trickle off me. I'm at a new low and I'm starting to get the "You look awesome, what is your secret?" from people.

Anyway, I'm thinking of you all and am proud to be living healthy along side of you guys. Keep up the good work!!
Hope you are feeling better soon.

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So far, I've stuck to plan.

Breakfast was rushed - cold cereal, shredded wheat, w/ 1/2 c. skim.

Lunch -1/2 all natural peanut butter and jelly sandwich, handful of grapes.

A neighbor of mine and I were talking. She was diagnosed as having a wheat allergy at the age of 46. She said her doctor found nothing, just that she had asthma, but she started eliminating wheat from her diet and suddenly didn't have to use her inhaler anymore. She indulged in some pizza and started wheezing again in about an hour. It's a little daunting to me. I mean... I eat a lot of wheat products! Just thinking about how much I'll have to rework things makes my head spin. It's not going to hurt to try though, I suppose. It might even help.
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So it's already Nov. 2. I'll give stats for Nov 1. for now. Let's see if I can stay On Plan the whole month, with the exception of a slight swerve on Thanksgiving Day, though I am not yet quite sure what comprises that little speedbump.

Nov.1-Walked between 2-3 miles, not exactly sure of the distance, but it is seriously uphill at the last part of the way home.

I ate:
milk 2 C 244
yogurt 80
cold cereal 90
pita 90
3 oz. ham 90
eggbeaters 120
feta 70
carrot soup 376
muffin 180
yogurt 80

not completely "clean foods" but not too bad either.

Have to change my food for today around a little bit, and will only just exercise to the WATP video this afternoon, not yet sure if 1 mile or two.

Good luck to everyone and I wilkl check back in tomorrow. Like having a thread to post to for each day.

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Height: 5'7"

Default Personals :)

Kris: Great job on the WI! Looks like your plan of protein shakes is serving you well! Way to go on the HUGE NSV with that woman at work!!!!!

Linds: Hey girl! Hoping that interview went well for you today!!!! I know we're all pulling for you to get it! I personally think its a great idea for you to up your cals just a pinch. I would add 100 cals or so for a week or so to see if it makes any difference in your weigh ins. I know when I first started my journey, I was eating 1200 cals and thought that was the right thing to do. I lost weight initially and then my body revolted and stopped losing. I upped my cals to 1500-1600 and my weight loss has been pretty consistant as long as I stick to the plan and make sure to get my water in. Just my 2 cents. HTH

Lauren: Hi!!!! How's my favorite Vegan today? I just read your blog. I have to say that I am going to be a regular visitor. I just love the way you write. Your personality really comes out in it! I'm glad you are feeling better and ready to get back to the good fight! Can't wait to see the pics of the dress you picked!!

Belinda: Hi and welcome!!! I'm glad that you have taken the plunge and posted. We are such a friendly bunch. We are always happy to get to know someone new! I know I sure am!!! Your supper sounds YUMMERS tonite!!! Those veggies have my mouth watering. I had stir fry veggies for lunch today and I totally want some more!!!! LOL And thank you! Having no candy for Halloween was difficult yet the greatest challenge I have ever done!

Shells: I'm thinking of ya, sweetie!!! Hoping you feel better soon!

Pint Size: Great job sticking to plan today!!!! Also great work in analyzing your plan and tweaking what you need to. Your body will reward you!

Angels: Welcome!!! We're glad you're here! It looks like you are off to a great start!!!

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Default WARNING: A little gross (pic)...

Interview went well, they would like to interview me again next week. Not exactly the pay I'm looking for...but we'll see, maybe I can negotiate!

5.2 walk was ok there...the walk back...not so much!

5.2 mile walk + uncomfortable shoes = bloody feet!

Ouch! I think might pass on the running tonight! It took me 45 mins to walk ~2.6 miles, about an hour on the way back (another 2.6 miles)...limping!

Lunch time- staying on plan!
Attached Images
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hey can i jump in here!

quick overview:
been CC for about 5weeks now, have lost 7lb and 2inches.
a lil disappointed bcuz i'm 3lbs behind schedule.

i started a new part-time job last night and got off late, went home, ate, showered and went straight to bed and didn't get to workout. i'm a lil worried this may end up happening often bcuz this new job is so busy i was exhausted last night.

my sparkpeople app says i should get about 1540-1890cals a day but i try not to go any higher than 1300-1600 a day and and i have never gone over 1890 since i started CC.

i actually started out on special k and was jus gonna do it for two weeks but it's so easy and i'm never hungry, i have my 'i wanna snack days' but i'm never jus starving anymore.

i keep healthy snacks on me at all times so i won't go off plan if i catch a case of the munches.

i've dieted many, many times before but have never actually done a healthy one, so i'm used to dropping about 7lb in ONE WEEK not FIVE WEEKS, right now that is my biggest struggle, having to accept that this is the way to get long term results not jus temporary but with the sacrifice that it will come of waaaaay slower.

thanks for reading my rant ladies, i hope you all have a wonderful evening!

