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dream710, I wore regular old adidas tennis shoes. I don't think it matters really what shoes you wear as long as they are comfortable. Your foot never leaves the pedal so really just something comfortable to stand up cycling in.

I honest to god was terrified I wouldn't make it all the way through, but the thing is, you can set your own pace so you can slow down to take a breath when you need. Also, you can set the resistance on the bike to as easy or tough as you want. The hardest part for me was where the instructor would shout 'UP!' and we all had to stand up and cycle for short periods of time. Sometimes I skipped that and stayed sitting and cycling. Hopefully I'll do better next time. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't watching the clock like a hawk, but once it was finished I felt awesome.

I think you'll make it through the class no problem, and you should definitely try it at least once. I bet you'll love it
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Height: 5'3


MissVick Thanks I did good last night but the temptation almost got me today. This morning I had actually put two slices away for lunch today until I talked to a 3FC member on another thread. So instead of eating something period that I know is not good for me I am going to pick up a lean cuisine or kashi pizza for lunch

therex the pizza is getting to me also I'll have to see if we have Amy's pizza here. I love the sound of low sodium. I got a pizza from CiCi's spinach and Alfredo it was only 170 per slice and I made it even more healthy by adding more spinach but this time I want some kind of meat. I saw some turkey pepperoni some where but I am sure the sodium would make me say no.

abidabbi, I think your calorie count was great. I'm hoping to do a pound off by Monday also.

Thanks dream Isn't that 2lbs down for you for the week? That's great

Congrats raven on the 3lbs down, glad he talked you into weighing

blueridgegirl glad you're feeling better and best of luck with the race tomorrow

Well good news for me ... I have made my Labor Day goal of 170.0. So now I want to be in the 160's at 169 by Monday morning.

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Began 8/11/17
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Height: 5'7"


Happy Friday, everyone!

Yesterday: ate 1,400 cals, more than planned, but allowable. Will compensate for 100 cals of it today. Cals today: 900. Basically doing the old diabetic diet (O-L-D: from 1971!) for 1,000 cals a day. This seems to be just right for me. Finally, I got something that I really like and that works. I did low carb a lot last year, lost a lot of weight, but was finding it hard to stick with everytime I tried to get back to it after Christmas. It wasn't fully satisfying and I didn't feel great. Now, I'm satisfied and feel wonderful! I guess everyone has to find what works best for him or her.

MamaP: where in NC does your daughter live? We have no sign of the hurricane, all beautiful, blue, sunny skies! I love the coastal areas of NC!

meggoat: Welcome! See you do a nice variety of exercises.

Diane: Only consolation to the swelling: big lips are supposed to be sexy!
Seriously, I hope it was a one-time thing--the beeswax in the lip balm
DOES seem a real possibility. Perhaps like you got a bee sting on your
lips. (My grandmother once got a bee sting on her TONGUE! Boy, did
her mouth and tongue swell, and it was very painful.)

Abidabbi: PHYSICS? Wow! Will you become a professor or do research or
something else?

Raven: As I began reading the posts, I THOUGHT your weight was lower than
I'd seen it before. Congratulations!! Keep it up! Also like the idea
of the Progress lite Italian meatball soup. Think I'll try it.

Cronopia: 40 fifteen-year olds? No wonder you're excited to go in with more
energy! How do you do it?

Love2B: I think you are down another pound since yesterday or the day
before. If so, YAY! That empire waistline dress will be so much fun
to be able to wear! I don't know what I'm looking forward to wear-
ing. I think a cute skirt and blouse or sweater or tee-shirt will be
really fun. And to not have any pudginess or look wide in it will be

Lauren: Enjoy your Labor Day weekend!!

Nicole: Congratulations on the 1 pt. left over! Enjoy getting some healthy,
delicious foods this weekend!

grabec: Welcome! I see you've been around quite a while, so you may have
been on this group before. Hope it's helpful to you in getting back
the feeling of control. I decided I needed more accountability, and
then joined the website and found this thread and it seems to be
just enough additional support that is the encouragement I need. I
think that seeing so many of these ladies losing weight by just being
good to simply keep going with a plan, and getting right back to it
or adjusting it if they have slips is what is most encouraging. Every-
one who is staying on for several weeks at least seems to be stead-
ily moving down in weight and changing eating habits. That's what
I want, too! Ask any specific questions of everyone that you want
to ask, if there are specific things you'd like input about regarding
what others have found that has helped them. Hope that just by
being a part of this thread for a little you quickly get back into the

Love2b: Congrats on your pizza strategy! It was a sneak attack, but you
were prepared!

