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Wink Got a quick question about COFFEE

Hi, may sound a little strange or even stupid on my part, but it happens....anyway does anyone know if Flavord Coffee that you get at a coffee shop has calories, or is it like normal coffee. I'm not talking about a latte or a mocha or whatever, just coffee. Like the vanilla hazelnut flavored coffee. Thanks
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I don't think so. I don't know for sure, but it would seem logical that it wouldn't. As long as it doesn't have cream in it
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I bought flavored water that I thought was the same as my 0 calorie water that I buy other places. - BUT it had calories- 80 of them for 8oz--

There are companies that make Sugar Free Flavorings as well as w/ Sugar- (eg. Davinci's) Don't get blindsided- ask-- and ask again if the answer doesnt seem convincing. Odds are there is a package somewhere they can look at--

If it is Sugar Free, you would be doing them a big favor by suggesting they list it on their menu.

And don't think you're rude by asking-- it won't be the first time they're asked and won't be the last time-- Never mind a weightloss issue, what about diabetics, and etc.

And-- won't it be great if it is sugar free (or really low calories)??
It would be another weapon in the arsenal.

Now I can't wait to hear what they tell you at the coffee shop.
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i have bought the flavoured coffees in the tin, like international coffees anf nescafe flavoured coffee like Irish cream they have 2pts for a regular serving. Beware you never know where the hidden calories come from what you expect to be good for calories can fool you. I bought low fat muffin mix thinking how bad can it be, for a regular size muffin it is 3 pts where as a large Tim hotons low fat muffin is 5 pts. I will have to stick to my own 1pt muffins.
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