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Belinda - Hi and Welcome to the group! 95lbs lost! Wow, great job!

angels - Welcome to the group, glad to have you join us

Vixsin - I am feeling much better, hoping to make this a good month. Thanks for checking out my blog! I will post the pics of the dress later today

LittleL - Glad to hear your interview went well. And that pic of your foot is super gross BTW. It looks like it hurts A LOT! Youch!
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anajj - Of course you can jump in here! Welcome!

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new here, need some support
breakfast whole wheat toast + low fat spread 100
tea with skim milk 50

lunch Ramen noodles with chicken and vegetables 350 (I Think)

1 apple
steamed vegetable for dinner (will try)
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Well, I ended up eating dinner last night really late. I didn’t see any movement on the scale this morning. Don’t know if that was good or bad though. I was really hungry and not sure if I could have slept without something. But perhaps I shouldn’t have eaten as much. Of course it was a salad and on program it was just that I ate at bedtime. Do you have a cut off time for eating at night? Is there a general rule of thumb?

I suffered through my exercise class. It is called BodyVive and I love it usually. But all my emotions and now this cold are really taking a toll on me. At least I got myself there and moved a bit. I hope this cold will get better soon.

Diana- have fun at the fair! Good job planning ahead for you fav restaurant too. I love your Good Morning Posts!

MamaP- I see your shake plan is working for ya! Great!. Thanks for sharing, I might try that when I need to add something new. Hope you are having a good day. I feel a dark cloud these day too. I hope your grandchildren will be a help to you. I know my mother is wanting my kids around her more now that my dad just passed. I think they bring her comfort.

Cinci- I can’t imagine paying $10.50 for a drink. OMG! Wasn’t worth the $$$ or the calories, huh?

Pinkstar104- Hi There…. I see you eat the Kashi Go Lean. I love it! Do you? I can’t eat it right now but I will add it in to my program soon.

Munchievictim- I am worried about a 10 minute candy binge. How much is that anyway? I can do a lot of damage in 10 minutes. I wanted to throw out all our candy but of course the kids want it. I put each kids 7 baggies of candy. And threw away the rest. Now I can’t eat their candy or they would notice. It also keeps them from binging. They have 4 pieces in each baggie and that is all for the day.

LittleLindsey- I do the same for my husband. I hate Rocky Road Ice Cream and so if he wants ice cream I buy that for him. My girls and my husband all love Oatmeal Pies and I hate them. So that is the treat I keep in the house for them. No treat for me! I am surprised at your lack of results. I am on the 1200 cal and seeing pretty consistent results. Maybe you should shake it up a bit and change what you are eating or take something out and replace it with fruit/veggies. Definitely upping the exercise will help. I try to burn 500 calories a day (except Sunday). Keep on working! OOOOOOWWWWWWW on that oic! OMG!

Ninacali- hope your back is better. If not try to rotate ice and heat that can constrict and enlarge the muscle to loosen the strain.

Pint-sized- Can you not get a new doctor? I just spent 3 weeks with my father in the hospital and it is imperative to believe in your doctors and feel they have your best interests in mind. Please find a new doctor. That would help you so much.

Vixsin- congrats on that 1.4 pounds! isn’t it so much more fun to stay on plan when we see results!!!!

Lauren- Good to hear from you!

Belinda and BArb
- Nice to see you herre!

Anajjana- welcome from a fellow Texan. Glad to see you jump right in!

Ngill- Welcome. There is a wonderful community to find support. Just tell us what you need!
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Vixsin - Thanks! I will try that. Tomorrow is my official weigh in and my "new week" so I'm going to go up to 1400 calories and see if that helps! And exercise more!

Lauren - You don't like that photo? LOL It is nasty! It hurts too!

Stacy - I'm glad I'm not the only one that does that! My husband is probably like why can I only buy the cookie dough or mint chocolate chip ice cream?! Yeah, pretty nasty pic..

Sorry if I grossed anyone out with the pic! I guess if you're feeling like cheating just look at that, it will make you lose your appetite! It's so nasty and painful! No running tonight..Pilates instead. I got almost 2 hours of exercise in so far. Tomorrow I have an order to ship..so walking is a must (to the post office)..this time I'm wearing tennis shoes!

