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That's exciting Jer...I'm at the Uni doing a PhD in Physics

Lunch ended up being - 2x veggie sausages, baked new potatos and broccoli with a touch of gravy...I think this adds up to about 500 cals to be safe...so, for today as it stands - 650 cals. Then my better half got me a biscuit at 210 cals for afters. 760 cals.

This means my dinner of WW soup and toast at 400 ish will be ok, and a 500 cal gym session to boot

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Good Morning Lovelies!!!

Jer: Thank you for the comment about my phrase. It's from Losing It With Jillian. She said that to someone and it stood out to me. Someone else on here has another one of Jillian's quotes that I loved from that show "Why would you choose failure when success is an option?" LOVE that!

Lauren: I LOVE LOVE LOVE your menus!!! Wanna come over to my house and help me make those wonderful things too?

Kris: That red dress is amazing! Red is by far my favorite color. You look gorgeous in it! A bollero jacket would look super cute or I do really like the shawl idea too! I am so happy that you found a dress that you loved. I totally would have teared up too.

Penguin: squash casserole? YUMMERS!!! I'm sorry about your friend too. It's obvious she has things that she needs to work out. I am sorry that she is making you suffer for it. Some people aren't great time managers.

Raven: Kashi makes great pizzas!!!! You should try one of those. You can add a little extra low fat cheese and pile on some veggies and it would feel like a last supper without all the guilt. I just recently had one and they are so fantastic. Just a thought.

Cat: Way to rock out the spin class! Spinning scares me.

to anyone I missed!

to all of our new folks! We're so glad you're here.

As for me, I am up .2 from yesterday. No worries though, TOM is still here. Geez! I can't wait til he is gone! LOL

Breakfast today: 2 kashi granola bars, greek yogurt with kashi cereal mixed in, apple = 480

Lunch: 4oz. chicken with squash and string beans, veggie sandwich w/hummus, cukes, and romaine, apple = 466

have a small apple and maybe a serving of kashi crackers for a snack = 180 *IF I eat it, I am leaving work early to go to the doctor's so I don't know if I will be around to have my snack.

Supper: Fish tacos I love me some fish tacos!!! I'll most likely pair it with some steamed broccoli and maybe a small salad too.

have a great day everyone!!!!!

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Good morning all,

MamaP - red dress is great, isn't it fun to have a waist?!?!

Lauren - yes, thanks, we can do it. This will be the month to bust through plateaus!

GettinFit - congrats on NSV!!!

Cronopia - Way to go with early morning workout, I'm impressed!

Cat - congrats on the spin class. I've done that a few times and it can be a hard core workout.

Vixsin - don't sweat the .2 we all know how TOM is!!! And what kind of fish do you use for fish tacos? How do you cook it? I've seen fish tacos on menus in restaurants, but it usually looks like they fry the fish. It's something I'd like to try, as fish is so healthy.


breakfast - coffee with splash of milk, 2 pieces whole wheat toast w/ almond butter, small apple

lunch - (at Ruby Tuesday's, ate out for a work thing) had a petite salmon salad (383 calories before dressing, they had it listed right on the menu) which had a small, tasty portion of grilled salmon on romaine/iceberg lettuce with carrots, cukes, peas, tomatoes. I had vinegar and oil dressing and was sparing with it. I did have the garlic cheese biscuit which they give complimentary, which is 90 calories. Water to drink. So with the salad, oil in dressing, and biscuit, it came out under 500 calories. I was pleased considering there are some CRAZY calorie bombs at that place - entrees with over 1000 calories and lots of fat.

dinner - homemade pizza with whole wheat crust, ricotta cheese, red pepper and garlic. Salad with cuke, carrot, shredded apple, organic orange miso dressing. Small piece of leftover birthday cake, which now is all gone and thus no longer in the house to tempt me, which is good.

snack - small apple (which I picked off the tree on my evening walk)

exercise - evening walk with my SO. Still feeling yucky and low energy (a combo of TOM and mild reaction to my typhoid vaccine) so wasn't up for anything more strenuous.

I did get on the scale today, it's the 2nd day of my period so figured it was "safe." First weigh in in several days b/c of TOM and vacation, and I was at 202, which I'm happy with. I've been unhappily in the 203-205 range, so I'll take 202.

Have a great Thursday!
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jer - Hi

GettinFit -That's awesome! I love being able to fit into clothes that I couldn't wear before.

jackie - Hi

Vixsin - HaHaHa! You live a little far ...but maybe you want to come over to my place hehe Don't worry about that small gain - TOM likes to mess with us, it'll be gone in no time.

blue - I am hoping that this week I have busted my plateau, been working hard hoping to see that 196. And I am curious as to what cuke is...

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A cuke = a cucumber!
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Originally Posted by blueridgegirl View Post
Vixsin - don't sweat the .2 we all know how TOM is!!! And what kind of fish do you use for fish tacos? How do you cook it? I've seen fish tacos on menus in restaurants, but it usually looks like they fry the fish. It's something I'd like to try, as fish is so healthy.
Firstly, way to go on that lunch!!!! Sounds YUMMY!!!!!!