MissVick: Congrats on being down 2 pounds! Keep on!

therex: Had you been too low on calories? Wow! You've already lost 61.5
pounds! You know how to do this thing!

cardboardcat: I tried a stationary bicycle years ago and had to quit because
I got blisters on my rear! I hated the seat! Also, my knees don't do
really well bicycling really fast, but I like the exercise otherwise. I'd
feel so energetic afterwards, and it was a great overall workout.

Dream: only 1/2 pound, but 55 pounds so far. That's outstanding! Here's to
it only going down everytime you weigh officially!

Blueridge: I love reading the types of foods you make and eat!
I don't have so many special occasions, but what I used to do when
I counted calories years ago and got into a good momentum with it
was to compensate for too many calories one day by eating fewer
the day or two before and the day or two after. At least it limited
the damage. But remember that it's just keeping on going with the
plan and you WILL keep losing!

Hello to everyone I missed! Have a great weekend! Thanks for the encouragement I'm getting from you all!
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love 2b150: oh yeah, they are SO good. I love that it's all organic, and you get to eat the WHOLE pizza for 400 calories. There's feta and mozzarella cheese, and just.. wow. I'm so jealous you have a cici's pizza near you btw, i always see it advertized on t.v (the endless buffet for like 5$) though it's probably for the best.. sigh.

jer: your diet sounds so intense! best of luck to you. I know that when i only eat 1000 i feel dizzy and just so low on energy. And i can't get a good workout in! I get cranky too! I know you'll suceed with all your goals though if this is what best works for you
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Height: 5'7


Oh god, I hope I don't get blisters! lol
Every day since the class so far I've done some time on the exercise bike, just to keep the momentum going. Hopefully next week it wont be so bad.

Heres's todays
B: Bowl fruit and fibre, low fat yoghurt
D: Breaded cod, peas, and a salad of cucumber tomato and lettuce with a small pitta bread.

Exercise - 30 mins bike, 30 mins cross trainer

Have a great weekend everybody!
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Height: 5'6

Unhappy rough day.. =(

i only went 5 points over today but that's not what was so bad, i got really stressed out earlier today. i got my hubby football tickets to go to the first bears game this season, hes never been to a football game and the bears has been his favorite team sense he was like....5, so we are soo excited!! anywho we live about 5 hours away from Chicago and we are trying to figure out the parking ect.. and it is our anniversary weekend so we want to walk around downtown and go out to eat and im having a hard time getting info on where would be good to go and then there's the tailgating and we are trying to find out pricing for everything!!! errrr anyways i was doing that earlier today then all the sudden i just wanted to eat everything. it wasn't even craving really i just wanted it, and i gave in and ate it, i did not binge but i ate what i shouldn't have, i guess off plan and more than i should have!
could it really be that i when i feel like i don't have control over something i turn to food cause i can control that?!? im starting to think that's exactly what it is, which doesn't even make sense because if im in control then i WOULDN'T eat that or over eat that. i think i might give journaling a chance and see if that makes a difference, am i making any sense? do you know what im talking about?

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Height: 5'3


Thanks Jer I don't remember what day it was but I did lose. I am so happy. And now I know what the waist of the dress I want is called. I don't want any muffin tops either in that dress. Good for you on figuring out what works ... I'm still learning

therex, the actually carry them out here only 3.5 miles down the road. I am so shocked. I will definitely be sampling them I only order the pizza for me to go. I don't eat in CiCi's, that's a bad idea for me right now. And when the kids want to go I eat before we go, then I have my fill of water while they eat and play. Just had the Lean Cuisine pepperoni pizza for dinner very good I am so surprised and just enough.

Sarah You're doing great I did 25 minutes on the stationary bike. I don't know if I would have stayed on or not, I had to take our oldest to a hair appointment. I did 6 miles on resistance 2 so I felt pretty good. Your calories look really low, do you get hungry later in the day?

, I know what you're talking about and journaling works.

OK bbl gotta pick up my daughter
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Trying to live below 200
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S/C/G: This time: 292/201.4/under 200

Height: 5'6" 1/2


Hi Everyone!

I'll be back later to chat.

