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Morning Girls!!!

Krampus: Great to see you! Great job on the jogging!

Seagirl: Great job on that exercise! Stay strong and commited with the food. It will work itself out and become a habit. You're doing great!

Bumbar: Welcome!

Karatemom: Welcome to you too! Hope your ankle gets better soon!

Stacy: Glad to see you back! Hope mom continues to improve!!

Munchie: Welcome! We're glad to have you! This is a great community for support and accountability!

So I am so proud to say that I had NO candy last night! That is the first time EVER in my whole life that I did not give in to it. I am SO proud today! I am up .8 but I know it's because of the microwave popcorn I was munching on and the soda I had last night. I didn't drink enough water to offset that. Whatever!! It's not a weight gain from CANDY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was on plan all weekend and I will be on plan today!!!

I am going to the gym tonite for a little C25K!!! W4D1 I am ready for this! November is Cardio and Plank Month for me. It's going to get me back in the habit of working out regularly and I love cardio so that helps. I really need to get behind doing core work and planks are, in my opinion, one of THE toughest ab exercises out there and they scare me oh so very much. So I figured start with the exercise that scares me the most and conquer it. Then it will be easier to move on to others. So that's the plan for the month! Self High Five for planning!!!!

Will check in later!
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I'm in. I had a... pretty bad weekend. I told myself I was gonna stay away from the candy, but that didn't work out very well. I ate like a hog for two days in a row and only gained about two pounds, (which I am hoping is mostly water weight!)
Anyway, time to hit the ground running for November!

Today's Plan

Lean Cuisine = 5 points

Lean cuisine = 6 points

Lean Cuisine = 5 points

Lean Cuisine = 6 points

(I know that sounds like a lot of lean cuisines... but I need to use them up lol.)
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Diana: Morning, hope you have a great week

Seagirl: Welcome aboard

Lcc: Welcome!

Krampus: Glad you had a great weekend. Wow you are only 9 lbs from goal!

Vixsin: Morning! Happy Monday and SUPER congrats on the no candy!

Munchie: Welcome to the list. cheese was a hard one for me to break as well

Stacy: Your dinner sounds great, nice to see you popping in

Karate: Hope you ankle feels better

Bumbar: Welcome

So since I got sick with the ear infection I haven't been great at keeping accountable with what I have been eating. I haven't gained any weight thank goodness but it's time to pull myself back on track!

Here is my plan for today

B: special k bar

L: hummus and crackers, 2 plums, 3 pieces fat free deli meat

D: 1/2c carrots, boiled potato, 1/2 c pot roast

No workout today, i am a little behind on a project due tomorrow so have to get it done!
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Hi all! I'm totally in! Ready for another good month!

Still up a little from our Halloween party! Ugh! 163.4# this morning...

My goal is by Thanksgiving to be at 157, by Nov 30 155 would be nice! (That means -5.4, and -7.4 respectively!) And to incorporate more cardio into my exercise plan. This week is 10 minutes of running at a good pace 5 times per week, along with 20 minutes of Pilates 5 times per week OR at least 30 minutes of exercise 5 times per day! Lately I've been slacking a little with exercise!

Once I get my Jillian Micheal's workout DVDs, my exercise plan will change a bit...I'll figure it out then!

But, for the most part staying on plan. I think in October I had 4 days I went over, ranging from 100-400 calories per day over. November I'm hoping the ONLY "over" day is Thanksgiving, and a minimal overage.

As of Nov. 3 I'm bumping my calories from 1200 to 1400 to help with my little "plateau" going on right now!

Here's my plan for today:

Breakfast (180)
strawberry oatmeal w/milk

Snack (110)

Lunch (370)
sandwich (w/deli chicken, cheese & mustard on whole wheat), 1c. progresso soup

Snack (100)
Mini bag popcorn

Dinner (430)
LC pizza, salad w/dressing & croutons

TOTAL 1190

Exercise: 10 minute run, 20 minutes of Pilates

Hope everyone has a lovely day!

WELCOME all the newbies to this thread! This is an awesome place to make friends and have accountability! I love it!

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Vixsin- Awesome job resisting the candy!!!!!!! I'm such a sucker for anything chocolate. Surprisingly I didn't eat a piece of it yesterday at all!!!! Weird, huh? I didn't even think about candy, lol.