Snack time - strawberries & a banana..

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Stacy- Omg I absolutely love that stuff! Its soo good and healthy! I mostly eat it as cereal but it is also such a great healthy alternative to granola on yogurt! Plus lots of protein!

Lindsey: Oh my! That looks painful & must of been hard to limp the way back! Hope it gets better for you soon!

anajjana- Hi! I can soo understand how you feel about the dieting and it being a lot slower. I just recently started doing it healthily before I was doing fad diets and was losing 5-10lbs the first week! But it did come right back It is slower but will stay off! I think of it like every week adds up 1-2lbs a week may seem really slow compared to before but it will definitely add up! You will be healthier too You can do it!

I walked 2.5 miles today and did 20 minutes dance cardio.
Breakfast (293)
egg omelet 120 (egg 70 + laughing cow 35 + spinach 5 + 2 tsp ketchup 5 + 1 tbs salsa 5)
1/2 piece toast + 2 tsp apple butter 68
1/2 cup nonfat milk 55
1/2 apple 50

Lunch (392)
1/2 cup buckwheat 80
1 cup stir fry veggies 65
1/4 cup kidney beans 80
1 cup v8 low sodium veg juice 50
apple + cinnamon 117

Snack (295)
peanut butter banana crispbread 190 (1 tbs natural pB +wasa crispbread 40 + 1/2 banana 50)
1/2 cup nonfat milk 55
1/2 apple 50

Dinner (232)
chicken wrap 200 (whole grain wrap 90 + 6 slices chicken 50 + spinach 10 + 1tbs teriyaki sauce 10 + laughing cow 35 + scallions 5)
1 cup cabbage 22
1 oz salsa 10

Snack (80)
1/2 cup fat free yogurt 55
1/4 cup apple sauce 25
Total = 1292
I really do need to spread my calories a little more. I am going to try to eat bigger meals with smaller snacks because my one snack is too high. haha I got to change that. lol

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Height: 5'4"


Ok, here's my check in for the day...

B- Strawberry oatmeal w/milk (a little extra milk today) 200

L- Sandwich 240, 2 rice cakes 90 (330)

D- HC meal 340, cornbread 160 (500)

S- SO dessert 170

TOTAL = 1200

64 oz water

Exercise: 5.2 mile walk (45 mins to do 2.6 miles, the remaining took about an hour - stupid foot got all cut up by my shoe )
Pilates 20 minutes

Tomorrow is my official weigh in for the week. Let's hope for anything in the 162's or less! I am going to up my cals to 1400 (don't know if I said that already today, lol). Anyways... for me!
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Height: 5'6


Diana: What is your favorite resteraunt? My ears are doing much better thank you! Have fun at the fair!

Kris: Congrats on the nsv's! The difference in the shirts is amazing!! I feel you about the depression.And congrats on being able to point out that new pair of size 12 jeans! Lol especially to a detractor! That must be awesome to be able to prove her wrong like that

Sea: I've never been brave enough to try tofu

Cinci: Sounds like you had a good time at least. The harry potter park sounds fun, but yea at 10.50 just a little overpriced!

Pink: you did great with the calories...but one question, what is fluff?

Lindsey: I like your idea of having dh buy something that wont tempt you. your heel looks awful!! get that taken care of!!

Rennie: good to see you again and the shrimp creole is one of my favorite dishes!

Lauren: Are you feeling better? Your dinner sounded awesome!

anajjana: welcome and if you are walking at work, it counts!

ngill: welcome and if you are sensitive to sodium watch those ramen noodles. I had to cut them out of my diet because they are packed with sodium

Stacy: Hugs, hope you feel better soon

Belinda: Welcome!

Pint: hugs, hope things get better

Vixsin: sorry about the tooth issue, hope it gets better soon

Well, my day just was awful! I had some issues with an instructor today. I missed breakfast and because of the stress with my instructor I haven't eaten and don't want to eat. So my net calories today have been 0.

I'm going to workout tomorrow. Am really looking forward to it.

Yesterday stuck to plan till dinner then we stopped at Taco Bell and I went 200 calories over my limit, but was only 1700 for day.

Hope everyone has a great day

Oh, a NSV yesterday, one of my classmates told me he could really notice the weight loss. SO also told me that its really starting to show. Then he jokingly asked me should he be worried since it was a male classmate that pointed it out to me! lol

Started my journey on 9/8/2010
mini goal: 10% loss

For every 5lbs lost:

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