Total Approx 1725 Calories

Breakfast (365 Calories + coffee)
spritz olive oil in pan
egg 70 cal
egg whites from carton 60 cal
Handful of spinach
2% Reduced Fat Cheese 40 cal
high fiber English muffin 100 cal
1 teaspoon jam 20 calories
coffee w/sugar and cream
juice 75 calories

Lunch: (360 calories)
Earth Grains 100% Whole Wheat Thin Buns 100 Calories
1 slice Reduced fat cheese 60
4 slices Hormel Natural Choice Cooked Ham 60 Calories
Romaine Lettuce Leaves
Grey Poupon Mild and Creamy Mustard 0 Calories
Sliced Apples 40 Calories
Cape cod reduced fat chips 100 calories

Dinner (1000 calories)
Fried Chicken Breast 400 calories
Collard Greens 100 calories
Pole Beans 100 calories
Macaroni and cheese 300 calories
Chocolate pudding 100 calories

~TF Fire 45
~TF Fire 30
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Waddle fast Flap hard FLY
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S/C/G: Top 272~restart 255

Height: 5'7


September 2, Playing catch-up

coffee 100
choc muffin 190

Old Venice
crawfish soup 200
1/3 Chicken Alfredo pasta with broc and tomato 330
bread 300

chicken soup 160
2 bread 240

straw banana sundae 500+
fruit, reddi-whip, choc sauce

Total = 2,095+

Ped = 8,775 {about 3500 of this is treadmill related, lol}
35min Treadmill


Kris, I like to ask waiters if I have a question about what to order in the resturant, theyíve tasted everything and usually donít stear me wrong.

MissVick, LoL on Crappy Tire

Rex, sorry to hear you are feeling so tired.

Raven, congrats on those three lbs!

Blueridge, I donít think your confession is too bad. Iím sure youíll do fine!

Love, Congrats on meeting your goal!

Nicole, very sweet of you to get your Hubby tickets. Happy Anniversary.

Diana, glad to hear your lips are doing better.
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S/C/G: HW/220~SW/191.2~GW 141

Height: 5'3


OK today's eats 9/3/10

Much much better than the previous days. I got my L/C pep pizza <--- so good. I even have a cone from McD's ... hope I didn't screw up Tomorrow will tell

Breakfast (351)
1 egg w/ 1/8 egg beaters, slice reduce fat cheddar, slice of ham, 1 slice whole wheat toast w/spray butter and 1 tsp apple jelly, cup of skim

Snack (265)
Hummus Chipotle & Sun dried tomato w/ 25 reduced fat cheez it's, small apple

Lunch (337)
1/2c Veg soup, w/cup V8, 1.5 svgs oyster crackers, cup of grapes, 1/2 c skim <--- finish the jug

Dinner (537)
Lean Cuisine pepperoni pizza, 1/2 grapefruit and McD's cone (ate the ice cream tossed the cone)

Total Calories 1490
Water 100ozs
Exercise 1.1 mile track, 6 miles stationary bike <--- let's hope it was enough
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S/C/G: HW/220~SW/191.2~GW 141

Height: 5'3


Thanks Penguin

Happy Anniversary Nicole

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S/C/G: 158/148/130

Height: 5'7"


9/3: 1570 cal, 47 min 3.5 treadmill (walking) & 13 min 4.2 treadmill (jogging)
traveling but no weight gain while away
9/10: 1435 cal, 45 min strength training, 47 min 3.5 treadmill and 13 min 4.2 treadmill
9/11: 1638 cal, 30 min 3.5 walking outside

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S/C/G: 223/215/167

Height: 5'7"


Hi Diana, thanks for your comments and support. Have a nice weekend!

Jer: lol, I do need a lot of energy.
Mornings I teach in 2 classes with 40 and 36 (15 year olds) kids
Afternoon, 2 classrooms with 36 and 38 (14 year olds)
lol, THAT should burn me some calories and not just neuron cells. LOL

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S/C/G: 235/150.5/145

Height: 5'5"


Breakfast: 2 pcs whole wheat bread with 1 tbsp organic pb; 1/2 cup cranberry juice; 1tbsp physillium husks
Snack-fruit and nut bar
Lunch-1 spicy blackbean burger; 1/2 cup 2% cottage cheese; 1 cup grapefruit
Snack: 7 whole grain crackers
Supper 2 cups Cheeseburger Macaroni

Calories: 1630
Exercise: 60 min recumberant bike
Water: 10 glasses
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S/C/G: Top 272~restart 255

Height: 5'7


September 3,

coffee 100

1/8 frittata 200
tomato salad 25
bread 120

3 cookies 195

homemade lasagna 545
2 bread 240

peaches 100
Reddi-whip 80

Total = 1,420

Ped = 4,710
45min cardio/weight circuit


I used a jar of spa sauce for my lasagna but I snuck in extra veggies. I always add onion and green pepper but today I added an extra can of diced tomato and some shredded carrot. I thought about adding frozen spinach but didnít want to push my luck. I used my familar Extra Easy recipe where the pasta cooks while baking so I donít have to boil the pasta ahead of fime. I use regular pasta not the no-boil kind before today Iíve always used whole wheat lasagna noodles but today I used ww penne and it worked fine. A few random pasta on the top didnít cook and were crunchy but we fed those to April..
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