OH, I forgot to share another NSV yesterday. We ended up going to my husband's boss' house for dinner. I bought a few new shirts before I started my new lifestyle, so I was weighing AT LEAST 175. They were pretty snug, in the chest and belly, I really had to suck it in to wear them. But, I didn't want to buy an XL...so I got the snug L. Yesterday I tried on one of the shirts I haven't worn for a good two months or so, it fit. I didn't have to suck in or anything, it was actually BIG!!!!! I came out and my husband commented on how nice it fit! I wore the same shirt a couple months back and I think he remembered more rolls, lol. I've noticed I don't have as many or as big of rolls as I did. Just had to share...
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Hi, everyone. I haven't had a chance to read anything or check in. This cold has taken a nasty turn and my hubby felt so bad for me today, he took the day off so I could rest. My head hurts, my chest aches and if I try to speak I only squeak. But, not all is lost! I'm still sticking to my plan and the weight continues to trickle off me. I'm at a new low and I'm starting to get the "You look awesome, what is your secret?" from people.

Anyway, I'm thinking of you all and am proud to be living healthy along side of you guys. Keep up the good work!!
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Shells - I hope you're feeling better soon! I hope you can rest enough today and feel a little better tomorrow! Being sick sucks!!

Congrats on people commenting! That's always a good feeling! I can't wait til my family sees me at Christmas..most of them haven't seen me since July 2009 (at about 175#), so hopefully by Christmas I'll be 150 or less. Keep up the good work, you're kicking butt!!

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Don't turn back.
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@Vixsin- I LOVEEEEE planks. They're one of the biggest parts of my exercise routine any time. They are harddd but you see amazing results almost immediately. Cardio is harder for me, but I see results pretty quick from that too so I'm going to work on it. Good luck!
@abstractsilver- I used to practically live off Lean Cuisine. It's hard not to, they're yummy meals that you would normally eat at a restaurant but with almost no calories in comparison. I did get a few red flags from the ladies around this site though because they're not super high in nutrients, but I'm sure as long as you don't do all lean cuisines every day, one day of eating them is totally fine. Hope you have a good day
@littlelindsaylouhoo- What a wonderful nsv!! I have almost no clothes that fit right now but I refuse to go shopping because I never want to be this size again, so I'd rather wear pajama pants and yoga pants all the time than purchase a size 18 jeans. I have clothes that look fabulous on me when I'm around 180 hanging in my closet (and that was my size earlier this year, can you believe it?? it seems so far away now!) waiting on me. I can't wait until I can wear them and look good again. All I see now when I wear them is rolls everywhere. I barely squeezed into a pair of pants that used to be baggy on me yesterday, tried to squat down to stretch them out, and the crotch just totally ripped out of them. :X Needless to say, it's good inspiration.
This time I'm being really open with my boyfriend about my weight loss. I've always been incredibly secretive and defensive about weight loss, and been wayyy embarrassed to have to admit to anyone that I was unhappy with my size and trying to lose weight. And that was over twenty lbs ago. Now I'm a little more embarrassed if people think I'm NOT trying to lose weight. It makes it easier, too, because since we've moved in here together, my boyfriend's gained 10 lbs or so, so he's been talking about weight loss too. Neither of us are comfortable with our weight, though both of us are completely comfortable with the other's weight. Still, I've gotten to the point where I'd rather not get "close" with him for a few days in a row than have him see me naked. I'm so pre-occupied with my weight that I can't even enjoy being with him, so I know it's time to change. He's been supportive so far. We were out this morning and were talking about getting something to eat, and we decided on Your Pie which is a restaurant around here that's a lot like subway for pizza, you get your own little pizza and you go down the line and pick out sauce and cheese and toppings, and they have tons of low-cal options. All the veggies are free! the fruit is extra, like pineapple and green apples, and meat is extra but you can pile up on the veggies for no extra cost. It's pretty cheap too, $5 dollars a person if you don't get any toppings that cost extra. But as we were driving there, we passed Papa Johns which has a carryout special for a large 3-topping pizza for $8 so we were both like "yum and cheap!~" and I pulled in before I remembered WHY I chose Your Pie. So I had to say "sorry, this is going to be really fatty, I want to go to Your Pie" and he was totally okay with it.
So I've had to eat today:
Pizza with wheat dough, marinara, feta cheese, onions, garlic and pepperoni- 500 calories
Allagash White, a Belgin wheat beer that's really good with lunch- 175 calories
Fun size M&Ms- 100 calories
Not the best choices so far, although the pizza was delicious and relatively low-calorie and filling. I got tons of red and white onions, which I love and which only added up to about 30 calories including the garlic. I'm not sure why I chose pepperoni instead of chicken, considering the fat content, but I don't guess I regret it. The difference in calories wasn't huge.
Tonight I think I'll grill some chicken tenders (not breaded) and have a baked potato with margarine and low-fat cheese--325
That puts me at 1275 and I can allow 300 more calories, which is another beer and some candy ORRRRRR the better choice, oranges. We'll see how I lean.
For right now I'm just aiming on staying within my planned calorie range. I think I'm going to focus on reducing my sodium next week, and then probably carbs. The week after that I'll add in regular exercise, but I'll probably incorporate exercise sooner than that. I walk to the bus stop and then around campus for my classes, while carrying at least 40lbs of books, so I'm definitely getting some exercise even without interrupting my homework and studies to work in a structured exercise time right now. I'll be using my Wii Fit, Biggest Loser work out DVD, and sprint intervals outside when I do start working in a work-outtime. and AB PLANKS. I'm to try to do 10-second and 20-second planks (when I can do those) all through-out my day, such as between reading scenes/chapters of my assignments and maybe while cooking dinner. Those are great, like I said. I immediately feel the difference in my sides.