For the tacos, I use frozen tilapia.They come in individual portions. Usually about 6 or so to a bag. They are SOOOO easy to make. All I do is bake the fish. Once they are just about done, I throw the shells into the oven for a few. If you're going to have chopped veggies on them, I would prepare that stuff while the fish is cooking and put it off the side. Once those come out it's all about putting them all together. The entire process usually takes me 40 mins at the very most. I hope you get a chance to make them, they are the greatest.

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MissVick - HaHa! Thanks
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Yes, cuke is cucumber.

The fish tacos sound great. I love tilapia. Do you use grilled veggies, and season it the way you would with regular tacos with salsa and guacamole and that kind of thing?

My next cooking adventure I have planned for this Saturday is to make homemade not-fried egg rolls. I got egg roll wrappers from the grocery store, and cabbage, carrot, ginger, etc for the inside. I figure I would make them up, brush them with oil and bake them. Maybe some kind of homemade spicy sweet and sour sauce to go with them.

Lately I've been thinking more and more if I am at a restaurant or see a menu, "how would I make that?" and then trying to make it in my own kitchen, with less fat and calories and salt than a restaurant probably would. And sometimes reading everybody's menus here inspires me to do the same thing. It's a fun challenge!
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Sarah my neighbor does a cycling class and she said that the problem is the seats also.

Abidabbi good for you on getting back to the gym. Lunch sounds good and yum on the biscuit

Thanks Diana I think I would have had better results outside but it was already 91 degrees by 9am. I'm gonna do the stationary bike today and see if I can burn a few calories. Gotta get rid of that .4

Hi Penguin

Kris glad you're feeling better

Hi Lauren your meals look so healthy

Hi Jer

GettinFit, I haven't done a thing this morning except for eat, watch tv and type ... Of course all of your efforts are paying off, You are doing great Congrats on your NSV, WTG :high). I love the Santa Fe beans and rice, always feels like I'm cheating We don't have our formal until December. This will be the first year I get to buy a new dress. I can't wait to see what size I'll be by then

Hi Jackie

Vixsin, thanks for the idea of putting the kashi into the cereal What kind of fish do you use for the taco's? (answered) Never had a fish taco but I would sure give it a try. Thanks for the recipe, I have some tilapia in the freezer and some multi grain wraps. Good to go

Blueridgegirl, Hope you break through your stall soon I love the idea for your egg rolls. Goodness I'm gonna be cookin' up some stuff here.

Hi MissVick
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Thanks Lauren, Jer, Vixsin, and blueridgegirl! Abidabbi, you are doing great at the gym too I see. Well done

I think it makes such a difference when you add some exercise. I really want to try hard this month.

GettinFit, congrats on the gown!

OK, bit back to front again tonight as I'm on a night shift again -

Early evening - Glass fresh OJ and a couple of small apples
Dinner - Rice with vegetables
Early morning - Bowl porridge with honey and skimmed milk

Snacks - Apple, cappuccino

Exercise - 30 mins exercise bike and 30 mins cross trainer
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do you guys mind if i join in? I really need accountability for this month, I wasn't really on plan August.. I still managed to lose a couple of pounds, but definitely not as much as i could have.

My goals for the month are to stay within my calorie range everyday, go to the gym 5x a week ( a lot easier now that there's a cute boy i talk to! lol), drink 8 glasses of water a day, and finally buy some hand weights.

I'm so excited for September, i'll finally get into the 150's, which i haven't been since like.. high school.
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Trying to live below 200
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therex Hi and Welcome!
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I'm feelling better today, thanks for all the support. My Hubby called my friend's DH, they are friends also, so we got a little more insight into what is going on, apparently my friend just wants to stop having us over for a while but didn't make that clear in the call. They are having a lot of family issues {his and hers} so feel it would be better not to drag us into all that.

Bible study was today, and I'm grateful that when smoothly since I was by myself because my co-leader was helping out with the Children today. I also felt a little extra confident today, I was able to wear a button-down shirt I haven't been able to wear for a year because I lost a little more weight.

therex, Welcome.

Vixsin, the squash casserole recipe is my mom's. Basically add cheese to the squash slices, top with breadcrumbs and more cheese. Do you sense a cheese theme?
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Thanks ladies. I have another gown that I'd like to fit by the time I go on my cruise so I am going to keep hittin it hard.

- You're right that Sante Fe Rice & Beans is soooo good. It is the only frozen meal I eat. I have to watch my sodium content but I treat myself to that one sometimes. Today I had it with some french green beans and it was wonderful and so filling! How exciting you get to shop for a new gown in a smaller size I can't wait 'til I get down to where you are.

- Great job on fitting your button down shirt today!


I hope everyone else is having a great day.

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blue - Your cooking adventures always sound so yum!

Cardboard - Well the other girls are definitely doing great with their exercise however I am always bad with it. The only thing I tend to do is walk the dog

therex - Hi and Welcome to the thread, glad to have you join us!

Penguin - Glad you are feel better today hun
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