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Don't turn back.
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wow that was long. Sorry, I'm a bit excited about joining a group again
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shellsbrood- I've got that cold too! It helps keep your eating on plan. But, for some reason it is making me have unquenchable thirst and I am not real revved up to work out. Going for a short workout though. 30 min cardio and 30 minutes weights. Hope this cold doesn't ast long. How long have you had yours?
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I'm in...(partially)
I just re-started today and I'm doing it on my own with my sister & mom. We aren't doing a specific plan (as in Weight Watchers or LAWL)
I had previously lost 50+ lbs prior on a diet that was local so I think I'll try and eventually follow that plan. (no sugars, no white grains etc)
Today my week plans are:
Reduce calorie intake, no sugars, drink plenty of water and at least 3 walks in the evenings.
It's almost 2 and I've done everything planned (eating no excersize yet). I thought my coffee or I should say sugar intake since my hubby is alway saying "have a little coffee with that sugar", would be a challenge this morning but I think the motivation is strong so I was able to drink black coffee. .....kudos for me.....
Hope to get to know everyone, my time here is sporatic since I work from home, I've been able to read just not reply much.

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Hi, My name is Aimee and I am trying to get back on track today. I do so well up until 3pm when my daughter gets home from school, and then the cravings for snacks kick in.

Today I ended up eating some leftover cheese dip from Halloween (bad bad bad) and now I really feel yucky. Guess where the rest of that cheese dip went? DOWN THE DISPOSAL!

I'll check back in tomorrow- hopefully with nothing to admit to! LOL

Have a great evening!
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Munchie- Thanks! I was pretty excited about that!!! Welcome, by the way...can't remember if I said that earlier! Sounds like you're off to a good start. Once you start counting calories you realize the portions and choices you should make so you can eat more stuff, lol...I have that figured out pretty good right now. Should I eat this or that? Well, I can have twice the amount of THAT, so I choose that, lol. What are you studying in school? Best of luck during your journey! Us 3FC ladies are with ya!

Nina- Hi! This is an awesome thread for getting to know people and having accountability. I think this is a huge help, getting on here, talking with people in similar situations, asking advice and meeting new friends! Sounds like you have a pretty good plan in plan. I wish you the best of luck in your journey! We're here for you!

Princess- Hi! Kudos to your for throwing the dip down the disposal..I've definitely done that to something I thought might tempt me! Best of luck to you in your journey!

Sooo...I have a job interview tomorrow!! Pretty excited, nervous, hopeful! Good news...since my hubby has our truck (and I don't have a car right now) I have to walk to the interview and back. It's going to be a 5.2 mile journey! That should take care of the extra crap I ate/drank at the Halloween party! Now, if I get this job my husband and I can carpool. It's just tomorrow the interview is at 11 and he'll be at work. It's beautiful out here still, decent temperature so the walk should be ok, as long as it doesn't rain (not supposed to!). I'll keep you ladies posted! OH, and when I was of course, rummaging thru my closet to find a nice interview outfit that would fit nicely...I tried on a 10..fit perfect..no sucking in, a few rolls, but, hey those suckers fit!!! I was wondering, on average, how many dress sizes do you go down in correlation to your weight? Like for every 10 pounds I lose, I should go down roughly a dress size...sound about right? I've lost about 13 and my jeans (size 12) have been lose for a while, but today I tried on the 10s and they fit. Just curious!

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Trying to live below 200
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krampus Great job on your food plan and exercise.

Vixsin Great job avoiding the candy temptation. Have fun at the gym.

AbstractSilver Today is a new day. Like you said, hit the ground running!

Roxanne Do you feel better, yet, from the ear infection?

Lindsey Great job on the shirt NSV! Good luck on your interview. Let us know how it goes.

Shells Sending you healing vibes.

Munchie Hi

stacygee Did you get your workout in? I hope you feel better soon.

Ninacali Hi and Welcome!

princessummie Hi and Welcome! I have been known to put food in the disposal or trash, too.

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(they're flowers)
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Hey everyone! The day's just starting for me here, but I need to recover from the weekend! 1/2 a pound's not a big gain, but any gain at all is no good!

I hope everyone here is doing well!
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